Confessions of a Fat Girl 196: Zero Live Births


November 5, 2010

Driving into the compound, I saw Ogonna peer from the curtain in her bedroom, before yanking it shut. Ah! For her not to have come down to welcome me meant she was mad as hell!

Walking into her bedroom, she barely glanced at me from the TV show she was pretending to watch.

“You and Ifeanyi are such drama queens!” she mumbled, eyes still glued on the TV. “Don’t you have a family to take care of? Aren’t you supposed to be watching over all the 100 kids in your house? Mba, it’s Ogonna you jumped in a plane to come and see! Anyway, it’s my fault for even telling you!”

Ogonna, please keep quiet!” I snapped, not caring about our age difference. “Why are you behaving like an illiterate? A whole doctor like you behaving like this isn’t a big deal?!”

“It’s not a not a big deal, because it will not stay!” Ogonna snapped back, glaring at me. “And I know this because I am a doctor! Do you know how many women my age who have come to my clinic, all happy and pregnant, and who have had live births? None! Zero!”

“Ogonna, that’s not going to be you!” I answered, sitting beside her and patting her hand. “Can we give this the benefit of the doubt? Just this once?”

Her face twitched, and I could tell I was getting to her.

“I still don’t understand why you had to fly all the way here!” she retorted, mildly irritated. “What did you think your being here would do for me?”

“For one thing, I’m glad I’m here so we can bundle you to see a doctor this evening!” I retorted. “If you don’t cooperate, I’m ready to call Aunty Caro for backup!”

Ogonna’s eyes widened in fear. “You wouldn’t dare!”

I laughed. “Babe…just try me!”

It seemed that was the magic word to get her out of the house that evening. The fear of our aunt, our father’s girlfriend, to show up in Port Harcourt to do urge her to do what is right.

A couple of hours later, the three of us, Ogonna, Ifeanyi and I, went to the clinic. Whilst they were allowed in to see the doctor, I had to wait in reception. Being on my own gave my imagination all the chance to run wild, and it got to the point I was scared…scared of it all. In the 24 hours since I’d known, I’d invested so much emotions into the idea of this baby that if we found out it hadn’t clicked, it would have broken our hearts.

After what seemed like eternity, Ogonna and Ifeanyi walked out of the door, beaming from ear to ear. Not only had her test been confirmed positive, at 7 weeks and 4 days, they had also gotten to see the little dot that was their embryo, via the scan.

Hearing the good news made me burst into tears. Such was my apprehension and tender! At least, now I can laugh!!!

I’m still going to have to send for Aunty Caro though. With me leaving first thing on Monday, her presence is needed more than ever!





  1. Aaaaw We thank God!!!! May the Lord keep the baby in Jesus name! Amen. I was actually scared today because of the title… Whew.



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