Confessions of a Fat Girl 192 – Scared…Excited


November 1, 2010

Today was Legachi’s first day of work.

Watching her rush around the house, in a nervous, confused dash, looking for this document and that document, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic, remembering when I was in her exact position all those years ago. Like her, I was new in Lagos and was staying with an aunt of mine…and I had been equal parts excited…and scared as hell!

But unlike her, my aunt, a distant relative, hadn’t given a rat’s ass how I commuted to work. Thank God for JJ, who used to drive all the way to my Aunty’s house in Shomolu to pick me up for work, and even drop me off afterwards. But on the few occasions he hadn’t been able to come, maybe when he had car issues or had made commitments to his parents, I had no choice but to fly the bus. I remember how intimidated I had been, having to jostle for a place in the bus headed to CMS, and then the one headed to Bar Beach/Eko Hotel. I remember how much I’d hated the shouting, the body rubbing, the cocktail of smells…and the condescending look from my colleagues who saw me either alight from a bus, or wait for one by the bus stop. It was one of the reasons JJ didn’t mind waking up at 4am every morning, to drive from his parents’ house to my aunt’s, just to ferry me to work…even when he was indisposed. But I wouldn’t change that experience for anything!

It was the same reason I had my old Honda serviced, so that Legachi would have a car of her own. There would be no buses for her…not if I could help it! She had been so excited when I gave her the car key last night. I’m sure she’d also been worried about her commute, as taxis would most surely slash her salary by at least half.

I was surprised to find out that she had other plans.

“You’re not driving?” I asked, when I saw her look out the window for the umpteenth time.

“Ahanna is taking me.” she answered, and I recognized the smile on her face. It was the smile of a girl in love.

“Let me guess. The guy that lives down the street. The one whose brother works in your bank?” I more stated than asked.

She giggled and nodded. “He works a few streets away from my branch, so I’ll be riding with him.” then looking at me imploringly. “But the car is still mine, right?”

I smiled at her naiveté and innocence. “It’s yours, Legachi. That’s probably your ride.” I added, at the sound of a honking horn.

As she scurried outside, I couldn’t help but peer out of the window. I’d been prepared to see a young man, maybe about her age, driving a modest car. I wasn’t prepared for the sight of the bearded man behind the wheel of a flashy 2011 Range Rover. Was this the Ahanna?!

I reached for my phone to call her frantically, but decided against it. She would have to answer to me on her return!

Being All Saints day, the kids and I went for Mass before I continued with the school run. It is one feast day I don’t miss, as it gives me the chance to celebrate the souls of my dearly departed…most especially my beloved mom. I miss her so very much. Over twenty years later, and it still hurts as deeply as if it just happened.

After the gym, I headed for my shop and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon working on my accounting. As long as JJ pays for our trip in Februaru, for the wedding proper, I think I can afford to pay for my ticket this month. Even after setting something aside to restock my inventory, I should be good.

I’ll be sure to book my ticket tomorrow!



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  1. Oh wow. You and JJ go waaaaay back. I would love to hear how you met. Thank God for dependable husbands. God bless your marriage in Jesus name. Amen.


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