Confessions of a Fat Girl 183: Business Head


October 4, 2010

My eyes opened at 4.30am this morning, and I immediately shut them back. It’s way too early to throw myself back into the routine that is my gym life. I’m going to have to e-a-s-e myself back into it. If only all the emotional upheaval I have been through in the past few weeks can count for something. I would have burned hundreds, if not thousands of calories, if that were the case!

So, I stayed in bed, and didn’t even budge when it was time for the kids to go to school. Having Legachi around has been so helpful, and the fact that she can drive makes everything so much more convenient! She has pretty much taken over the school run from me. I wonder how I’ll cope when she eventually finds that job she’s looking for!

Lying in bed, I knew I had to find time to strategize my life. With my business partner, Ezioma, having left her marriage, and the country in general, I guess that pretty much leaves me O.M.O (on my own!). We still have a bit of inventory from our trip to Atlanta, and to be honest, I’m not sure I have it in me to put together another party or fan fair, or anything like that. Ezioma had the passion for this business, while I was the one with the business head. Thinking about my two businesses on the verge of collapse, some business head that has turned out to be!

Sitting up, I pulled out a notepad and scribbled possible solutions. Unless I want to have those items sit in the store till kingdom come, the best thing might just be to sell them down. Or maybe rent the rides to party planners? I have to give it a bit more thought. As for my shop, well, it looks like I need to channel more energy there, as that’s pretty much the only one of the businesses with a chance of survival. All I need to do is restock and reach out to the many loyal customers I had, but whom I’ve been careless with over the last year.

That done, I decided to document my health and fitness progress over the last month. I knew it wouldn’t be good, but I reckoned the only way to give myself true accountability is to see it in black and white. The summary went thus: Fresh juice = 6 days; Exercise = 4 days; Unhealthy food = 23 days; Indulgent treats = 8 days (my daughter’s birthday cake, slices of pizza too numerous to count, the carton of doughnuts I demolished on my own); Alcohol = 9 days (a few too many days, luxuriating on my sofa, drinking wine and Baileys).

Chai! Ihunna! Looking at my progress, or lack thereof, I knew I had to do something…and fast!

I made a promise to myself to really focus on healthy eating this month, in addition to go easy wine and treats. I also decided to get more serious with my exercise and fitness regime. Reaching for my phone, I texted my Trainer and told him I was signing up for his intensive training program, as well as Zumba class three times a week. It’s time to get serious!

In other news, my father said he and Aunty Carol are leaving next week. Awww! Just when I had started getting used to her delicious pepper soup and ofe nsala! I guess he’s longing to be in his own space, and that’s understandable. I guess I should be happy that I’ll have my house to myself again…well, if you call still having 2 siblings and 3 additional kids in my house having it to myself! But I’m so used to that brood that they no longer count as outsiders! In fact, Chidera’s kids have so blended into our home that I’m not sure my kids will want them to leave. Which is just as well, considering that their mother is still trying to sort out her own life!

Anyways…gym tomorrow! And oh boy, I’m not looking forward to it at all!!!





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