Confessions of a Fat Girl: Reader Sound-Off


Hi Everyone,

It’s been almost a year since I started my diary on The Fertile Chick (yaaay!). It has been great sharing my documented journey, and I’d really love to hear from everyone! I appreciate your comments and feedback, but here’s a chance to sound-off on my journey so far!

I’m looking forward to reading your feedback, what you think about my weight loss journey, my sisters’ love triangle with Cheimela, who you think he should have chosen, and Chidera’s baby daddy drama!

And I’ll be sure to answer any questions you might have too!


Thanks so much for all the support! I have to admit that I was apprehensive about doing this, but one year later, I’m so glad I said yes!


Much love!





  1. Hi Ihunna. It’s been great from day one.
    I think Chiemela hasn’t gotten over Ogonna yet, she just didn’t choose him. Akwaugo should be patient though. Are she and him married now?
    And I hope Okei didn’t leave his wife, hmmm.
    With the weight loss, I’m convinced that you are currently sporting your slender figure. I really admire the fight in you.
    Looking forward to the rest of the diary

    • Thank you for reading Afi yeb! I really appreciate it. In the beginning, I thought the same about Chiemela and Ogonna, but quite a lot happened later on. I don’t want to give too much away. Same goes for Okei and Chichi. And as for sporting a slender figure…let’s just say my weight has been a roller coaster :haha:

  2. Hi Ihunna I have really enjoyed your diary! My question is on Chiemela and Akwaugo did they get married? What of Chidera what became of her and Okei? As for you I’m sure you are healthy as can be cos you have really worked on why you were not already

    • Thank you so much, Grace. I really appreciate your following my story. I’ll just say that there’s a lot in store for those 2 couples! As for me, I’ve hit a few road blocks along the way too :dohh:

  3. Hi Ihunna,
    Your diary has been great to read. Any questions i might have had – has already been asked above tho on second thought i don’t think i want the answers, lol. I’ll love to keep reading your diary and watching the story unfold.

  4. Hello Ihunna,
    I have no question, I would rather enjoy reading as your journey unfolds.
    I just want to tell you that I enjoy reading confessions.

  5. I was a bit disappointed, I read to the end and thought “so where is today’s diary na?, we could have done this after the story???” that’s how much I enjoy being a part of your journey. You see Chideras’ story and being on the inside of it gave me a clearer and less judgemental view and reminded me of how sometimes we need to walk a mile in other peoples shoes ..

  6. @ihunna dearie, thank you so much for letting us into your life.
    I enjoy your weight loss story, you are so determined, i started to eat quinoa ‘cos of you. I have concluded i can’t afford to grow past my current size ‘cos i am so lazy. You are so driven, those hours you spend in the gym, i also enjoy your meal recipes…You have opened my eyes literally.
    On Chiemla, love can be quite a complex emotion. I just pray sisters don’t get hurt. I kinda wished Akwaugo and her husband got back if he was really a changed person….I’m a helpless romantic like that believing in forever after…….She shouldn’t fear, i doubt Ogonna waited this long to get married and ditch the marriage in a second.
    CHIDERA oh!!!!!! I was so happy she had a rebound but sad it will cost another’s marriage, sad thing is Okei is so smitten but is she? So their union may be short lived at the expense of 2 broken hearts.
    Your DAD!!!! oh wow i was just speechless, not sure how i would feel but they say people find love in all,strange places shey?
    Please continue writing, don’t give up on us just yet.
    Love, kisses, toodles….

    • Bos hun, where can I send your kiss to? Thank you SOOOOO much for reading! Love is so complex, and even for those of us who think we are coasting, it always has a way of throwing some surprises our way! Love, kisses and toodles to you too hun :kiss:

  7. Hi Ihunna, you are doing an amazing job and can we get the diary more often pleae? I try to wait 2 to 3 wks and read all the ones I missed together, reading just one doesnt work for me, am so addicted. Thank you for being so open about your weight loss journey, I have been on this healthy lifestyle journey too and trust me its not all that rosy, when I put in my best I loose weight and once I go off track the weight come back 🙁 keep pushing and wish you the best.

    • Thank you so much, Sherry! This means so much :heart:. Sometimes, I just think I’m writing to myself and nobody is reading :haha:. This is so reassuring. God bless you! Keep up with the weight loss. It’s not easy. I can’t count how many times I have fallen, and fallen again. But it’s about finding a way to pick ourselves right up! Good luck dear!

  8. My darling @ihunna yes you are my friend in my head. One of the things I missed most while I was away from TFC is your diary. Please don’t stop. Can’t wait to see what happens to everyone especially Chidera!! Thanks for sharing with us.xx

  9. Hi Ihunna
    I just stumbled on your diary 3 days ago and i have been stuck on it. I am actually on leave so I wake up to reading and sleep on your diary.

    First I’d love to commend your writing skill, then your strong will and accommodating spirit. Having all the people in your house is no joke at all.

    I started my weight loss journeyblast year and I lost 31kg but I am struggling with maintaining it, with my current lifestyle I can’t afford the luxury of 2 hours in a gym and the bandwith to whip up all the lovely healthy meals. Any tips from you will highly appreciated

    Meanwhile like you said earlier I would have chewed Chidera alive and condemned her to hell for eternity but haaay who has control over this thing called love.

    I am thinking seriously in taking control of my life, physical and me mental health. I am determined in dropping off all the negative energy and just LIVE.

    Thanks a lot for writing!!!??

    • Awww, thanks so much Nkechi. Especially for reading 200+ episodes of the diary. I was telling Nicole that people wouldn’t read that far. But thanks so much dear!!!

      Wow! You did very well. Losing 31kg isn’t a small feat. I feel you about not being able to do the gym. Especially for working women living in Lagos, it’s not easy at all. I don’t even hit the gym as often as I should anymore, but what has helped keep the weight off is sticking to a way of eating that I actually like! I don’t even call it a diet anymore, as it’s a way of life for me now. And as body no be wood, I make room for the odd treats here and there :haha: . But in the last few years, it has helped keep me at a decent body weight.

      And you go girl! Dropping negative energy is for sure the way to go! As we grow older, we find that a lot of the things we stress about are so not worth it! Life is so much easier, and better, when it’s lived without any negative energy.

      Thanks for reading hun :heart:



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