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I literally danced a jig when my doctor put me on Clomid! Finally! I had heard and read so much about this wonder drug, that I thought I was most definitely on my way to a beautiful BFP! I was placed on it for five days, starting on the 2nd day of my cycle. And when ovulation time came, the scans showed that it had done exactly what it was supposed to, with some nice, juicy eggs ready to pop. However, we weren’t lucky that cycle, or the cycle after, or even the one after that. By our 5th Clomid cycle, we were told to take a break for a while. That marked the end of my love affair with the drug, as shortly after we moved on to IVF. But I knew we were just unlucky, as many women had been successful before me, and continue to be successful to this day. Clomid has, and will continue to, help(ed) many women ovulate, and subsequently conceive. However, and as I realised when I was well into my Clomid phase, there are so many things women do not know when they are about to start taking the drug.

Clomid is a good treatment plan if you have ovulatory problems. However, if your issue is not ovulation, it will not get you any closer to a BFP. If you ovulate just fine, the odds are high that the issues preventing you from conceiving will still persist, regardless of how many Clomid cycles you are on. If you have blocked fallopian tubes, even if Clomid helps boost the number of eggs you produce, it will not help your case, as the egg(s) will still have no access route. If your issue is low or diminished ovarian reserve, it also won’t help you much. And if your case is male factor infertility, please do not waste your time with it. Even if it works like a charm for you, if there are no swimmers to do the deed, then it is all an effort in futility.

As effective as it can be, its side effects can be legendary! One of its major side effects is the negative impact it has on cervical mucus. Clomid is known to block estrogen receptors. As a rise in estrogen levels triggers the production of fertile cervical mucus, blocking its receptors unavoidably leads to a decrease in the quality of this cervical mucus. This is the reason a lot of doctors choose IUI, just to circumvent the cervical mucus problem. Another major side effect is the thinning of the inner uterine lining, i.e. the endometrium, thus leading to possible implantation issues. But this thinning is more prevalent with women who have had multiple Clomid cycles. Other side effects include vaginal dryness (as hilariously referenced by one of our community members, here), headaches, hot flashes, dizziness, breast tenderness, nausea, and other PMS/pregnancy-like symptoms. Of course, this does not imply that one must have to suffer all, or even any, of these when on Clomid. They are just some possible effects of the drug. It is also possible to suffer ovarian overstimulation on Clomid, especially if the dosage is too high. This overstimulation presents itself mainly through bloating and abdominal pain. Frequent scans and general monitoring are ways to counter this overstimulation problem.

For me, the most impacting thing I read about Clomid is that there is a limit to the number of cycles a woman must use it. The acceptable number of cycles a woman should be on the drug, in her lifetime, is 6 to 12. It should not be used indefinitely. One reason for this is the likely increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. This is one of the reasons we stepped on the breaks after our 5th failed cycle on the drug. It didn’t help that I had developed a rather large ovarian cyst (which is another fairly common side effect). When I read this, I knew there was no way I could possibly continue. Another impacting factor that contributed to our decision to stop clomid was when we read that, on the whole, women who are likely to conceive through Clomid do so in the first 3 cycles of its use. Very few conceive after 6 straight cycles.

But highlighting these side effects and implications is in no way meant to discredit the drug. When used properly, and for the right amount of time, its success rate is quite impressive. Clomid will induce ovulation in about 80% of women (usually with ovulatory problems). About 40% to 45% percent of these women will become pregnant within 6 cycles of using Clomid. For couples with unexplained infertility, their success rates fall in the 10% to 20% range, just like the odds of a fertile couple trying naturally.

But don’t expect to have an automatic multiple pregnancy, just because you are on Clomid. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is just a myth. The truth is that Clomid results in a twin pregnancy only 10% of the time. So, you just might need to manage those expectations 😉

So, if you are about to start the Clomid journey, be sure you and your Doctor agree on the best dosage for your body, expect the possible side effects and find ways to deal with them, and have your eye on the calendar, to avoid using it for one too many cycles.

Good luck, my people! Baby dust to all!

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  1. Good evening Nicole and the ladies, pls I need information about any good gynecologist in Festac town Lagos. 18 months of ttc

    • Hi Itunu. Hmm, Festac is tricky. Are you flexible for Apapa and it’s environs? I know how you must feel after 18 months hun :hugs:. I’ll do some digging and get back to you.

    • Nico just discovered dis site accident, pls need a good gyno around festac and environs. Need plans on baby boy with Hubby and we don’t want to do it our way dis time. Tks pls note I appreciate and thank God for my beautiful baby girls but I know what i mean.

  2. Thanks @Nicole. Pls can you publish me the list of good fertility hospitals around mainland then? Na fertility issues carry someone like me to hospitals. I will be waiting soonest. New cycle around the corner

  3. Thanks so much Nicole! Really appreciate the info, was also wondering as to the scans, what’s the procedure for that and how soon should we bd after completing the dose.

    Are the scans painful, does one need to scan daily and how soon should one scan?

    • Hi Sultana. The scans are vaginal and are scheduled by the doctor, anytime from the beginning of your cycle till ovulation. And you must make sure you :sex: as frequently as possible, starting anywhere from day 7 of your cycle, till at least day 16.

      The scans are not painful..maybe a bit uncomfortable. Scanning daily or not is at your doctor’s discretion.

      I hope I covered everything 😉

  4. hello Nicole, your site has really been a very big help as i realize that am not alone in this fertility predicament. pls about a month ago some days before my menstration I noticed some kind of whitish vaginal discharge albeit in large quantity. I looked up the internet and discovered it could be an early sign of pregnancy but that thought was dispelled as I menstrated normally after a few days. thinking it will stop but it continued. I went to see a doctor and I went through HVS,ECS and pap smear. Hvs and Ecs revealed that I had a moderate growth of staph( I wonder how I could have contracted it) . took medications as prescribed by the doctor together with my husband but a week after medications the discharge still persist. am really fed up and scared it can also prevent fertilization. I don’t know if you can offer any advice on this predicament of mine. so. sorry for the long read

    • Hi Vicky. My dear, staph is one infection that’s very hard to treat. It often needs multiple rounds of very very strong antibiotics to clear. If your doctor isn’t a specialised Gynaecologist, you and your hubby need to see one, who can give you the appropriate medication. It is important that you and your husband go through this treatment, as it is possible for you to reinfect each other. Please, you need to address this urgently, so that the infection doesn’t compromise your tubal function.

      Good luck hun! I know how hard it can be. I had staph infection in my early 20s (it wasn’t even sexually transmitted) and it took a heavy dose of treatment to eradicate. But with the right treatment, you’ll be fine :hugs:

  5. Hi Nicole, I’m vicarab, I had a still birth Oct 10 2013 through CS, by Jan 28 2014, I had a another surgery to wash away all the pos gathered from the first operation becos the ob site didn’t close well. Since then I have been TTC. Infact April this year I noticed milk coming out of my breast. I didn’t ovulate this month too. Wat do I do? Thank u

    • Hi Victoria. It definitely sounds like a prolactin issue. Your hormones seem to have gone off balance, hence the milk discharge from your breasts. Your doctor needs to treat this prolactin problem, as this imbalance is also responsible for the inability to ovulate, and then conceive. In addition, I think you should check that your tubes are still clear, because infections like the one you had are able to cause tubal blockage. Do you have a good Gynaecologist?

  6. Hi Nicole, just got to know about ur site and I must say kudos to u for trying to reach out to women. May God continue to bless u abundantly.

  7. Hello again Nicole, pls I need ur advice on this. I did HSG last month and after d procedure I started having some funny feelings like nausea, tiredness, loss of appetite. My period is about 3days late now even though I feel like it coming. Am so scared of doing a PT cos I don’t want to be disappointed. Pls advise and so sorry for d long write up. Thanks.

    • Hi Bukky. Thanks for your kind words hun :hugs:. A lot of times, the dye from a HSG clears the tubes and makes them even clearer than before, making conception even easier. All your symptoms almost sound like a :bfp:, but it is also possible for it to be a false alarm (our bodies can play some mean tricks sometimes). I would advice you give it another 3 days, after which you can test again if your period still doesn’t show. Good luck in advance hun 😉

    • Hi Comfort. I’m so sorry about your tubal blockage. In cases like this, IVF is pretty much the only solution as it bypasses the tubes completely. Please don’t let anyone waste your time with clomid or IUI. With tubal blockage, these are futile. But with IVF, you can get your :baby:. Is this something you could consider?

  8. Hi Nicole, pls i need an advise. I did HSG & had both tubal blockage and did IVF for my 1st babysince after the delivery my periods comes eevery month very scanty but it’s over a yr after the delivery and have not conceived pls advise on why my period comes and yet no show of conceiving tanx .

  9. Sorry i just checked the abbreviation up, yes i have done the test before and had it so used surgical operation to remove it before i even discovered that i have tubal blockage too.

  10. Well i don’t know if i still have the tubal blockage cos i have not done HSG after the IVF cycle, guess i should see a doctor around and know what excatly to do cos if still blocked then will have to go for another IVFcycle. Its well. But will do the online test right away.Thanks

  11. Clomid! Clomid!!, diagnosed with Pcos in 2011 and clomid worked for me 3 years ago at 150mg but this time around no luck, my doctor wants us to try FSH injections and if it doesn’t work then IVF. God help all ttc mums. Amen.

    • AMEN, kemsy! You’re even lucky it worked for you the first time! It’s a good idea to move on to something else, as it isn’t advisable to be on Clomid for too long. Hoping the FSH injections work for you! Good luck babe :good:

  12. Hi Nicole, i had a baby in nov 2014; since then i always insist my hubby uses condom as our contraceptive, bt jst last month he started conplaining that he was tired of it and i am not ready for another baby. I am afraid of pills because i dont want to put up weight and my hubby’s libido is very high dt he cnt go wtout it for 2 days, what do i do? Tnx.

  13. Thanks for talking more about this….with a friend telling me about this i saw it more like the miracle drug for multiple birth(smh)forced my Doctor to place me on it during my last visit,trust me @nicole after it i was sure very sure that i was gonna conceive(and with twins sef smh) especially after all i heard about the drug. Then the witch showed i was devastated. So this month i am on a break despite the fact that i know my fertile days,i will/am just enjoy love making with DH without any expectations(though i wanna be hopeful)buh again i cant. 🙁

    I wont force my Doctor no more about Clomid until when/if necessary. So for the now am off it.

  14. Hello nico darling
    You r a life saver
    Tnx for this page n everyone contributing here
    Am not sure how to start my concerns etc
    But am 32 just got married n hubby live apart for now
    But am with him now still December n trying my best to conceive but for now which is three months n it has not happened n am super worried
    I have done T.V USS and HSG with dr smith in surulere which I must say he is good n I results where normal my both tube r open cervical canal n uterine outline normal echogenicity is uniform, ovaries r normal
    My period is d most regular thing I knw
    N use my ovulation kit n I do ovulate n I have sex on those days too
    Just don’t knw y am not pregnant yet
    Hubby it’s not hubby cos he us cleared too
    Don’t knw if there is anything I can do for now before leaving hubby , cos d timing is jt getting short
    I knw this May sound like small deal but we all have our struggles n goals n plans n aspirations no matter how irrelevant n small they may seem

    • Hello Nanu dear. No, it doesn’t sound like a small deal hun. I totally understand your concerns. If both of you have been fully cleared, and you are having sex at the right time, the only thing I would advice would be for you to relax a little. Stress is the biggest enemy of TTC. Just keep trying, and I’m sure it will happen.
      To rule anything out, were any tests taken to determine your hormone levels (progesterone, prolactin, FSH)?

  15. I had milky discharge frm my breast last year n am very cleared of it, I had prolactin which is high but it was clear n no more breast discharge, pls explain what FSH is n progesterone is too tnx so much n pls being trying to join various groups on my phone n I can’t seem to
    Thanks so much

    • Nanu, the high prolactin is one of the biggest factors that affect ovulation, but I’m very glad you’ve been cleared of it. Progesterone is a very important hormone, necessary for ovulation and also in supporting a pregnancy. FSH levels give an indication of your egg quality and ovarian reserve. It’s always a good idea to get these tested too.

      Oh, so sorry about that hun. Try this link ( and try joining the groups from there. Please let me know if it doesn’t work

  16. And pls nico
    What are the list of things that we need to be cleared of so we know we r fully cleared if TTC
    Meanwhile I have being pregnant before in 2010 it jt happen n I didn’t try a thing

    • Hi nanu! For the woman, it is important to ensure that her tubes are fine, her uterus is free of adhesions and scar tissue…and also any fibroids that might be causing an obstruction, her hormones (especially progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin) are balanced, that she doesn’t have the conditions PCOS, endometriosis, etc., and is in overall good health. For the man, his sperm count has to be good, and the sperm also has to have good mobility and motility.

  17. I did hsg in 2012 with results clear and OK. also scan with results OK with no traces of fibroad Or any kind of ailments. but noticed in my MP for some time now cloted blood and heavy flow. am confused. please can you explain what this means. I waiting mother.

  18. I did hsg in 2012 with results clear and OK. also scan with results OK with no traces of fibroad Or any kind of ailments. but noticed in my MP for some time now cloted blood and heavy flow. am confused. please can you explain what this means. I waiting mother.
    please reply me by the address bcoz Of network

  19. This is my first time of joining this group and the information I got so far has been a good one to me.Thanks.pls can I ask my question?

  20. Nicole,May God bless U and bless all mother’s here.I had an SSG. (Don’t know d full meaning).and a tune containing water couldn’t pass through to my womb.I don’t know what that means but d Dr told me a need to do laparoscopy and it’s quite very expensive that I can’t afford that for now but I really wanna conceive.I have been preg naturally bf without any struggle but had a 6week miscarriage.i have high prolactin issue but presently on medication.I also jave multiple cysts in both ovaries according to my doc.I am about 32-33 cycle length woman with some painful cramps only on first day of menstruation.Now,someone is advising me to start taking some hormonal drugs.I have been marriage 2years now but stay in diff states with hubby.I will finally go back soon.Pls my sweet friends advise me.Should I take the fertility drugs?.should I be patient and try more naturally?.or should see another diff doc.I don’t have money now for d lap test.what are my chances for conception?.sorry for the long test

    • Hi Patience. So sorry to read about what you’ve been through. Was that a HSG to check the function of your tubes? If the tube had trouble accessing your uterus, it is something that should be checked out before you even bother with fertility drugs. If there is an issue with the uterus, this should be addressed, as even if you conceive, implantation might be impossible. Whilst you check that out, it is also worthwhile to treat the high prolactin, and what I suspect might be PCOS (going by the cysts on your ovaries and long cycle length). I understand that the laparoscopy is quite expensive. Maybe if you see another Gyn, he might have another treatment option for the uterus issue? That’s what I suggest you do, whilst also commencing treatment for the hormonal issues. After that, you can now proceed with fertility drugs, if your Gynae recommends it. Good luck dear!

  21. Hi Nicole, I just stumbled on your sites. Please today is day 3 after my menstruation I saw my cervical mucus so I decided to use ovulation test kit and it shows positive. Am on Clomid should I continue with the Clomid

  22. Hello Nicole! Just want to ask if you can direct to one IVF Treatment center that is not too expensive and reliable. thanks.

    • Hi Jewel. It’s usually advisable to have the HSG in the first half of your cycle, so that it doesn’t affect possible conception. I’m not sure what the exact effect could be, but it might not be too good I’m afraid. But hey, there’s absolutely nothing bigger than our GOD!

    • Hi Mercy, Clomid doesn’t leave your system, immediately after the last dose,it takes a while; like a week, if aunt flo shows up, before you start herbal medication.

  23. Pls nicole do u hav any idea of herbal drugs like greenlfe, forever products been effective in d treatment of pid and pcos

  24. Hi Nicole, please do you know any hospital in Lagos that does primary surrogacy which is not too pricey . Pls revert. Thank you.

  25. I got married last year july,and in August it was confirmed that i was pregnant,but i lost the pregnance in sept last year and since that nothing,and around jan it was confirmed that i have PCOS. Pls am getting tired what can i do.

    • So so sorry about that, Anu. Losing a pregnancy is traumatic, and my heart goes out to you. What treatment plan has your doctor had you on for the PCOS?

  26. Your Comment…I really need help, I got married again after 7yrs of losing hubby, I have a 16year old girl, and my new hubby wants a baby. I stopped menstruating about a year ago, although I got it twice in between, after inducing it. I’m 41 and don’t even know what’s wrong! any advice

    • Hi Adeonpoint, first of all, you need to see a doctor, so as to determine why your menstruation stopped. While you are it, it might be a smart move to go directly to a fertility specialist. And let your hubby go with you as well, so you can do the investigations at the same time. *baby dust*

  27. I had breastmilk two years ago & was placed on cabagoline,d milk dried up then tried conceiveing but was not possible I was placed on Clomid for 6months yet no result,did hsg my tubes were clear tthen I did prolactin test 8weeks ago d result was 13.2ml which d doctor said wasa high& I was placed on cabagoline tabs again have been taking d drugs for d past 3weeks,though I delivered my 1st child 2& half year ago without any fertility help but lost d baby after delivery,pls can I take Clomid again after my treatment.

    • Sadiya, so sorry that you have gone through so much pain. However, taking clomid again is not a step I would advice, as you seem to have taken it already for six cycles, which is the maximum, women are adviced to take the drug. You should talk to your doctor about an alternative.

  28. Pls Nicole, am Niyi. I got married 2015 and my wife has not conceived. She did ectopic pregnancy surgery last year March and am afraid she may not conceive again. Pls advise and possible drugs to use.

    • Hi Niyi. So sorry about your wife’s ectopic pregnancy. It’s possible she might have lost that tube, but never mind. So many people have been able to conceive multiple times, on only one tube. Have you two run any tests? If not, I would advise she undertakes a HSG test (to check the viability of her tubes) and a hormonal profile, to make sure her hormones are all in equilibrium (balanced). The results of these will point us in the right direction, medication wise. But it’s possible that everything is fine, and time is all you both need. Try not to worry, Niyi. And thanks for looking out for your wife :hugs:

  29. Hi nicole I have been ttc for 6months now I have scanty period,and sometimes it comes three days late, did a scan and the doctor said I dont ovulate. I saw Clomid online and I want to try it,today is the third day of period can I use it?

    • Hi Enny, I absolutely wouldn’t recommend self medication hun. Your issue sounds hormonal, and Clomid on its own might not be enough. I would recommend you see a good Gynaecologist hun. Do you stay in Lagos?

  30. Hi nico gud morning to u dear, been married for 2yrs now am still TTC but to no avail. I stag in owerri imo state pls would u knw of any gud gynaecologist. Tanks May God in his infinity mercy bless u nd grant u ur hrt desires.

  31. Hello Nicole, I reside in Minna Niger state. I love twin babies but don’t kw how to go about it,i use to hear of clomids and how effective it is in having more than one baby at once. Can my dreams of having twin come true???. I don’t have fertility issues cos I already have a daughter just a few months after my wedding,

    • Hi dear. Unfortunately, Clomid doesn’t really work that way. In fact, it doesn’t work the same for women with no ovulatory issues, as it does for women who can’t ovulate on their own. So no, hun. Clomid might not help you achieve your dream of having twins. But I feel you my dear. Twins are sweet, but so are singletons. Enjoy your daughter hun. Plenty would do anything to have only 1 :yes:

  32. Your Comment…hello Nicole,
    am a lady 30 yrs,I do see my period once in three month and this has started since 2007 and this bordered me a lot,i did test d same year but i remember the drug recommended was de,- deon hemoglobin blood tonic….please I need your help because the case is still d same,….

    • Hi Lizzy, you need to go see an Ob-Gyn about this issue. That is 10 years or what. Biko see a doctor ASAP. Blood tonic is not the answer here oh. However, you might want to check if you weigh lesser than your ideal body mass index (BMI). You can get a calculator for that online.
      cc: @nicole

    • Lizzy dear, it definitely sounds like a hormonal issue. Have you had a hormone profile test run? To check your progesterone, prolactin and estrogen levels? I think that might be a good place to start. If it is PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), then it might be ideal to start treatment for it a.s.a.p. Are you overweight? Do you have a lot of facial/body hair? Are you losing hair on your scalp? Are you prone to acne? Do you have a family history of diabetes? These are some questions we might need to answer. You might also need to overhaul your diet and lifestyle in general, eliminating/reducing sugars and carbs from your diet :yes:

  33. Your Comment…Hi Nicole… Pls I need a good Gyno around ikorodu… I was on clomid January but yet I saw my cycle Feb 6th. A week after the cycle I started having an form of pregnancy related pains. I did BHCG and was negative.

    • xat dear, do you mind coming to Ikeja or Surulere? The IFPF Hospital is in Ikeja, and Smith’s Medical as well as Parkland in Surulere, have great Gynaes. In Ikorodu itself, I know the Catholic Hospital is very good…but just not sure if they have good Gynaes…

  34. Your Comment…Hi Nicole… Pls I need a good Gyno around ikorodu… I was on clomid January but yet I saw my cycle Feb 6th. A week after the cycle I started having all forms of pregnancy related pains. I did BHCG and was negative.

  35. Hi Nicol…after having my first issue..I HV been trying to take in again for the past 8 months. All to no avail. Pls wat could b the problem?

  36. Hi Nicole…I hope you can offer me a really good advice cos I feel lost in my own body…it’s exactly 1year since ttc and nothing…I ovulate normally and still use clomid for months but nothing…was diagnosed with moderate candida infection….have treated it twice and nothing yet….husby and I are thinking of going to a fertility clinic to get a proper check up…don’t know if you can help me out with a very good one I’m depressed…thanks

    • Dearest Shade, so sorry you’re going through a rough patch hun. First things first, that candida needs to be treated. It might be mild, but all infections have potential to cause havoc down there. Secondly, if you ovulate normally, why are you on Clomid? Clomid does very little to help women who have no ovulatory problems. Have you run other checks to check if your tubes are clear? Or if your husband’s sperm is fine? I agree that it might be time to check out a fertility clinic. Where is your location? That will help me make a better recommendation. Sending you lots of :hug:

  37. Hi Nicole, have been married for 6months now and been trying for a baby, I did HSG last month and discovered one of my tube was blocked, doctor said it’s a birth defects. Have been placed on clomid beginning from this month, am so anxious and scared.friends around me are having babies and getting pregnant so long can I go on clomid and what are the chances of getting pregnant,how can I have sex during my ovulation period? can my hubby use clomid too?

    • Dear Olabisi, so sorry about your diagnosis hun. Are both tubes blocked, or just 1? This is important to know, as if it’s both tubes, Clomid won’t help hun. If it just 1, I guess there could be a better chance. But note that the chances are only slightly higher than a natural, non-Clomid cycle. As for sex, preferably every day (or every other day) from your cycle day 7. As for your DH, has he had a sperm analysis carried out? If he’s fine, then there might not be need for medication for him.

  38. Pls help!! I’ve been TTC for 2years now.I’m 22yrs old.I get egg white cervical mucus.I’ve tried to track the days I ovulate and I make sure i have sex with hubby.2-3days b4.but yet I still can’t get pregnant. Hubby is beginning to worry.hubby has a son,so he claims to be fertile.pls can I take clomid???? Or is there any better fertility drug u suggest I take?

    • Hello Orente, After two years, you and your husband should be talking to a doctor now. Also EWCM is just indicative of ovulation, it is not a confirmation that you’re ovulating. You need to use more accurate method like Ovulation predictor kits. Lastly, the fact that your husband has a son is not indicative of his current fertility. He still needs to be investigated.
      Please Orente, you need to see a doctor ASAP, before thinking of clomid or any other ovulation boosting medications.

      • Thanks dear…..we are planning to go see a fertility doctor this month in calabar.may God help us ooo.I’m really mother gave birth to me and I am a twin. I must give birth to my own baby in Jesus name!

          • Hi Oluwakemi….we went to the doctor..did all the necessary test.we came out clean.,the doctor said nothing is wrong with us.we are medically okay.even with what the doctor said I was still worried.lolz he asked us to keep trying.i was planning to use clomid on my next cycle…..but couldn’t get it in the pharmacy close to me.I was frustrated..I just decided to BD with hubby and forget clomid.I had no CM I noticed I was dry all through that cycle…DAT got me super worried.infact I was tired of checking if I was ovulating or not.I gave up.all I wanted to do was to just enjoy love making with my hubby.if baby comes fine,if it doesn’t fine!!!! After that cycle,I missed my period…I didn’t bother to check if I was pregnant cos I was tired of seeing negatives.I ignored it.the second month I missed my period again,though I wasn’t feeling sick…I was strong and healthy.!!! But ignoring it wasn’t an option.I decided to pee on a stick just to fulfill all righteousness. Lol…guess wat I saw! My First BIG FAT POSITIVE!!! I ran to a lab for a blood came out positive. I’m 2months pregnant!!! Pls guys help me thank God oo.wen I was abt to give up,that was wen God was working!!!! Pls never give up! Just hang in there.and always remember,When doctor says “No” God says “YES”…baby dust to you all!!!!

          • Wohoooo!!!! Congratulations Orente. Yayyy!!!! This is just so beautiful. A BFP!!!! I thank God on your behalf Orente and you are prove that God is still faithful.
            Meanwhile, have you started taking your folic acid and also been to the hospital?

  39. goodday Nicole. jst got to knw abt dis page. pls ws diagnos for polycystic ovaries by a doc. in abj, bt nw we r no longer dere. I showed all d text results to my midwife frnd n sh recommended clomid for me I believe sh sought d assistance of her doc. and am on d second day. my question is must I go for scan to check if i realeas an egg or jst check wen I Will ovulate n do d needful since am nt seeing a doctor yet in my nw location. God bless u deary.

    • Dear Sarah, sorry about your diagnosis hun. PCOS is a common condition for women, but thanks to meds and lifestyle changes can be managed. I’m a little wary about your second hand prescription though. Yes, Clomid is used to successfully induce ovulation in PCOS women, but it is best under doctor’s supervision. Whilst you don’t necessarily need to be scanned, it is always better just so you can track your response to it. Outside of that, I would suggest you get an OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit), just to check if you ovulated or not, and also hope for the best. But please…next cycle (I hope there won’t be a next), no self-medication. Make sure a doctor works with you through the process. Good luck hun :dust:


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