Cinnamon: The Unknown Fertility Booster


It is a spice with a very nice scent, and it adds a distinctive flavour to whatever you put it in…ice cream, pancakes, oats…being some of what I have tried. A dash of the spice, and you are transported into another world entirely. You might be wondering, what’s got me singing so much praise about it. It is Cinnamon. That spice that you probably have in your kitchen cabinet right at this moment.
Did you know that this spice is not just good for spicing your meals, it affects and boosts your fertility too? From dealing with uterine fibroids, PCOS, improving weight loss, to helping to manage heavy menstrual flow. Cinnamon is more than just a spice. It is a herb packed with so much nutrients that we all need to get more of.
To throw more light on the numerous benefits of this spice, I will highlight below some of the fertility conditions that the usage of cinnamon can make a difference to:

Cinnamon for PCOS:

There have been lots of research in this area, to show that Cinnamon can help women living with PCOS get fairly regular menstrual cycles. It is believed that cinnamon works in the body by reducing insulin resistance, by slowing the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine. This slows the breakdown of carbohydrates, which is important for people with diabetes, and women with PCOS.
Another research at the Human Nutrition Center at Tufts found that cinnamon triples insulin’s ability to metabolize glucose (blood sugar), protecting people against diabetes, lowering hunger, lowering sugar cravings, while increasing weight loss, which is often a difficult part of living with PCOS. Many women find that losing weight is next to impossible when living with PCOS. Cinnamon may be one natural way to improve weight loss in women with PCOS. Which is good news for the soul cysters.
Before you think that it is only in theory that Cinnamon works, and not reality, I need to share the story of Deborah, a TTC mom, who had been trying for close to four years. She heard about the fertility boosting powers of the spice, and trust her to give it a try. She did, but she mixed hers with a honey, and took a spoonful of the mixture for her next two cycles.
Deborah, who had never been able to conceive, actually got pregnant with her first baby and her faith in the spice was reinforced. She credits the combination of honey and cinnamon with balancing her hormones, which had been out of sync because of PCOS, and allowed her to get pregnant.

Cinnamon and Heavy Menstrual Cycles

In this case, a sister in my church, Chioma, swears by the efficacy of cinnamon. For her, Cinnamon has become a staple in her kitchen. She practically adds it to almost anything she cooks. If you have cause to eat from her kitchen, then there is every likelihood that you will taste a hint of cinnamon.
For Chioma, it all started when she was a teenager and started to suffer terrible cramps whenever she had her menstrual period. Besides, it being a painful experience, she also had to endure heavy flows. By the end of her period, she would become so pale, every one would be asking her if she had been ill. That went on for a long time, until her parents took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with Endometriosis. They started her on a treatment but that same year, when her grandmother was coming to town, she brought some herbs for her. Cinnamon was one of them.
She finished the herbs, and everyone noticed a remarkable difference in her, so naturally, her grandma had to bring more herbs. As the symptoms of her condition abated, she started to let go of most of the herbs but she could simply not let go of cinnamon. She found somewhere to get her supply of ground cinnamon, she found cinnamon supplements, she made tea from the stuff, and generally, her life always had a dash of cinnamon. She was the one, who introduced me to cinnamon-flavoured ice cream in the middle of last year, when we had gone for ice cream to celebrate her birthday. Of course, she had cinnamon flavoured ice cream.
Did all this cinnamon in her system help? Yes. A lot! She never experiences the kind of crippling pain that had characterized her teenage years. While Endometriosis is still very much part of her life, it was not the end of her life, nor, does it have an overbearing influence on her fertility, as she had been able to have a child, and her cycles are regular.
Cinnamon has been shown to be a useful tool for women with heavy menstrual bleeding associated with endometriosis, uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, and primary menorrhagia. Cinnamon has been used traditionally for hundreds of years to stop excessive menstrual bleeding, haemorrhage during childbirth, and miscarriage, and, indeed, for any fertility condition where heavy menstruation is present.

Cinnamon: Superfood for the Uterus

While doing some digging into the benefits of cinnamon, I found that it is one of the super foods for the uterus. It helps to improve blood flow to that important reproductive organ in the body. The increased circulation and warming effect also in turn help reduce menstrual cramping of whatever kind.
Now, we have more reasons to look at cinnamon with new eyes. It is no longer just a spice, it is one packed with nutrients needed for our fertility and overall well being.
Word of caution though, it has its side effects, when taken in high dosage. Moderation is the key here.

Every TTC sister needs all the help she can get! Cinnamon helps.




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  1. Yeah I had really terrible issues last year, ovarian cyst, excruciating pains in my lower abdomen and each time I went for a scan I will be told it’s growing and all and my mum calls me up one day and tells me about cinnamon and honey and how to use it for fertility ams I started, one the pains left, I could have painless see with hubby,sadly I stopped s with this am certainly going back to it and am still TTCing!

  2. I’ve come across this for a very long time but did not take it serious at all but here I am for years unable to conceive, am a baker I do have it all around me

    • That is what is called over-familiarisation, Aminat Abiola. You should consider adding cinnamon to your daily routine in moderation though. Besides, do you have a diagnosis yet?

  3. Hello, I have had three surgeries, the first two were to remove fibroids and the last one two months ago to remove a cyst, a fibroid and deal with a complex ovarian/falopian tube situation, I am 32 years old with no children, not overweight, don´t smoke, eat healthy and even though I dont like or enjoy it, I exercise moderately. I have had problems with my period for over 2 years and thought the last surgery would help it, yet every cycle I experience spotting, an average of 10 days every month besides the 7 days for my period, this month I decided to start taking cinnamon tea, hoping it helps regulate what ever might be causing the ireggular spotting. If anyone have any suggestions I will appreciate them as this is very upsetting. Also I will post and update in a month if I see any improvement from taking the tea. I have tried putting maca on smoothies, already cut sugars and complex carbs from my diet, I took a yarrow supplement for a few months and didnt see any changes on my cycle. I am also taking a spoon of black seed oil daily it suppose to prevent cysts and fibroids. When tested for hormonal imbalance it all comes looking normal.

    • Gigi sorry that you’re having to deal with all of these drama and the surgeries. Continue with the cinnamon tea and see how it goes. Hopefully, it will produce results soon for you. However, I think, you are taking so many supplements at the same time, try and be consistent.

      Good job with the lifestyle changes you have started to make; exercise and diet. They do make a lot of difference in the end. Baby dust and we do await your testimony.

    • Hi ma please I just finish reading on cinnamon on Facebook where a lady said she used it with hot milk n she conceive can it be used like that and am I suppose to drink it at once ? She said a tin of milk n a tea spoon of cinnamon.

      • Hello Ene, it’s nice to know that cinnamon is quite effective. If you would like to use milk, you can use half of a tin of milk, add a bit of warm water, and some cinnamon to drink.

  4. Hello, please what is the dosage for cinnamon and honey for conception. I have Pcos and having been trying to conceive. Am currently on omega 3 fish oil, vitamins D3 and vitamin C. Pls your urgent reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Ngo, you can try this routine but this one includes hot water.

      1 cup Boiling water
      1 Tablespoon honey
      1 teaspoon cinnamon

      Boil cup of water
      Pour over cinnamon.
      Let it steep for 15 minutes before adding the honey
      Once it is warm, add the honey. (Why wait to add it? Because the enzymes in the honey get destroyed by the hot water.)
      Have ½ cup in the morning, before you eat or drink anything else…Put the rest in the refrigerator for 45 minutes before you go to bed. DON’T heat it up. At night drink it cold, straight from the fridge. It should be the first thing you drink in the morning, and the last thing you eat or drink at night.

      For one without hot water, just get a bottle and mix both cinnamon and honey in the measurements listed above, and take a spoonful two times daily. Best of luck and baby dust to you.

  5. Good day Kemi,
    Please i saw your advice on net, and i decided to ask,please i did fibroid surgery in 2014, and since then i have not conceive and am so worried because my husband people are on my neck, please kindly advice me what to do,if is cinnamon how do i take my dosage .

    • AdaNkem, sorry about all that you are going through. Have you done other investigations? And what about your husband, hope he has gone for some tests too. For how to use cinnamon, you can check this routine posted earlier in the comment section.

      1 cup Boiling water
      1 Tablespoon honey
      1 teaspoon cinnamon

      Boil cup of water
      Pour over cinnamon.
      Let it steep for 15 minutes before adding the honey
      Once it is warm, add the honey. (Why wait to add it? Because the enzymes in the honey get destroyed by the hot water.)
      Have ½ cup in the morning, before you eat or drink anything else…Put the rest in the refrigerator for 45 minutes before you go to bed. DON’T heat it up. At night drink it cold, straight from the fridge. It should be the first thing you drink in the morning, and the last thing you eat or drink at night.

      For one without hot water, just get a bottle and mix both cinnamon and honey in the measurements listed above, and take a spoonful two times daily.

        • Hello Edward, while cinnamon might not necessarily help you with sperm count, it can certainly help with erectile dysfunction. You can take as directed above but don’t overdo it.
          However, you should also consider seeing a doctor.

  6. hello Kemi. thanks for the post. I’m currently using cinnamon and honey to aid weight loss and later got to know about the fertility benefit. is it safe to use it during ovulation? I’m TTC and expecting to get pregnant with my second child. I will appreciate your response.

  7. Hi Oluwakemi, thanks for the information given, it is well appreciated. Can cinnamon actually cures fibroid? I really do have the courage to go for fibroid operations. Just need a natural cure. Could you please inbox your mobile number to me really need to speak with you in person. Thank Ogo

    • Hi Ogo,using cinnamon might not be able to help you as fast a a surgery would. Because the cinnamon will work generally on your reproductive system, relieve symptoms over time, but not immediately. So, surgery might be a good option and then you can get on a cinnamon rich diet to forestall a regrowth.



        THANK YOU


        • Hello Mrs Chibuzo, I’m so sad to hear about all that you are going through, however,its looks like you need to see a fertility expert, not just a regular gynae, to deal with the different diagnosis you have had. I will forward your question to one of our doctors on the site, and see what they think. But you must know that this too shall pass. It’s hard to deal with but it will pass.
          For how long have you been trying and has your husband gone for a semen analysis too?
          cc: @nicole

        • Hello Mrs Chibuzo, here’s the response from Dr Simi @dr-simi; “I’m so sorry you are going through such a rough time.
          If you have no periods at all, then you will need to be seen by a specialist near you.
          There are many possible causes for secondary amenorrhoea (no periods) however, in your case, it could be following on from your surgery. If this is the situation, you will possibly need further surgery.

          It may be best to avoid your husband’s relatives as much as possible. The excessive stress will not help with your periods returning or with you conceiving!”

  8. Hello Oluwakemi, thanks for the information. Please I will like to find out if one can just purchase the regular ones at the store or get the bark from the native women. which is better. will like to use it for heavy bleeding and fibrods. Am TTC for about 2+ and cant wait to have them.

    • Hello Olayinka, either option is great. However, the more organic it is, the better, so the bark, which you grate yourself is a better option. Babydust to you. What’s the location and sizes of the fibroids?

  9. Pls how and where can one get the cinnamon back and what is the Yoruba name for cinnamon . I v been TTC for about 2years but with this info, I believed I a m a step closer to my dream of becoming a mother

  10. Hi oluwakemi
    please what is the igbo name of Asunwon leaf. Can it shrink or remove fibroids? The waist pain is hitting me hard and I don’t want to go through surgery again. Pls help I need your advice.

  11. My story is that I did myomectomy in 2012 of multiple intramural subme…. fibroid. It grew back now. It measures 3.2 x 3…… which is the largest. The waist pain is something else. And I want to conceive. It’s on the process of looking for natural cure that I came across this site. So I decided to come up. Please I need your advice on natural cure not surgery again. Thanks

  12. If you live in Lagos you can get yje bark of cinnamon at this Indian store at ilupeju after town planning bus stop, I keep forgetting the name. And I’ve abandoned mine all this while, will need to continue taking it. Thanks kemi and Nicole.

  13. Hello oluwakemi you are doing a great job..been I was diagnosed with pcos but my hormonal profile was ok..but I experience very irregular periods of like 3months gap,I am currently on folic acid 400mcg.just came across your blog. You said without hot water the cinnamon and honey can be mixed in a bottle? Is it in its dry form?

    Also was thinking of starting vitamin E…Can folic acid,vitamin E be taken alongside honey,cinnamon?

    • Hi Elizabeth, yes, you can mix the cinnamon and honey in bottles, obviously it can’t be in dry form. You can also use vitamin E alongside the folic acid.
      Lots of baby dust to you.

  14. Please use Ceylon cinnamon it good for your health the casia cynamon when taken in large quantity is dangerous to your dust to all ttc

  15. Hi Oluwakemi Thanks for information, I am using evra patches for family planning and I have noticed that cinnamon can make one fertile so that does that mean I can fall pregnant if I can take cinnamon even if I am on family planning.?

    • Hi precious. True cinnamon boost fertility, but I don’t think, it does to the extent, it can override your contraceptive. I know that, it hasn’t done any such to me own body.

  16. Hi Ms Olawakemi, i am using china cinnamon from the supermarket with honey every night for weight loss. I want to shred 20 lbs due to pcos. Been TTC for more than a year now. I had ectopic a year ago. When i read your post about cinnamon as a fertility aid, it gave me more glimpse of hope. But i have read somewhere in the net that ceylon cinnamon is much better, but trully hard to find in my location right now. Pls advise me if this china cinnamon is fine because this is all i have got here. Thank u

  17. Hi Madam

    I had miscarriage in Dec 2017 after that i have irritiating discharge and itching vargina.i dobt know what to use now..I also have waist back pain, vargina smell. I’m not intrested in Sex.please help me to get pregnant again

  18. Hi Kemi please which cinnamon brand do your recommend? I use the one sold at shoprite. But hearing Ceylon is the best option now I am a bit worried I could be using the wrong stuff.

  19. I took cinnamon with hot water and had intercourse the same day 0ne week prior ovulation and it got me pregnant I was shocked to realise how strong cinnamon is I was nt planning for a baby soon BT I accepted this Gods blessing. Try it mommies.

  20. Hi Kemi ,
    good job so far,your recommendation states keeping the cinnamon and honey drink in the ref for 45min and drinking cold at nite.
    If am to do that, i wont be getting the best of it cause once i leave for work i wont get home till say 7pm at most ,so can i still go with it cold or just make a fresh hot drink?

  21. Have bn on cinnamon and honey for 3days now,hopefully it is a right choice compare to synthetic longer having bloating abdomen,breast tenderness subsiding and feeling warm suggests adequate circulation.I strongly believe in God that they(cinnamon and honey) will reverse my hormonal imbalance.its a simple approach but mighty therapy.

    • Fingers crossed for the best Rashy. It quite nice that you have noticed some changes in just three days of using it.Give it a week and let’s know how it goes.

  22. Thanks Kemi for your write-up or information.
    Please my Daughter always have menstrual pains. What can she use with cinnamon sticks and how?.


    • Hello Potofruit, your daughter can try drinking cinnamon tea a day before the witch or before the cramps are expected. Other things you can do include; looking into getting on a regular exercise routine of at least 20 minutes a day. It can ease menstrual cramps.
      A hot water pad or hot water bottle can bring comfort and relief during menstruation too.

  23. Hello Kemi, thanks for the update really appreciate. Am taking ciammon morning and night though it’s not always too hot. And am seeing changes, hope is cool and am taking it with vitamin D3 with calcium, B12, B6, omega 369, folic acid and vitamin E. Am believing God for a great miracle though am also on herbs too.
    Baby dust to all ttc

    • Hello Vivian, yes you can? Are you allergic to honey? It’s included because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties but if it doesn’t work for you, cinnamon is great on its own.

  24. i am so happy 2 come across ur blog, i will try d cinnamon as soo as i get it. i’v being trying 2 conceive for d past 9yrs though had one last year thru cs but lost her at birth. pls keep me posted. god bless u 4 d good work u’r doing.

  25. Thanks Kemi for the write up. Please I need a recipe to treat ovarian cyst and also to get pregnant fast. Have been trying to conceive for a year and 6months now. Also need a recipe for to boost sperm. Will appreciate a quick response. Thanks.

    • Hello Lerato, you can sprinkle some cinnamon on your milk but you have to be consistent to see results. Better still you can check out the honey and cinnamon recipe shared earlier in the comment section.

  26. Hello sis,
    Trust doing great, please I want to know if one can take fertilaid as a prenatal vitamins me and my husband. And also off late we can’t make good love cus is like he is having erectile problem and high blood pressure. I want to know if there is any natural treatment?

    • Hello​ NG, first and foremost, it’s important that your husband take his BP medications regularly. Naturally, the in that state, his libido will be on the low side but his health is quite important.

      Yes, you can take fertilaid to boost your fertility. Godspeed and babydust to you.

      • Thanks for the quick response love, so the BP contributed to the erectile problems. Do you know any natural remedies that I can use cus it’s from low count now this yet to conceive since 2008 tried if and conceived but miscarried at 8 weeks

    • Hello Veronica, I need to clarify that cinnamon boosts​ your conception chances, it isn’t what gets you pregnant. However, consistent use of cinnamon for at least a period of three months should help you see some results.
      How long have you been trying?

  27. Hi Oluwakemi i am a mother of 1 boy 12 years of age and now i want another baby but i can’t concieve at all I’ve been trying for the past 2years with no luck my doctor gave me clomid 50mg 2times but still nothing now i want to try cinnamon and honey but don’t want to loose weight cause m naturally skinny please advise

  28. Hi kemi tanxs a lot .please ma I was told I have adhesion in my tube I went for tube flushing this month on the 8th. Of jan2018 can I drink the cinnamon drink because I just bought it and I have honey I go to work 7am and come back 4:30 please madam this is my contact 08138305476 I will like u to watsapp me or send me a text,because I didn’t no how I manage to get this page I may not find it again

  29. Thanks kemi you’re really doing a good job. Pls when exactly do one take the cinnamon and honey? Should it be best taking immediately after mensturation ? and how long should it be taking within a month? Should it be everyday thing?

  30. Hi Kemi!! I’ve been reading these posts & I’m happy u came out & willing to help fellow woman. I’ve been taking cinnamon with milk & honey, for a week now & suspect I’m pregnant bt scared to take the test bt tonight I’ve started with yo recipe of water, cinnamon & honey drank it warm so I’ll take it cold in the morning & make another cup for late & the ff morning. Thanks a lot & may all ladies like me who want to conceive be blessed with bouncing beautiful babies by the Grace of God & this beautiful soul Kemi

  31. Hello kemi, God bless you for all response ma. please can I take cinnamon, lemon, and honey for block tubes? I have TTC for 3years and months i need remedy to open my block tubes. Thanks I will be glad to hear your response.

  32. I saw this cinnamon in one of woman facebook page I did not buy it but now that I have read some people’s testimonies here .I am definitely going to get myself cinnamon n honey today. I was on my petogen injection for 12 years now thinking of a second child ,hope this honey cinnamon will help me conceive. does milk work the same of I must use water.


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