Celebrity Moms Who Got Real About Their Breastfeeding Experience


Coco Austin

Coco Austin admitted that she’s “obsessed” with breastfeeding her daughter Chanel. Though when she first gave birth to her baby girl, the new mama wasn’t convinced she’d ever be able to nurse. “I got breast implants, so I wasn’t sure if I could even breastfeed,” the actress explained to Enews.

“I was hoping I’d be one of those women who can because my whole family have been really pro-breastfeeding.”

Turns out, Austin needn’t have worried, as her daughter took to the breast, like she had been trained for it.

She recalled. “She was like a pro.”

Emphasis on was. Because when her little girl got sick five months in, making it hard for her to nurse, Austin started giving her a bottle. Unfortunately for Coco, when the lil lady got better, she wanted the bottle more.

Coco was devastated at the turn of event and she’s not alone in feeling a sense of rejection, when baby all of sudden prefers the bottle over the breast.

Thankfully, that hurt feeling doesn’t last forever.




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