Celebrity Moms Changing Social Conversations With Real Issues



I was chatting with someone who was so pained at the amount of attention the media was giving to what she termed “non issues”, at the expense of the real issues. She kept pointing out the numerous beautiful things some celebrities were doing, which they were sharing on their social media handles, but people barely gave them any attention, always preferring “the twerking celebrities.” Those were her words.

True to a certain extent, there seems to be more focus on the not-so-important, at the expense of the important and it’s to these important conversations I will be focusing and, of course, the celebrities changing the conversation. Either they are passing the message lightly or strongly, they just have to be changing the conversation in a meaningful way.

First on my list is Omoni Oboli, who is a mother of boys, whom she’s training to fend for themselves. Some weeks back, the actress and movie producer showed off the capabilities of one of her sons in the kitchen.

She shared the delicacies the young man prepared, with the admonition for parents to train their boys to be able to fend for themselves.

Here’s what she wrote; “Mothers of boys, teach your sons to cook! Make dem nor go turn another person pikin to perpetual cook, or make person nor go use food catch them. He mixed it from start to finish himself. I helped him with the frying sha! #ChefChizi

If you read her caption, you will notice the admonition is for the general good of the society. In case you are wondering what that good is, I will say it in one phrase; if you want a happy life, don’t overburden your wife. You can cook sometimes.

That post led to a comment on a popular blog, where she was accused of effeminising her boys by teaching them to cook. Again, she brought it on her page and encouraged her followers to share their thoughts. It was surely an educating moments for all concerned.




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