Celebrity Baby First Photos



Celebrities can be a funny set of people; showing off in certain areas and being paranoid about others.  Some invite the camera’s into their homes, wear clothes that leave little to the imagination, talk about their private lives, where ever and whenever possible and these same people turn around and demand privacy and other considerations. I guess, such upheavals come with the territory…but then, what do I know.

However, one area, where celebs have been known to be paranoid are where their children are concerned and I think everyone can forgive them for that. Who isn’t protective of his or her child? Hardly any parent. For some celebs, they weren’t forthcoming with unveiling their baby’s face, teasing fans with body part, until a major endorsement came along and the big reveal was done. Some sold their baby’s first pictures to gossips magazines and raked in millions in the process.

Some showed off their baby’s photos, the very days it came. Others waited for a few moments to savour their new status before showing off their baby’s face. Today’s series is all about The Big Reveal: Celebs Baby’ First Photos.

Bouncing along and my first stop is Dream Renee Kardashian daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.



Dream must have been only a few hours old, when we saw her first pictures, truly looking like a dream. The honour of posting her first photo was given to E! who airs the Kardashian reality TV series.

She was an instant celebrity, with her own Instagram handle and gathering thousands of followers in a matter of days.



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