Celebrities with Baby Fever



The number of celebrities whose ovaries are already dancing upon sighting babies, is surprising, and it comes from the most unlikely sources…like new mommas, who are already keen on trying for another again.

Do I understand the language they are speaking? Absolutely! If physical eyes could see internal organs in the body, many mommas would probably be asking me why my ovaries were dancing excitedly upon setting eyes on their babies.  I stopped carrying babies uninvited, but now, I don’t carry babies because I don’t want to be accused of baby-napping .  Let’s just say I might carry a baby, and minutes later be begging the momma to let me keep him/her.  The baby fever is that bad.  If you have been following my writing, then you already know I have already named that baby (or is it babies?)

In today’s piece, we will look at the celebrities who have caught the baby bug. Whether they will do something about it or not remains to be seen.  




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