Celebrities Who Are Proudly Single Mothers



I honestly didn’t know that I was an admirer of the marriage of actress, Damilola Adegbite and our now ex brother-in-law, Chris Attoh, until I read about the end of  their marriage. I was totally blindsided and wondered, what the heck is going on? “Not you two? You look so cute together. Why?” were some of the thoughts that came to my mind? I totally wasn’t expecting it.

After all the lamentation at another failed romance, I mentally took a roll call of the now single moms on the entertainment scene. I had the help of a friend to put together the list, and she definitely had some innuendos to share about each of them.

I’m still struggling to imagine what the future holds for the young mamas, who might be single mothers but are still very much hot and sexy. On the other hand too, I couldn’t help but wonder if the ladies made a pact to just have a baby each by their husbands, and then get a divorce. The wheels kept turning in my head…but the divorce rate is scary sha.

For today’s article, we will take a look at the single mamas club, both on the entertainment scene locally and internationally. In fact, we can even do without the international scene, because our cup runneth over where these young moms are concerned.


Oge Okoye:

Light skinned Nollywood actress was once married to Stanley Duru whom, rumour has it, she snatched from her colleague in the industry, Nkiru Sylvanus. At the end of the day, the owner of the man came for collection and left Oge a single mom of two children.

Her children are grown now, but she’s yet to get married again and doesn’t even look like she’s thinking in that direction, as she hasn’t been linked with any man in recent times…unless of course, she’s playing the game very close to her heart.



  1. @oluwakemine this is the funniest thing you have written!! I’m rolling here at the satire…fantastic! Truly one has to wonder how these Mamas do it alone…after having my son especially after the TTC journey..I could see why Baby Mama’s find it hard to let go..truly….sometimes I think to myself where am I going with a man’s son for that matter..to who’s house? It really calms my head these days..haha……truly I look at Baby Mama’s who are ready to scortch the earth in a different way now…after all the 3am feedings another woman wants to what…hian! Happy sunday folks!

  2. Lol!!! @It really calms my head these day, nothing like motherhood to reset a woman’s brain. Dooshima @ddo, I don’t know how the baby mamas do it oh but may God help them. Thank you. Kisses for our lil man


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