Celebrities and Pregnancy Cravings



New momma-to-be, Tolu Oniru-Demuren, aka Toolz, recently put up a post of a possible conversation between herself and her nutritionist, where the latter was telling her to eat only 1200 calories a day.  And she had asked, “Okay, and how many at night?”

You get it? It’s obvious (at least from that post) that she was having a few challenges with maintaining a healthy diet, and that definitely comes with the territory.

Pregnancy is the best time to indulge, without feeling guilty, although some disciplined mamas manage to keep their cravings under control. I duff my cap to them. I didn’t have that strength, even though my cravings were pretty tame. A constant hunger fed by fruits, the first time, and then the second pregnancy saw me eating this chalk like substance called calabar, followed by regular cravings for Egusi soup and swallow.

I know another mama, who is literally stuffing her face with baked goods…even right now. Her excuse for not eating healthy is that the healthy options are not as filling as the junk food .  So, what about the weight gain? “When we get to that bridge, we will cross it.” She had told me.

Just like the regular folks, celebrities have their own pregnancy cravings, which we will chronicle in today’s article.  


Amal and George Clooney

For celebrity couple, Amal and George Clooney, the clock is ticking. They are expecting twins; one boy and one girl, and they only have weeks left before meeting their children.

Amal is due to give birth this summer, and she too is experiencing some pregnancy cravings. She’s been craving pasta and risotto with white truffles, and her husband was seen with her at restaurants, indulging right along with her.




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