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Hi Beautiful…

TODAY’S LESSON 💆: How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer.

(1) Start with a Clean face: Ensure your face is well washed and you have all the makeup of the previous day gone- totally vamused! 😁 it’s best to use a foaming face wash (not your bath soap) and make-up remover.

(2) Then Moisturise Your face: This is for everyone. Yes you!😉 Even If, you have an oily skin you need to moisturise too. However best buy for you is an oil-free/Matte or a shine control moisturiser.


(3) Next Apply a face primer : This comes on before your foundation or powder. I’ll suggest that a ‘Matte’ or a silicon based primer would be perfect for our tropical weather.

(4) Apply an eye-shadow primer. This is necessary if you want your shadows to last longer and you want the colours to pop.

(5) Keep your pretty fingers off your face mbok! 😆 the less you touch, the longer your makeup lasts.

My name is Ngozy Ezeka-Atta aka Queenjaga and I help women achieve a 360degree transformation in their appearance and style.

Stay beautiful. Jesus loves you.



  1. Hello Ngozi, Please suggest ‘Matte’ or a silicon based primers for dark combination skin tones….pls bear in mind recession oh so not expensive products…. :haha:



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