BBC Set For Major Gender Pay Showdown As It Publishes Salaries Of Highest Earners


The BBC is set for major embarrassment this week when it publishes the salaries of its highest earners, according to insiders.
The corporation’s list of its most generously paid stars is set to have ‘astounding omissions’ that will reveal women are not being paid as much – despite doing the same jobs – it was claimed.

Culture Secretary Karen Bradley will challenge the BBC because she ‘cares deeply’ about the pay gap, Government Sources claimed.

Two Conservative select committee chairman are also concerned about what the list will reveal and are also set to grill BBC bosses over the disparities.

‘Nowadays, there is parity in terms of how much airtime women are getting, but to my absolute knowledge there is not parity in what they are paid for that airtime,’ a source close to the BBC told the The Sunday Telegraph.

‘There will be some astounding omissions – people who are not paid over that threshold – and there will be some: “Does that woman not sit beside that man? How come she is not in the same pay band as him?”’

All companies with more than 250 employees will have to publish their gender pay gap, under a new legal requirement that will come into effect by April 2018.

And with an estimated average pay gap of 18 percent nationwide, the legislation is expected to cause major embarrassment.

The BBC will on Wednesday publish a list of around 100 members of staff who are earning more than £150,000.

The aim is to provide more transparancy in how the corporation spends the £3.7billion it generates in licence fees.

Among those staff whose salaries are to be made public in bands of £50,000 are many notable ‘big beats’ in television and radio – and also a number of lesser-known figures.

The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg, 40, and her predecessor Nick Robinson, 53, are both expected to appear on the list.

Antiques Roadshow host and newsreader Fiona Bruce, 53, is thought to earn more than half a million pounds a year.

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker is believed to be on more than £1million. =

Andrew Marr has insisted that he earns less than £650,00 but said in June that the publication of presenter pay wold be ‘uncomfortable for us all’.

The Telegraph reported that John Humprys, whose salary is believed to be £375,000 a year, is on of the BBC’s members of staff to have taken a pay cut.

Sources told the newspaper that he have voluntarily taken several pay cuts for a number of years.

The Commons Culture committee chairman, Damian Collins (left), and chairman of the Commons Women and Equalities committee, Maria Miller (right), have pledged to demand answers over any pay gaps at the corporation.

And stars who were expected to be on the list will avoid the awkwardness of having their salaries made public because they work of separate production companies.

The BBC had previously agreed to disclose the salaries of those earning more than £450,000 but were forced to go further after coming under political pressure.

Just one person out of a group of nine people believed to be earning approximately that figure was a woman, it was reported.

The Commons Culture committee chairman, Damian Collins, and chairman of the Commons Women and Equalities committee, Maria Miller, have pledged to demand answers over any pay gaps at the corporation.

A BBC spokesman told MailOnline: ‘People should wait and see what the data shows rather than jumping to conclusions – people may be surprised by how much progress we have made – particularly when compared to the rest of the broadcasting and media sector.

‘The data on recent promotions and hires is excellent.’


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