To Bedrest Or Not?


I have a very strong opinion about this…very strong. A lot of the literature you will read will tell you bed rest is not necessary, that in fact it is even better to be up on your feet as quickly as possible. Well, I couldn’t disagree more.

I believed this theory during my 1st cycle. As I mentioned in the earlier section, after my embryo transfer, I was up and about 30 minutes later, concluding paperwork with the hospital, and then embarking on a bumpy ride, in the Lagos traffic, back to my house. I lay in bed for the rest of the day, but was up and about from the next day, answering the door and running minor domestic errands. That cycle failed!

For my 2nd cycle, I went from the theatre to a hospital bed…and just LAY there! I ate my meals almost horizontally, and left the bed only for toilet breaks. I went home 3 days later and pretty much did the same thing. Lying in my bed, or on the couch, doing absolutely nothing but watch TV, and eat meals delivered to my lap. I got pregnant that cycle.

Here’€™s my own opinion on the matter. It would be one thing if the fertilisation had been normal and had taken place in utero. I guess you could bungee jump post fertilisation and it wouldn’€™t really matter. But with IVF, fertilisation occurs externally. You are already in an unnatural position. The least you can do for your embryos is to give them a chance to make it.