The Pineapple Core & Implantation


I won’€™t be true to myself if I do not share this lovely implantation myth. Pineapple core! Who would have ever thought, right?

Even when we were trying to conceive naturally, I kept coming across this in many of the boards and forums I belonged to, but I always brushed it off. Pineapple core indeed, I scoffed! Even for my first IVF cycle, it wasn’t even a consideration for me. I thought it was a lot of nonsense. But when I was on my 2nd cycle, and was doing everything I could to make it work, I was ready to try just about anything. Here’s how its supposed to work. Pineapples contain a nutrient called bromelain, which is anti-inflammatory and is said to increase cervical mucus. The increase in cervical mucus can make the uterus more “sticky,” leading to increased rates of implantation. The pineapple core is where the bromelain is most concentrated, so it is recommended that a piece of the core be eaten from the days leading to ovulation, or in the case of IVF, embryo transfer.

What I did was split a single pineapple core into 5 pieces and stored them in a cool flask. Starting from the day before my transfer, I had a piece everyday. This may, or may not, have worked…I will never know. What I do know is that I had a successful cycle. So, unless you have are allergic to pineapples, I usually advice people to just try it, because really, it wouldn’€™t hurt.