Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)

Whilst undergoing any fertility treatment at all, not just IVF, it is absolutely critical to take steps to avoid OHSS. This is when the ovaries get overly stimulated, and subsequently swollen. The level of overstimulation could vary. With my first clomid + injectibles cycle, I had a very mild case of it. Mild as it was, I did have considerable pain and discomfort, and at a point had to be rushed to the hospital. However, after being mildly sedated, I was fine. A lot of cases are not cured this seriously. More serious cases of OHSS manifest with abdominal bloating, moderate to severe abdominal pain, shortness of breath, etc. In these more serious cases, in addition to the ovaries going into overdrive and being swollen with an inordinate amount of eggs, the abdominal cavity gets filled with liquid, making implantation more difficult, and require immediate medical intervention.


Frequent uterine scans are crucial to make sure the ovaries are not at risk of overstimulation. In my case, because of my history of mild overstimulation, I was placed on a very low dosage of stimulation shots, and monitored very closely. Even with the low dosage and close monitoring, I was a hair’€™s breath from overstimulating in my 2nd cycle, producing a whopping 30 eggs! Any more eggs, and I would have had a cancelled cycle. Even with very little OHSS symptoms, if the ovaries produce too many eggs, it is almost a given that OHSS is on its way, so in most cases, cycles like this are cancelled. A friend of a friend produced almost 60 eggs! Her cycle was cancelled before she could spell bridge€.