Before I go any further, I think I need to spend a bit of time on the act by which these medications are administered and it aint pretty. Whether you opt for the long or the short protocol, the related drugs are not cute little pills you pop, have a swig of water, and be on your merry way. Far from it. They involve little containers of medicine, sometimes some mixing, syringes, and needles. Even for those who are indifferent to needles, having to give yourself these shots in your stomach, or thigh, is hardly considered a treat.

Prior to my 1st cycle, I could barely even allow a nurse give me a shot in the seemingly usual places (buttocks, arm, etc.). So, imagine my shock when the Nordica nurse handed me my 1st pack of drugs and gave me a tutorial how to grab some skin on my stomach (thank God I had enough…lol!!), and shoot that needle right in there, the same time every day. My first evening, I sat on the bed, surrounded by all the bottles, and syringes…and I had a good cry. The first application was definitely the hardest and most painful. As the days progressed, I worked out a technique of injecting just under the skin, and it got better. That 1st cycle, I had to administer both my down regulating and stimulating injections myself. 6 weeks of it and I survived.

With my 2nd cycle, I only had to administer the down regulating injections myself. Luckily, the wonderful nurses at Georges Memorial took over the stimulating injections. The downside was that I had to drive there at the same time every morning, but the upside was that I got the opportunity to at least hand over that aspect of the process.

Whatever your case, you just need to get ready for those needles. Ask your nurse to walk you through a step-by-step process of these self injections. Go on YouTube if need be. There is a thin line between maiming yourself or ending up with multiple needle wounds, and adopting a technique that will work for you.