Egg Retrieval


So you have had your trigger (hCG) shot, and are all primed for those nice ripe eggs to be collected…what next? I remember how petrified about this process. I was so scared about what it would be like. Painful? Long? I read a lot, but really couldn’t grapple it. Not until I had mine.

My 1st cycle, my egg retrieval was on a Saturday morning. There were about a dozen of us women, in different stages of undress, in the Nordica’s theatre. When it was my turn, I was wheeled into the theatre, had a mild anaesthetic administered, and that was it. I woke up in a delivery room, feeling only mildly sore, and I was free to go home. I couldn’€™t believe it was over. All that panic and worry, all for nothing. The next morning, I got the phone call informing me of my retrieval and fertility report (12 eggs collected, and 9 fertilised).

My 2nd cycle was even better. I was the only patient in the Georges Memorial Hospital’s theatre. Dr. Iketubosin and his team made me feel so much at ease. Like the first time, I awoke with very mild soreness, but was told before I left what my retrieval report was (30 eggs, thanks to my borderline PCOS). The next morning, I got the call informing me that 16 of them had fertilised.