All Things Work Together For Our Good Eventually!


The truth that ALL THINGS work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called together for His purpose-(Romans 8:18) is one of the hardest truths for any Christian to accept when faced with the harsh realities of life. But ALL THINGS work together for our good and there is no truth truer than that. Everything, including the bad, ugly and the awful is working together for us.

Sarah Jakes Roberts put it even more eloquently. she said ” The thing that caused us the most pain are usually the roots that develop out purpose. So weep, feel the pain, find a release for your anger, and sort through all the grief, but don’t give up on God. He’s there in the midst of it all”

Yesterday, my dad called me and we got talking about one of my cousins who is doing quite well in life nowadays. For the sake of this blog, let’s call him Kofi. Kofi and his twin sister, Afua, were born to their single mother about a year before me. The woman was struggling to raise the twins and their younger brother up, and she really did her best. They used to go to a public school which run shifts and this gave Kofi all the time to get into all the mischief you can think of. Kofi will skip school, steal, lie…. name it. Kofi was just a vagabond. Every one wondered why he could just not be as smart and obedient as Afua. Afua was just a model child. One that every one was sure had a bright future. I know that, Afua was my best friend.

When the twins were twelve, tragedy struck one Sunday afternoon. Afua, the promise child, was knocked down by a car and she died on the spot. In the midst of the grief, no one noticed the drastic change that took place in Kofi’s life. He lost his twin but he gained his senses.

Kofi’s mum changed his school in order to make the grief more bearable. She took him to a private school where he learnt a lot more. He passed his basic school exams, went to one of the best secondary schools in the country, university and is now working in a reputable organisation. Everyone who meets Kofi now, will admire the young man he has grown into.

But we probably would not have ever gotten to know this side of Kofi had we not lost Afua. Afua’s death worked together for the good of Kofi who is now a responsible young man who loves the Lord.

All things work together for our good when looked in retrospect. The pain birth a certain resilience in us we will never have known otherwise.

I sometimes find it hard to believe that a day will come when I will look back on this journey. This journey that has been filled with so much tears and heartbreaks. This journey that has had me lying on the floor wishing I had a knife to rip out my heart so I will not feel the pain any more, this journey that has me questioning God, doubting my faith and purpose, this journey that has brought me shame and caused people to say all things about me behind my back, and I will say that ” this one too worked together for my good”. But inside me, I know a day will come. When I will look back and look at this pain and I will whisper a little “Thank you” to God.

So, for now, when it is hard to remember that this one too is working together for my good because I love the Lord and I am called for His purpose. I will remember my late cousin Afua and how her death birth a new life in my now amazing cousin;Kofi.

I will remember how it all worked out for His good and tell myself that one day, I will see the good in this pain too.

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Naa Kaay is a Ghanaian writer, who has been blogging for years, but recently started blogging about issues closer to her heart. Her blog mantra is ‘Holding on to faith, Meditating on the WORD, and reaching for the rainbow after the storm!’ (



  1. @naa kaay we will continue to hold on to our faith n trust in Him,one day one day our stars will shine n we shall sing to d glory of God…amen


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