Other Common Habits That Affect Fertility

Staying up late:


Studies have shown a connection between poor sleep habits and irregular periods, which can, in turn, lead to infertility. Irregular sleep has also been linked to increased incidents of miscarriage. It could also to weight problems, which, if not well managed, can lead to fertility problems for women, and poor quality sperm in men.




Regular exercise is good for fertility. However, in excess, it is detrimental. Over intense and extreme workout sessions have been proven to decrease fertility, which is why most athletes struggle with infertility.




Yep, this is a good one. It not only refers to the general delay for childbearing (considering female fertility begins to decline at age 27, and male fertility at age 40) but, and more significantly, to the delay in getting fertility tests when you should. Procrastinating to make the appointment to see a Fertility Expert could lead to lost time, and a reduced chance of conception.