Accidentally Knocked Up 43: Mr. & Mrs. Chubs


December 2013 – Date

And it felt like no time at all had passed…

Words could not qualify how I felt being reunited with my Chuba. I finally understood Tom Cruise’s words to Renne Zellweger in Jerry Maguire, ‘You complete me!’…because I finally felt complete.

The general reaction to our reunion was that of joy…and relief. From my father and siblings, to Chuba’s own father and siblings, to Ade, Gori, and the rest of my work colleagues, and even former nay sayers like my Aunty Angela and Ejeme, as well as Chuba’s sister, Chika…everyone was happy that we were finally back together.

But the biggest surprise had come from Kese’s mom, my mother-in-love, as I fondly call her. It’s hard to believe how annoying and overbearing I found her in those early days, when she was hell bent on getting me to marry her son. After Kese and I had ended our engagement, what had started as her just helping with babysitting Alex had grown into a mother-daughter relationship, with her coming a very second close to my Aunty Angela. She had burst into happy tears upon hearing about Chuba and I, and it had warmed my heart no end.

And Alex…my Alex and Chuba became like butter on bread. Their bond was instant, and I saw in Chuba’s a love for Alex that mirrored my own.

Not wanting to waste any more time, we got married on Easter Monday, 2014. Even though we had initially pondered where would be the best place to get married; Lagos where we met, New York where he called home, or perhaps a destination wedding, I knew deep in my heart that there was only one place for my story to come full circle.

So we got married in Benin City, the place of my childhood.


And everyone was there to witness us promise each other eternity. Chuba’s father, Proff, his lovely wife, Connie, all five of her daughters, and of course, his sisters, were there. Chuba’s daughter Arianna and her mother, Weruche, whom I now call my sister-wife, were also there. And even my mother had found it in her heart to attend the wedding, alongside my dear sister Sami and brother, Fouad.

Everyone that meant something to us was there…and it was beautiful.

My father had given me away with much joy, and even a tear in his eye. Talking about tears, there were a whole lot of those. When Chuba and I exchanged our vows, in Paul’s Catholic Church, I was way too happy to cry, but my dear husband had tears streaming down his face almost the whole time he recited his vows, so much so that a few of my hard core Aunties exchanged puzzled glances, wondering if the bobo had changed his mind. But only those who knew our story understood his emotion.

Gori, my hard boss who hadn’t even supported our union in the beginning, was a tearful mess when he toasted us at the reception. Seeing him so emotional, I was finally able to see that it was the deep love he has for his friend that made him extremely protective of him. For Ade, on the other hand, and the rest of the office crew, including a pregnant Yvonne, there were no tears…just joy…pure joy.

We had honeymooned in Kenya and…

I have to take a minute to talk about what it was like to finally be one with my husband, in the biblical sense of the word. On second thoughts, I won’t…because no words will be able to do the magical feeling justice. It was a beautiful culmination of our love. Finally, we were truly one. Mr. & Mrs. Chubs!


Chuba returned to the firm, and I decided to take some much needed time off work. All I wanted to do was to fully focus on my new home…and probably start a business of my own. Of course Ade and Gori almost popped their veins at the thought, so it was agreed that, after my year off, I would return on a consultancy basis.

But it wasn’t all roses and champagne. Far from it.

For one thing, after an unusual silence around the time of our wedding, Kese returned to Nigeria in June 2014, to demand that Alex spend half the year with him Canada, going forward. I thought it was preposterous idea, and I made no attempt to hide it, refusing, point blank, to entertain such an idea. Well, Kese being Kese, he went ballistic, threatening legal action not only in Nigeria, but even in America, the land of our son’s birth. I soon realized bobo wasn’t joking, and Chuba and I started frantically looking for ways to circumvent anything Kese might do.

Our assistance had come from the least expected person…my mother-in-love, Kese’s mother. She had literally blown a gasket when she heard Kese’s plan.

“You must be out of your damned mind if you think for a minute I’m going to let you destablise my grandson’s life, just because you want to make a point!” she had bellowed, in her Carribean accent. “If you think I’m going to fold my arms and watch, then you haven’t learnt a thing about me in your 39 years on this earth!”

Reluctantly, he had backed down, and we had eventually been able to reach a compromise, agreeing that Alex would always spend summer holidays with him in Calgary. What we didn’t tell Kese was that all of us, not just Alex, would be in Canada every summer. There was no way I was going to release my son to a man who had women in and out of his life, like a revolving door. Nah! That wasn’t going to happen. When we all showed up in Calgary in the summer of 2015, in a rented condo just a few streets away from Kese’s, he knew we meant business.

Another thorn was Chuba’s mother. Alas, her hatred for me remained, and she had remained stone faced every time I saw her at first. She had grunted through every greeting, mumbling constantly in Ibo. At first, this bothered me, but when I saw that even her own son wasn’t paying her any mind, I decided not to allow her spoil this beautiful thing that had been so long in coming. So, while I kept on reaching out the best way I knew how, I decided not to let her behavior to me affect me. Not even when she had attended our wedding with her face as strong as stone.


“Don’t pay her any attention!” Kayla, Chuba’s sister, had said, brushing her off. “To be honest, she could be frowning either because of you and Chuba…or my dad and Connie. Thirty years later, and the sight of him and his wife still sends her into a fit of rage. The sad part is, neither of them even care! So, you shouldn’t either!”

Even though it wasn’t the best of situations, I had no choice but to accept it and move on. It wasn’t until Andrew arrived that her heart melted, and she was finally able to be civil with me.

Andrew Chigozie Osariemen was born on March 22nd, 2015, by the Physician Chuba and I had identified four years before, Dr. Fritz. He hadn’t been able to birth Alex, but he was excited to have the privilege of birthing Andrew. My time in New York, both before and after the birth, had given Arianna and I the chance to close the gap between us. At 22, she was woman enough to understand that mistakes do happen, and was finally open to building a lasting relationship with me…her new stepmother.

As for Weruche, she became my friend and sister…someone whom I could, and still can, talk to about anything…including the man we both have in common. My sisters wonder how I’m able to be so close to a woman who used to be married to my husband. A lot of people don’t understand it, but I guess we aren’t ‘a lot of people’.

Today, October 2016, as we are trying for the baby that will complete our family, I am just grateful to God for my journey, and saving me from the time that I was…

Accidentally knocked up!






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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! But you have to come back o, maybe with a diary of what is going on with you and the kids or something, Abeg what do you want me to be looking forward to on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    Fellow ‘Fertilechickers’ should we sign a petition for a part 2?

  2. Wooah… I must say, all is well that ends well, this story got me hooked right from the start, and oh yes,i learnt from this story that where there is a will, there must surely be a way. Congratulations Ose…

  3. Awww, lovely ending. I was glued from the beginning. I support @ yanju for a part 2. Congratulations Ose! Have a great weekend cheers!

  4. This story is so beautiful and brought a tear to my eyes, after all you went through am glad love prevailed! thank God we dont look like what we have been through. Thank you for sharing your story with and I pray you get your BFP soon!

    As for part two pleaseeee, there as to be a comeback Ose. Share how being a mum of two has changed your life and being an entrepreneur; if thats the route you took/full time mum.

  5. I have been a silent reader all this while, but I need to make a comment this morning. This is an amazing love story Ose! You are truly a blessed woman. I fell in love with Chuba just with the way you described him. You have got a good man there. I feel suddenly deflated … no more accidentally knocked up stories on MWF? This story gave me something to look forward to, made me cry many times, brought joy into my heart and it feels like I made new friends this last few weeks. Ose, your story is beautiful and you surely is an excellent writer. Looking forward to reading more from you Ose. May your life with Chuba be a beautiful one!!

  6. …….and they both lived happily ever after. So glad it was a happy ending. Just that my Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are likely to be boring now……… Thanks for sharing your story Ose!

  7. Oh my God… gosh, ose, your story is beautiful, i learnt a lot from it and equally had a deeper understanding of friendship in a relationship……………….. Thumbs up to you and may God grant you a lasting union.

  8. This is one Hell of a story I must say. There were times I’d be extremely moody and sad after reading it however it didn’t stop me as I had become addicted to it
    I will miss Ose and yh Chuba but knowing that
    all worked out for u two sends chills down my spine… Can’t wait to feel my own love story
    Congrat Ose

  9. It takes a lot to write a good book and this book or should I say series spoke for itself. One of the best I ever read. May the ink never dry up. Great great story.
    More power to your elbow.


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