Accidentally Knocked Up 38: Intruder


January 2012

By the time we got to the hospital, I was in full on labour. But all through the pain, even as I was wheeled to a room and strapped to a monitoring machine, I kept one eye on the door, and another on my phone. I didn’t want my baby to come before Chuba got there.

Because right there and then, Chuba was the only one I needed.

And about an hour after we got to the hospital, there he was…like a ray of sunshine…in my hospital room. As he walked into the room, his white pinstripe shirt creased from the long drive from New York, my heart lit up like a Christmas tree, and all my pain pretty much evaporated. As our eyes met, it was like no time at all had passed. It was like our breakup had never happened. It was like we were still very much in love.

Because obviously, we were.

“What did I miss?” he said, with a wry smile, taking his position by my bedside, after having exchanged pleasantries with my family.

My eyes welled with happy tears, as I smiled back at him. “Nothing. You’re right on time!” I squeezed his hand. “You look great.”

He kissed my forehead. “So do you, gorgeous!”

“I’ve missed you!” I said to him, looking at him imploringly.

He smiled and stroked my forehead. “I’ve missed you too, Ose. These past few months have been the worst.”

From the corner of my eye, I could see my Ogbeide, Dzifa and my father leaving the room, obviously to give us privacy.

“Chuba, I love you. I want to be with you!” I said, holding on to him like I was afraid he would disappear, and take me right back to square one.

“Ssssh.” he said, placing a finger on my lips. “We have all the time in the world to talk about that, Ose.”

“All the time?” I echoed, wondering if what I heard was what he meant.

He nodded, his own eyes glistening. “A lifetime.”

And my heart soared to high heavens, at the realization that I had gotten my man back. The love of my life.

My labour wasn’t progressing the way my doctor wanted, it was soon agreed that I would have a c-section. As I was wheeled into the theatre, there was no question over who was going to be with me. Chuba happily scrubbed in and followed the gurney, holding my hand and saying soothing words. Kese, I’d heard, was already in Potomac, but luckily for me, and unluckily for him, he hadn’t gotten there in time for there to have been any choice made.

I’d always thought I would be extremely anxious and nervous when the time for delivery came, and even more so if I had to have a c-section. But with my soulmate with me, there were no nerves or anxious feelings. As we prayed in anticipation of the arrival of my son…our son…it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

At exactly 6.47pm, Alexander’s cries filled the room. And as he was placed into my arms, I wept tears of joy as I beheld the little human being who had taken possession of my heart. Chuba held me as I held the baby, and he too had tears in his eyes.

“I love you, Ose!” he had said, his voice full of emotion. “Welcome, little man! We’ve been expecting you!”

At that moment…at that very moment…all was perfect in my world.

As they took Alexander away, I was sedated to allow them close up my incision. And as I drifted off to sleep, I was the happiest I had ever been.

My eyes opened at exactly 8.30pm. Looking around the room, I saw Alexander asleep in a glass cot beside me, and Kese sitting on the chair beside me, where Chuba had been. I sat up with a start, but the pain from my surgery forced me back to bed.

“Where is Chuba?” I croaked.

“Hey Mommy!” Kese gushed. “Congrats to us! Our son is adorable!”

“Where. Is. Chuba?!” I demanded, my eyes spitting fire, and anxiety beginning to build with the rising premonition that all wasn’t well.

“He left, Ose.” came Dzifa’s voice, as she walked into the room. “He left about an hour ago.”

I pushed myself to a sitting position, ignoring the pain. I was confused. How could Chuba have left? It didn’t make any sense.

“Let me have my phone.” I demanded.

“Ose…” Dzifa tried to protest.

“Give me my phone, God damn it!” I screamed, proper frustrated by this time.

Kese cleared his throat. “I’ll just give you a few minutes…” he said, as he made his way out of the room.

“Yes, you do that!” I snapped after him, my rage beginning to consume me.

“Ose, you need to calm down!” Dzifa said, her voice now firm.

“What happened? Did Kese ask him to leave?” I asked, my hands shaking.

Dzifa shook her head. “No, Ose. Nobody asked him to leave…” she sighed. “After you had the baby, Chuba came out to tell the rest of us, and he was so excited. We were all so excited. But…” her eyes lowered, unable to meet my gaze, “Kese was already upset that he hadn’t arrived in time to be with you in the theatre. And when Chuba broke the news of the birth, as we all basked in the excitement of the news, it was obvious that Kese was broken. He just sat on a chair, his head in his hands. I noticed Chuba looking at Kese, and the excitement seemed to evaporate from him as well. He left shortly after.”

Kese! He was lucky he had already left the room. If not, I would have strangled him!

“Let me have my phone, Dzifa!” I said, through gritted teeth.

This time, she handed my phone, and I punched Chuba’s number desperately. Luckily, he answered on the second ring. From the sound of it, he was still on the road.

“Where are you?!” I half cried, half shouted. “You’re supposed to be here with me! Why did you leave?”

There was silence for a few moments, before he finally responded. “Ose, I stole something from Kese today…and I don’t think I will ever forgive myself for it!”

“What do you mean by stole?!” I asked frantically.

“I took away from him the moment every man wishes for…the moment he sees his child for the first time. I was there with you, while he was out in the corridor…waiting for news, like a stranger…”

“But he is a stranger! He’s the intruder in all of this! Left to me, he wouldn’t even be here. He’s involved only because of you!” I answered, tears streaming down my face.

“But that’s the thing, Ose. He’s not the intruder…I am. I had no business taking that moment away from him.” he sighed deeply. “Ose, Kese loves you. And he…he’s Alexander’s father. You should be with him…”

And with that, the line went dead. I tried to call him back, but all the calls went unanswered.

I was shaking in despair, and could have continued calling him all night, if Alex hadn’t awakened. As the nurses placed him in my arms, I fell in love with him all over again, and, for that moment, I was able to push thoughts of Chuba away.

The next day, my family confiscated my phone, so I wasn’t able to call Chuba. As frustrated as this made me, I reckoned it was just as well. Maybe all Chuba needed was time to cool off. My hope was that, by the time I finally got my phone back, all would be well.

I didn’t have time to sulk about things, or even blame Kese, as my room was beehive of activity. It was as if all of Kese’s family had descended on Potomac from Atlanta, so with the number of people coming in and out of my room, there was hardly any time to worry over my situation.

By the end of the week, I was finally cleared to return home. As soon as we got to the house on Thursday evening, Dzifa put Alex in a bassinet which she took to her bedroom, to give me time to sleep and regroup.

“Can I have my phone now?” I asked.

Hesitating, she eventually reached into her pocket and handed the phone to me.

Immediately, I dialed Chuba’s mobile number, but it didn’t connect. I dialed his home number, but it was the same thing. Logging on to Skype, his profile was missing from my list. Checking his Facebook, he had disappeared from there as well. That’s when I realized what he had done.

He had blocked me completely.

I crumbled to the floor as the realization hit me, the realization of this total and complete loss falling on me like a stack of bricks. But I was determined to fight for him. No, I wasn’t going to let him go…not after finally getting him back!

I stayed up all night, pondering and deliberating the words I was going to say when I called him at work, the next morning. He could block me from his personal phones, but there was no way he could block me from reaching Goldman Sac’s switchboard.

I counted the seconds until it was 9am on the dot, after which I dialed his office number.

“Oh, hi Ose!” exclaimed Angie, his assistant I had befriended in the short time between when we started talking again to when I had the Alex. “Yes, Chuba is here. Let me transfer you.”

My heart pounded frantically, as I waited to hear the voice of the love of my life. But as 1 second turned to 10, and then turned to 40, I already knew the answer before a nervous Connie got back on the line.

“Um…I’m afraid you just missed him, Ose. He…he had to go for a meeting…” she stuttered, before getting off the phone in a hurry.

That was when I realized I was wrong. Chuba could block me at work. He just did.

I sat on my bed, staring into space for what probably became hours. I knew I had to accept the truth. Chuba had removed himself from my life…for good.

“Good morning, Mommy!” came Kese’s voice, peering into the room. “Can we come in?”

I nodded, my heart lighting up on seeing my son, who was in Kese’s arms. “What time is it?”

“It’s 11.30.” Kese answered. “And we’re almost out of food too.” he added, with a pout.

“I’m not breastfeeding yet. You should know that!” I answered, irritated that he didn’t know my milk still hadn’t come, despite my grand plans of exclusive breastfeeding. “Dzifa has all she needs for his food.”

Kese smiled sheepishly. “You’re right, she does.” he shrugged. “I just thought Alex would want a bit of a cuddle from mommy. I’m sure he’s bored of me by now.”

“Did you sleep here?” I asked.

He nodded. “Ogbeide and Dzifa said I can stay in the basement, for the time being…” he smiled at me. “You know what? You look like you still need time to rest, so we’ll just come back later.”

“Kese.” I called out, as they made to leave the room.

As I looked at my baby, nestled in the arms of his father, I knew then what I had to do. There was no use chasing shadows any longer.

“Yes. I’ll marry you!”



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