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Welcome to The Fertile Chick – a down-to-earth arena to discuss all things fertility..and baby…specifically for us here in the beautiful country of Naija! It’€™s a place where all issues related to conception, and the inability to, are discussed in a simple, no-medical-jargon-mumbo-jumbo manner.

I know first-hand how frustrating it was for me when I was on my (in)fertility journey. I would have to comb through dozens of websites to be able to extract some minuscule piece of information. And of course, finding any information useful for, and specific to, me in Nigeria was a Herculean task..akin to passing a camel, and its three children, through a needle’€™s eye. Exasperating much!!!!! And in addition to not being able to find much information that would be useful to me, the devil called SILENCE just added to my frustration. I guess it is because of the stigma associated with infertility in this side of the world, but it was heart breaking for me not to have anybody to talk to, to counsel me, to advise me. People whom I knew had battled infertility would rather keep mum and pretend they never had any issues. Gosh…..what a journey I had (you can read more of it here). Thankfully, I got my happy ending (or beginning), and I was motivated to reach out to help the many women who, just like I did, are trekking the infertility desert. If I can help one person, my work is truly done.

Infertility in Nigeria! Gosh…talk about the elephant in the room. It is rising at an alarming rate, but yet the stigma still remains. One in four Nigerian couples will encounter fertility challenges. And about half of those would be male factor related male factor related. Yep. I said it. Environmental issues and lifestyle have increased the incidence of low sperm count for Nigerian men. This site extensively covers this, and all the other common infertility causes. Also discussed here are the various modes of assisted reproduction, and given that I have the privilege€ of first-hand patient information, I have shared my analysis and ranking of the major fertility centres. The ones I did not visit myself, I have had close friends, who themselves have this first-hand information, analyse and rank. Also here are real life fertility treatment diaries and success stories, ovulation (how to recognise it, how to track it), pregnancy symptoms (real and fake..lol), the dreaded 2-week wait (hmmm…no need to explain this if you’€™ve been trying for a baby), and so much more, are all discussed in detail here.

We also have a community, where we swap stories, buddy-up, and cheer each other on. You can use your real name, or pseudonym…whichever you prefer. If you want to send me a personal message, I will definitely respond and am very available to offer my own form of informal counselling…from one person who has walked down that path to another.

Lastly, I have the blog, to discuss any, and every, thing fertility. It’€™s interactive, so I look forward to reading from everyone.

I have to reiterate that abusive comments and bullying will not be tolerated on this site. The site administrators will not hesitate to block anybody who chooses to do so.

Thanks again for dropping by. I hope you find your stay here informative, encouraging and useful!

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