A Man’s Perspective: What Pregnancy Is Really Like



Being a doctor, Francis knew all there was to know about being pregnant. He knew what should be happening to his wife, Bukola, per week, per trimester. He knew the expected symptoms, and not just from his medical textbooks. He had living examples in his pregnant patients, whom he attended to daily.  

Francis was a first born too, so he had lived with a hormonal pregnant woman at one point in his life. However, nothing prepared him for pregnancy with his wife. It was a whole new experience that demanded from him a different set of emotions, other than the ones he gave his patients, or even the one he gave his mother. It demanded that he didn’t laugh in the face of some things that would have made him roll on the floor in laughter.

Having a pregnant wife made him grow up faster than nothing else, and his theoretical experience was banished to the back bench, as he journeyed ahead unto the land of being a new dad.

When his wife had first gotten pregnant, she had been one ball of extreme emotions; one moment she was cuddling with him, another moment she was snapping his head off with her now acidic tongue, and right after that, she could be seen with her head buried in a toilet…morning sickness was king.

He knew what to do to ease up the morning sickness but everything else was a mirage.

Between him and his wife, they have two girls and each pregnancy has been different. It demanded a different set of emotions from him at both times and that’s what he’s sharing today, it will definitely help some dads-to-be out there.

  • Each pregnancy comes with its own peculiarities


Silhouette_or_a_pregnant_woman_and_her_partner-14Aug2011-e1417822070970Francis had expected his wife to suffer morning sickness and be emotional, crying at the drop of a hat, getting angry for no known cause during her first pregnancy. That didn’t happen, or let me put it this way; it didn’t happen when he expected it to happen.

When his wife was carrying their second child, he had come home one day to meet his three year old baby sitting in her plate of food and crying, and right across from her was her mom, his pregnant wife, also crying. He hadn’t known what or who to comfort first, and he needed comfort himself, having performed a series of surgeries that day.

But he shoved his own tiredness to the back, carried his baby and went over to meet his wife. At that, she had bursting into a fresh crying bout, complaining of being too tired to move sef. She hugged their baby, told her she was sorry, and then she got up, and cleaned the baby and the mess she had made. She transformed from that crying woman to a super-efficient wife and mom so fast, he banished his worries about if his wife was depressed. Thank God she wasn’t, but Francis now knows not to expect the expected where his own pregnant wife is concerned.  Sometimes, he muses about what the third pregnancy would bring when it comes.





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