9 Reasons Some Pregnant Moms Don’t Know They Are Actually Pregnant


Pregnancy comes along with many symptoms. Not every mama gets every symptom, and that is totally normal. This may not be settling to many mama’s because then the fear sets in- could something be wrong with me or the baby? Every pregnancy is different, and not every woman has the typical pregnancy symptoms. When a mama is pregnant she (normally) wants to feel pregnant and be able to embrace it. It is understandable why a lack of symptoms or a certain one can make a mama not feel pregnant.

If every mama around seems to get morning sickness, it can be scary and weird when morning sickness does not happen. If a mama is being followed by medical professionals during her pregnancy it can help ease any worries and help reassure her if things are going normally. Pregnancy is exciting but it is also scary to not know 24/7 if everything is going okay in the womb. If a mama feels a lack of symptoms it can be worrisome that something has gone wrong with the baby or herself.

A mama cannot compare herself to her friend’s pregnancy or even her own previous pregnancies, because every baby and mama are different. A mama may go on to have a healthy and happy pregnancy without certain symptoms while others may have those pregnancy symptoms and have something go wrong. There is no telling what will happen in pregnancy, and it is best to go by the gut instinct and medical advice.

Read below to find out reasons some women just don’t feel pregnant.

Aunt Flo Never Pays A Visit

Some women have a very regular menstrual cycle, while others do not. It is common for women to skip months and even spot. It is common in pregnancy to have implantation bleeding, and some women can take that type of bleeding and think it is just another normal episode of spotting for them. A woman who has a cycle that is exact and keeps track should be able to tell when they miss a period and when things are different. For those with weird cycles, this can be tough.

When a woman’s period is not regular it can make ovulation and timing super confusing. When going into the OBGYN they ask you the first day of your last period, and if you have no idea it can be confusing as to when the due date is, and what is normal around that week.

The Girls Don’t Get Bigger

Another super common pregnancy symptom is breast growth and/or tenderness. This can be blamed on the increase in the hormones progesterone and estrogen. During pregnancy, it is common for breasts to swell, nipples to get bigger and darker and feelings of sensitivity and pain. Some women do not experience this, and that is okay if you are receiving medical care during pregnancy. Not every woman receives every “common” pregnancy symptom and that is totally fine. Some women might blame the breast pain (if they are having it) on what they believe is their impending period. A lot of women get breast pain before and during their period, and some women can attribute the pain to a period when they are in fact pregnant. For many this is one of the first signs of pregnancy and for others they do not deal with this issue.

The Negative Pregnancy Test

Some women track ovulation/their cycles while some have no idea when they ovulate and when they should be conceiving. Some women get pregnant by total accident and by the time they go to test they do not know how far along they are. A mama can still be pregnant and it can be too soon for results to show on a pregnancy test. If a woman is pregnant, her HCG levels rise daily and a few days to a week later a pregnancy test should be able to pick up a positive pregnancy test. Results can also depend on the test itself. Some tests are made to show results sooner while others are not. A mama will eventually know if she is pregnant due to either a positive test later on or a blood test by her doctor.

The Baby Doesn’t Kick

Feeling baby kicks is something every pregnant mama looks forward to. It is understandable though why some (or probably all) women panic when they do not start to feel movements. Since every pregnancy is different, some mama’s do not feel baby move until closer to 25 weeks while some can feel as early as 13. This can depend on how many pregnancies a mama has as well as the location of her placenta. For some, having an anterior placenta can make baby movements harder to feel. When a mama feels her baby starting to move it can be a sigh of relief, and for mama’s who do not, it can be very worrisome. The positioning of the baby can make a big difference as well. By the third trimester for sure a mama should be able to feel baby move. A mama who is under medical care during her pregnancy will be followed to see if movements and everything is normal and okay.

A Sudden Boost Of Energy

It is common to feel fatigued during pregnancy. It is totally understandable, a mama’s body is working extra hard to inhabit and grow another life….that’s exhausting! Some women feel the exact opposite during pregnancy and are full of energy. They have the energy to work, workout, keep up with the other kids, cook, clean, and maintain a social life without skipping a beat. Of course, it is always best to follow the doctors’ orders in terms of activities are allowed to be partaken in, but a pregnant mama should feel extra lucky that she has energy. All women’s bodies are different with how things such as pregnancy are processed. There is no danger to the baby if mama is not the “normal” fatigued and exhausted.

The Body Doesn’t Change

It is expected to get larger when pregnant due to weight gain as well as baby getting bigger. Some women look pregnant very early on while some do not look pregnant for much longer than those around her. It is normal to wonder if baby is doing okay in there if there is such a small or non existent baby bump. Most of the time, this is okay because mama’s body carries and supports a baby differently than others around her. This does not mean that this is okay all of the time and speaking to a medical health professional about this is a smart move. Some women take a while to show in their first pregnancy but show much sooner in the following pregnancies. Each mama’s weight gain and presence of her bump is a case-by-case situation, but is understandable why mama’s may not feel pregnant without a huge bump to prove it.

There’s no Morning Sickness

It is common for women to throw up when pregnant, but if a woman does not throw up, that does not mean something is wrong. It is common for some women to scape by with no throwing up (just nausea) or neither. A lot of people tie morning sickness to one of the first signs of pregnancy, and while that is true for many, that is not the golden rule for pregnancy. Some women can handle the HCG levels rising and feel great while others toss their cookies for the first (and even second) trimester. Some women have a brief wave of morning sickness and blame it on food poisoning or a tummy bug instead of what is happening. It is common for women to not feel pregnant because they skipped over one of the most common pregnancy complaints, but that does not mean anything is wrong- they are just some of the lucky few.

No Change In Hunger

We hear about women who wake up at 3 am demanding pumpkin pie due to cravings and others who go on to make their partners make them weird concoctions. Yes, it is common to have pregnancy cravings during pregnancy but it is also common not to have cravings. It is common for women to instead of obsessing over food to instead have no desire for a certain food. It is common for a woman pre-pregnancy to love cinnamon raison bagels and once pregnant she cannot stand the sight, smell or thought of them. Some women do not despise a food or crave a food- they remain the same as before pregnancy. Every woman’s body is different and if anything becomes worrisome it is always best to bring it up to her doctor.

Intimacy Gets Better

It is totally understandable why love making changes while pregnant. For many mamas-to-be love-making changes in a negative way. Her desire for love making may drastically decrease due to exhaustion. As a mama starts to get bigger her belly may get in the way and/or she starts to become self-conscious of her rapidly changing body. To accompany that, pain during love making is common as well. The increase in blood flow during pregnancy, large uterus, and/or sensitive cervix could be to blame for this issue. For some women, love making does not go down an uncomfortable or painful road. For some, mama’s being pregnant increases her libido and/or does not have much pain or complaints of being uncomfortable. This is great for women who want to keep the romance alive with her partner in the bedroom! As long as doc gives the okay, love making can be super fun for some during pregnancy.



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