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Within the space of five years, the lady that used to make my girls’ hair got pregnant three times, and they all resulted in the birth of girls. When she had the last girl, I started calling her my “small momma”, because my mom also had three girls.

Less than a year after her last pregnancy, my small momma was pregnant again and I used to tease her about how she was looking for a boy, and how she couldn’t even wait for her body to recover sufficiently before trying again.

She in turn would remind me that I had two boys, so I should not be talking to her about recovering. This pregnancy was different for her. She had always been agile throughout her previous pregnancies, but this time, she was extra tired, which I put down to the fact that she hadn’t sufficiently recovered from her last pregnancy.

The next thing that was so obvious was that she piled on the weight a lot faster. This was a lady who had always managed to maintain her slim frame through her three pregnancies, but all of a sudden, she was looking bloated, as though she swallowed a whale. Even she raised concerns about her weight. At six months, she was looking like someone who was ready to pop the baby.

Finally the D-Day arrived and she got that boy she had so much desired. When I went to see the baby, almost everyone commented about how his pregnancy was way different from that of the girls. So, three girls and one boy, I asked if she had “closed shop”, I was amused when she said, “Close shop like how?”  “I’m still a small girl oh.”  She added. More babies for her then.

Having not experienced the phenomenon of carrying a singleton, I don’t have a personal experience but I do know some women who by merely glancing at a woman’s bump and her face, can detect, with some accuracy, that she’s carrying a boy or a girl.

Sometimes, it’s the angle of the baby, if it’s lying lower in the pelvis or higher. Is the woman looking more beautiful while pregnant? What does she like to eat? What is her favourite sleeping position while pregnant (as though, there are that many choices of how to sleep)?

Well, apart from this women’s intuition, or should I say womanly knowledge, of pregnancy, even science has found some symptoms that are common to women pregnant with boys. We will be looking at those symptoms both from the angle of the old wives tales garnered over the ages and of course, science. Here we go:

  1. She is carrying low:

Old wives tales tell us a woman’s tummy positioning can determine if she’s having a boy or a girl. It is believed that boys are carried low. So if a woman’s tummy is heavier towards the bottom, then the probability that she’s having a boy is very high.

However, science says how a woman actually carries during pregnancy has more to do with the shape of her uterus, her unique body type, and her abdominal muscles.  Well that is story for the gods as far as some women are concerned. Many still believe it to be completely true that carrying low equals a boy!


  1. The answer is in her Linea Nigra

The dark line that often divides a bump into two parts is what is called the linea nigra. Although, it is present in all women, it becomes more pronounced during pregnancy (at least in most women), because of the stretching skin.

Old wives tales say, this line plays a role in predicting the gender of the unborn baby. If the line goes across the belly all the way to a woman’s rib cage, that is a baby boy growing in there! Some also believe if the line is a bit crooked or broken, it means a woman is having a boy as well.

While the linea nigra may be medical, this prediction may have little validity.


  1. Her hair grows faster

Oh, how I love this particular symptom. It was one of the perks of pregnancy that I liked; a full head of head, no scanty edges or breakage. Oh well.

Well, I had my pregnancy hormones to thank for that, not necessarily the supplements I was using, as I later found out, when I tried to replicate the growth.

Pregnancy hormones can make a woman’s hair to grow faster than normal, or on the converse barely grow. These effects on the hair can point to whether a woman is having a boy or a girl.

If her hair seems to be growing nonstop, and at a much faster rate than it typically does, a little boy might be the reason! For some reason, it seems that expecting mothers of baby boys have an increased rate of hair growth.

There is also the thought that little girl’s steal their mother’s beauty, in this case, beautiful hair. A little boy on the other hand, might be giving his mama lovely locks. So, if a mom-to-be’s hair is glowing and growing, a sweet baby boy might be the reason.


  1. Cold feet:

Take this is in the literal sense. If a momma is getting cold hands and feet quickly, that is another sign it might be a boy on the way. This also means that she needs to grab some gloves and keep warm so as to avoid catching any infection

  1. Baby’s heart beats are slower:

Now, this is purely scientific, or how else will one be able to hear a baby’s heartbeats without the aid of science? It is believed that a baby’s heartbeat can predict the gender too!

The average heart beats per minute for a child in the womb is around 140 beats per minute. Many people believe that if the hearts beats are lower than 140, it’s a sign of boy baby, especially if that happens continuously during the scans.

So next time you go for ultrasound scan, you might want to watch out for those beats!


  1. She’s more aggressive:

Yes, you read right. The gender of a baby is apparently responsible for some hormonal discharge that can impact its mom’s personality.

A woman carrying a baby may feel bolder, and be exhibiting domineering traits.

More so, researchers conclude that women with already established aggressive, bold and dominant nature are more likely to bear a baby boy. And due to increased level of testosterone, the behavioural aspects become more receptive to male implantation.


  1. Her boobs have an idea

One way a woman’s body changes for that sweet baby is by beginning the milk production process. The breasts grow even before any milk is produced.

And therein may lie the truth of what the woman is having. It seems that many women report that their left breast is bigger than their right breast. However, when women are pregnant with a baby boy, their right breast is larger than the left.

The difference may be nothing substantial; it can be just a tiny bit bigger, which many women may notice, but no one else would.

So, if a mom is so inclined to look to her boobs for the gender of her baby, then she can take a look in the mirror or ask Oga to take a look at it.

Who know, it may just turn out to be true.

Finding out baby’s sex is exciting, and whether it is done during the pregnancy or known when the baby arrives, it doesn’t diminish the excitement in any ways.

Boy or girl? Baby is welcome!



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