6 Ways To Prolong Your Fertility As A Woman


If there was one thing a lot of women could wish for, I bet it would be the ability to remove that time frame for when they can have kids. I know it seems like we have a long while to get it done but sometimes, life deals us different hands. A lot of women don’t get to the point of childbearing (for one reason or the other) until much later in life.

While we cannot change the course of nature, it can be rather frustrating feeling like we are running out of time and can’t do anything to stop it. I am not going to trick you into thinking that there is any way to stop the menopause process because there isn’t. There are, however, ways in which a woman can prolong her fertility so that even if it’s by a fraction, she has more time for childbearing. Here are a few tips on how to prolong fertility:

Diet: If you are a generally unhealthy eater- diets that are not balanced, never drinking water, you need to watch it. Your diet plays a key role in helping you stay fertile longer. Eat fruits and vegetables for fibre and to reduce excess oestrogen levels. Eat nuts, seeds and oily fish because of its high Omega 3 content. The essential fats from these types of food will aid in boosting your fertility.

Folic acid is also quite important not just for fertility but to prevent birth defect when the baby finally comes. Adding Soya to one’s diet can also aid in secreting hormones that help prevent heavy or long periods and improve fertility.

Smoking and Drinking: The truth is a bitter pill that we must swallow.  Cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol intake can reduce a woman’s chances of fertility by up to fifty percent.  Smokers have a high level of ‘cadmium’ which is a toxic metal that stops the Zinc production in the body. Zinc is essential for fertility. Not only is smoking bad for anyone trying for a child, it may also be extremely harmful to a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is more dangerous to the men. Chronic alcohol intake has been known to damage sperm and it shows in the fact that eighty percent of men that drink excessively are sterile.

Weight: Being both excessively overweight and underweight can have a big effect on fertility. People who suffer from being underweight have been known in severe cases to stop their periods. What this automatically translates to is that they also stop their ability to give birth. Being obese also lowers the rate of fertility and studies have shown that losing a fraction of weight can cause an increase in fertility levels for the obese woman.

Type of Exercise: While regular exercises and Pilates are good for keeping fit and staying in shape, sometimes, excessive types of exercises can affect fertility negatively. Exercises such as marathon running and excessive weight loss are therefore not good for the woman trying to have a child or increase fertility.

Stress: Stress plays a key role in a woman’s chances of conception. A lot of people believe that stress is simply a mental thing and has no serious effects and they are completely wrong.

Stress releases hormones in the body that negatively affect the reproductive system. Human reflex will turn off reproduction when under a lot of stress.

Medication: If you are on some medication for any conditions, ensure that you check those meds with your doctor to be sure that you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot. Some meds may turn out to be counterproductive if you are hoping to increase fertility. Remember that these tips are not only for the woman who is trying to have a child right now but also the woman who would like to have one somewhere in the future. I hope this helps.

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