5 Ways I Miss My Pregnancy Bump


As the Expected Delivery Date (EDD) gets closer, most moms, (myself inclusive) just want the whole pregnancy business to be over. For me, I was tired of being tired 24/7, carrying so much weight around and having to waddle rather than walk smartly, never mind the fact that I had not seen my lower half in a while. Let’s not go near hormonal upheavals at all, those one deserve a different post, happy one moment, feeling like crap the next and so on.

But you know what, even with all that, you will miss your bump. Just the other day, one of the ladies in our pregnancy group mentioned that she would miss her bump, when baby comes and some of other ladies agreed with her that the bump could indeed grow on you. Now, whether, it’s the bump itself in the sense of, “I can’t wait to get pregnant again after this one” or “I just love the perks and privileges the bump bestows.” It does not matter. You do know a pregnant woman can get away with almost anything, especially in this our country, where they are so revered, hmm?

Well, I like the perks a lot, but they are not enough to drag me down that route again. So here are things, I actually miss about rocking a bump. First on my list is

1. The Helpful nature of people towards pregnant ladies

I had always mouthed the mantra, “pregnancy is not a disease” like the gospel truth. Indeed, it is not a disease, instead, it is a beautiful period in a woman’s life, where they get to create another human being. However, it can feel like a disease, when you experience horrible morning sickness or when your bump just gets in the way of all your usual activities.

Those are the time, you will see the chivalry in people coming out, they help you do practically everything. If you allow them, they will carry you sef. I was lucky to have some of those kind of people around me.

I had neighbours, who fetched water for me, helped me bathe my kids, when I couldn’t bend to reach their toes any more. They did this every morning for weeks, before I gave birth to my second twins and even afterwards, helping with the bath of the younger twins sef. However, when the remainder of my bump disappeared, my privileges disappeared too.

And that was just help from people who knew me, I cannot count the number of times, total strangers have helped me; gave up their seats, helped me to carry my groceries. In fact, once you start showing, you might be surprised at what a friendly place the world is. Your stunning silhouette will often bring smiles, questions and congratulations.

2. The Rosy glow

Well, not everyone gets the glow. Some pregnant women feel like death warmed over from start to finish, and look the same, but I generally looked and felt really good. My skin was always clear, no breakouts and my hair, which on a normal day was less than funky would actually become lustrous and thick, and I always had healthy nails too. All of these effects often last long after the bump has gone and the babies are here.

I say thumbs up for pregnancy hormones, because, I continued with pregnancy supplements afterwards, but the results were never the same, so I have concluded that being pregnant and not the supplements was the cause of the radiance.

Feeling good at this point is such a nice feeling, like one of our members, who was talking about rocking short dresses ( they look good on the bump) and having the ‘glow’, which as been earning her compliments.

3. The Bump itself

The thing I miss most of all is my bump. I used to love to rub and caress it, holding it up, as though it was going to fall down if , I didn’t hold it. I miss the times, it supported whatever book, I was reading.

Of course, the shapes of the bumps, both times were different, first time around, everything was compact, just long, but the second time, I filled out everywhere possible. I was huge. and I certain felt huge and ungainly.

While neither of my bumps were of the textbook variety, I loved them and was completely attached to them and the extra curve they gave my body. After I had my last babies, I remember making some moves, to accommodate my bump, only it was no longer there.

4. The Movement

I absolutely miss the movements of the babies; they got up to all sorts, at odd hours, keeping me awake and even pressing down on organs like my bladder, my lungs. At first, it felt surreal, you know the first kick, which felt like the fluttering of a bird’s wings and as they grew, gained more strength and expanded their territory, I got more vicious kicks at the least expected moments.

That would ultimately lead to a shocked expression on my face and my hand going to pat the target spot, whether it was to comfort me or the little person that kicked me, I don’t know, but those kicks were life-giving; strong reminders of what was happening on the inside of me. Lives were being moulded.

5. The Special connection between you and your baby

A few hours, before, I proceeded to write this article, I came across a quote and it read “No one would ever know the strength of my love for you, after all, you are the only one, who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”

That got me. There is an intense feeling attached to moving around, going about your daily business, knowing that, there is one person or two or more growing inside you. Right from the moment you find out you are pregnant, there is a difference in your feeling, in your attachment to that child. Long before the bump starts to show, the bond would have been cemented.

I do not count the number of times, I have had full blown conversations with my bump, telling my babies to calm down as mom wanted to sleep or mom was concerned about something and asking them what they thought. Of course, I didn’t expect them to answer, all I ever needed was the reassuring presence of their kicks, the answering smile, only I can feel at my feeble attempts to crack pregnancy jokes.

Its beautiful I tell you and many moms can testify to it, even for those, who had a rough time, while pregnant.

Enjoy the bump, while it’s here!



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  1. This is a very nice article, even though am yet to get married n start a family, i think i understand that a woman has a bump for nine months n its only natural that once the baby(ies) come, they tend to miss being pregnant. i actually read an article yesterday about a woman in one of these western countries who is literally addicted to pregnancy, once she delivers she needs to get pregnant asap, thus she eventually has become a surrogate mother who bring joys into peoples lives for free,without taking a pesewa. God bless all women n baby dust to all

  2. Addicted to being pregnant? Hmm strange. Kind of great, she is using that passion to bring joy into the lives of other people though. And you are prepared too, with that mindset of yours, for both marriage and pregnancy. Baby dust to you too, whenever you’re ready to use them, Henrietta

  3. Wow this made me smile all through. I can’t wait o cos i must enjoy this. But i must confess i am scared what it will be like birthing triplets humnn pls share more experience about feeding and lots more am too overwhelmed.

  4. @chymdee, you will indeed enjoy it, whether, its triplets or even other higher multiples. As for feeding and taking care of them, it might be overwhelming at first but it gets better, as the day go along. ???


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