5 Simple Ways To Unleash Your Sexy While TTC


Has your sex drive disappeared? Do you feel less sexy since infertility treatments began? You can keep the spark alive! It may be hard, and it might take work, but you can find time for intimacy and sex, even when trying to get pregnant.

  1. Tap into the sex kitten inside you. If you feel comfortable in fitted clothes that show off your curves, wear them! Try a pole dancing class or just practice in your bedroom. Show off your new moves to your partner, and ask him to join in.
  2. Invest in sexy lingerie. No, it’s not practical, but it is fun. If you are low on funds, consider it as an investment in your sex life and relationship.
  3. Love your body. Many women (of all shapes and sizes) feel self-conscious in the bedroom. Let it go. Men really do desire your curves.
  4. Compliment each other. Do his eyes look extra green today? Did your mate finally clean out the garage? Whenever you can, say nice things to your partner, and encourage him to do the same. This may encourage loving feelings between you two.
  5. Allow time for foreplay. Men often become fully aroused more quickly than women. Teach your partner what you like, and allow enough time to get warmed up.


Culled from http://attainfertility.com/



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