5 Simple Ways To Ensure Your Lady Bits Are In Top Condition



Even though, it is hidden in a crevice of a woman’s body, there’s hardly any other parts of a woman, which garners so much attention. Merely saying its name, vagina brings about a range of emotions, disgust from the people, who consider word, vagina, too raw, to the ones, who break into mirth and the people who just go all quiet on you and prefer to live in a world, vaginas don’t exist.

Unfortunately for them, it exists and it does a mean job in the reproductive life of women and by extension human kind. Just think about it, before the innovation of caesarean section, all humans were born vaginally. That is a lot of human beings and the vagina deserves some kudos for its centuries of hard labour.

So, apart from childbirth, women have introduced a lot of stuffs to the vagina. Different products are on the market targeted at this essential part of our bodies, from tightening to cleansing and whatnot, you just need to indicate an interest and voila, it’s yours.

Interestingly, doctors and other health experts have hammered on the fact that the vagina or in “refined language” like I used in the title of this piece, ladybits is a self –cleaning organ of the body. It is pretty self-sufficient; it can do so much by itself, if we all stop seeking to help it.

In this piece, I have put together, some simple ways, we can all ensure we have a healthy vagina. It might seem so insignificant down there but I tell you, when something affects your lady bits, it literally affects all the body.

Here we go:


  • What you eat affects your vagina


A healthy diet doesn’t just go a long way toward keeping you fit and healthy, it also keeps things running smoothly down there.

Foods that are good for your heart, brain, and muscles are also good for your vagina, so it makes sense to eat more of the good fats, good carbs, plenty of fruits and veggies, and avoid the processed foods and too much sugar.

Yes, sugar again.  It does affect the vaginal, as it hikes the risks of infection.

Meanwhile, women, who are prone to yeast infections should load up on yogurt with live cultures of good bacteria as this can help keep the vaginal pH and gut flora healthy, and prevent yeast overgrowth.

Indeed, the role of our diet in our general well-being cannot be overemphasized.


  • Remember to use protection


STIs are something you don’t want for many reasons, but one of the more serious reasons is that they can harm your reproductive organs, and negatively impacting your fertility.

If you practice safe sex, then your vagina and other reproductive organs will thank you for it.

Use barrier contraception likes condoms, if you’re with a new partner, while you both get tested for STDs but remember that even with condoms, HPV and herpes can be transmitted. In that case, you might want to make your doctor, your friend, particularly if you have several different sexual partners over the span of the year.

If you need even more graphic motivation to practice safe sex, here are some gruesome details as provided by a fertility endocrinologist: “STDs can lead to nasty and uncomfortable vaginal sores, infections that involve uncomfortable and itchy discharge, and even travel up into your pelvis and infect your fallopian tubes and ovaries. Some can become very serious if not treated, eventually requiring hospitalization or causing permanent scarring to your fallopian tubes.”

Do you need any more motivation?


  • See your gynae regularly


I need this as much as you do, but since last year, I make conscious effort to stick to my doctor’s appointment, even if it ends in him saying everything is fine, it is well worth the time, I would spend waiting.

Although some new school of thought advise against annual pelvic exams if you’re symptom-free and not pregnant, but another school of thought believe that a woman’s visit to her doctor isn’t just about poking around her lady parts. I agree.

In addition to the pelvic examination, it’s an opportunity to talk about health concerns, chat about using condoms, fertility, and any random sex questions you might have is just as important as checking for STDs.

The more you see your gynae, the more time, you have to discuss these issues and get quick resolutions.



  • Get some kegel exercise in there


Kegel exercises are great for the vagina. They’re great at any age, but especially as you get closer to wanting to get pregnant, during and after pregnancy and throughout a woman’s lifetime really.

Doing kegels is crucial for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, which are a major factor in producing stronger, mind-blowing orgasms; not to mention bladder control. 

The best part is, it doesn’t show, this exercise is very discreet.

Who wants to try kegels or do more of it? I do. Starting now!!! *Winks*


  • Don’t over-clean


Hi ladies with cleaning OCDs, can we leave your vaginas out of the cleaning spree? Thank you. You see, your vagina was made to self-clean, so you don’t need to be obsessive about cleaning it. Daily showers are always a good way to clean the vagina.

Basically, keep your vaginal cleaning routine very simple. You can use unscented soap to cleanse the outer vagina well, making sure to get into the exterior folds of skin. However, be careful not to use the soap or anything else internally.

Plus, studies have shown that using hygiene products, which are applied into the vaginal can put a woman at increased risk of infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, and STDs.

I’m talking douching actually, please and please, don’t just do it.

While you think about that, just know that a healthy vagina equals a healthy body.




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