3 Ways To Regulate Your Thyroid Gland Naturally


Josephine had  just been introduced to the joys of Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPK), and she cheerfully embraced it;  another tool in her kit bag to get this BFP, she has been seeking in the past two years. At least now, she could pinpoints exactly when she ovulated and go on to have as many baby dance (sex) as she and her husband could manage; actually, more than.

While she faithfully charted her basal temperature each day, she found out that her readings were always on the low side, less than the average. She asked doctor Google and she saw all sorts. In the end, she decided to consult her doctor with her charts for the past month and suspicions of what might be wrong with her.

Upon listening to Josephine’s concerns and looking through the chart, her doctor agreed, there was something amiss and ordered some investigations done on her blood, with specific attention to her thyroid. They might just be on to the source of her fertility challenge, after all.

After a week of anxious waiting on the part of Josephine, it was discovered that the butterfly shaped hormone powerhouse (the thyroid) at the base of her throat was indeed not working optimally. And had been like that for some time, only she did not know, or was putting down several  symptoms of a thyroid problem down to other conditions. Hence, it was not treated.

When the diagnosis was delivered, it was confirmed that, there was a case of hypothyroidism. Treatment was the next thing but from the various reports , she had read online, she knew there were natural ways to treat this condition,which, she wanted to try. So, she started a search for natural methods and that was when she found some of these natural methods, which worked  for her. Some of the natural ways she found, had to do with both dietary changes as well as some lifestyle changes, which will be highlighted below:

Dietary Changes

As it is often said, make your food your medicine and your medicine your food. This was a step Josephine took, and she enjoyed the benefits way beyond her hypothyroidism challenge. First to go was her usual morning coffee with chocolate covered donuts. That was hard, as she often needed something to pick her up in the mornings. For a week, she was a zombie until the changes she had been making kicked in and she woke up alert in the mornings.

Josephine however made some new addition to her meals, protein now played a major role, beans especially. Why? She found out that protein transports the thyroid hormone to all tissues in the body, so having it at every meal can help normalize thyroid function. Proteins include nuts and nut butters; quinoa; fish, eggs; and legumes.

With this plan, there was even no need to run away from fat, as her metabolism was revved up, hence she burned fat, after it had done its part in normalising her thyroid. If you are getting insufficient fat and cholesterol, you could be exacerbating hormonal imbalance, which includes thyroid hormones.

And the greens cannot be forgotten, in moderate doses though. As it turned out, there were some greens that Josephine would not eat raw or even in a smoothie, because they contained chemicals that can hinder proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Examples include broccoli, kale, cabbage, millet, spinach, strawberries, peaches, peanuts, and soybeans.

Watch The Water You Drink

The chemicals in water, (flouride and chlorine), can over the years damage the thyroid gland, especially, if you never do detoxification of any kind.

There was a recent study,which showed that Fluoride is a toxic drug linked with an array of potentially serious health problems, including to thyroid dysfunction. Irrefutable evidence also suggests it may contribute to or exacerbate behavioral problems such as ADHD, by way of pineal gland calcification.

Although, it cost her a bit, Josephine was able to get a water filter, which not just made her water, taste better, but also blocked the chlorine and/or fluoride in the water. Both chemicals disrupt the thyroid by interfering with its ability to work with the iodine it needs to produce hormones.
Asides that, if you are doing, less-fluoride/chlorine in your water, you might want to , opt for natural, fluoride-free toothpaste too.

Life style Changes

Well, this was one battle that Josephine’s doctor finally won. However, it was not by badgering her, as he had been doing. She came to the realisation that her stressful lifestyle was a contributing factor to her hypothyrodism.

Hence, she made conscious efforts to relax. She scheduled her time in such a manner that she got two hours of 30 minutes mindful and purposeful rest through out the day, aside from her sleep.

Josephine discovered that the stress hormone; Cortisol, can suppress pituitary function and keep the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) from being released, thereby inducing and exacerbating her hypothyroidism.

According to a research that I dug up on this matter, published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research, researchers tested the spatial memory of rats altered to have hypothyroidism and they found that stress can affect memory and other cognitive functions, but people with hypothyroidism, who are also under stress may experience more severe cognitive issues.

The last thing in the lifestyle changes she had to make was start on a fitness plan. Josephine had never done any exercise in her life, she had almost never gone over her ideal weight and even when the pounds started piling on, she had become too lazy to start. However, with her baby dream pushing her, she registered at a gym and spent her Saturdays working out.

Now, the question is, did it work out for her? Yes, by the time, she went back to her doctor five months later, they were not only visible changes in her physical appearance, there were some in her basal body temperature and it reflected in the results of the investigations her doctor recommended again.

With her thyroid coming under control, Josephine became more active in her TTC journey and is hopeful for the very best. Especially as the BFP fairy seems to be a really good mood, distributing the baby dust in abundance.

The thyroid is what you can call small but mighty. Let’s treat it right.



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