15 Stylish Mamas Of Nollywood



At the recently held Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria beauty pageant, one celebrity easily stood out for me, and that was mother of one, Dry producer, UN ambassador (need I hype her more?), Stephanie Linus. She was just gorgeous. Whichever way you looked at it, whichever angle the camera shot her from, she was just stunning in her cute pink ensemble.

Honestly, the competing beauty queens didn’t come on my radar, not even in the build up to the event, until I saw her photos, and I just had to see more. I guess, when you are a former beauty queen and attending a beauty event, you just bring you’re A-game, which was exactly what Stephanie did. It was all or nothing.

Not surprisingly, Nollywood actresses are very good at turning out looking awesome. For this article, we will be looking at 15 stylish moms, who just love to dazzle us with their looks, from understated elegant looks to glamourous, over-the-top looks. Here we go:


Stephanie Linus

I guess you already know I’m going to start with her and her look to the 2017 Most Beautiful girl in Nigeria pageant. From head to toe, Stephanie was a study in how to be a head turner at every event.  Almost every other person paled in comparison to her at that event.

The beautiful part is, this is not a one-off scenario for her. Stephanie and her team know how to put her best fashion foot forward when it counts, and for that, she is Queen Steph…Queen slayer of this list of stylish mama today.




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