15 Mistakes Pregnant Women Are Making Without Knowing


Pregnancy can bring on a flood of emotions and thoughts, especially if its the first time. When it comes to managing life with an unborn baby in tow, sometimes women make decisions according to their intuition. Experienced mothers and medical professionals all have their place, when it comes to listening to well-intentioned advice. However, some moms still end up making decisions which range from silly to downright questionable.

Pregnancy comes with its unique set of worries and necessary actions. Dealing with cravings, battling fatigue, and an overactive bladder make life interesting, to say the least. However, some well-intentioned behavior needs to be nipped in the bud, for being irresponsible, irrational, or simply dangerous. Beware the old-wives tales and internet memes about pregnancy, there is a kernel of truth in many things. Some ideas about dealing with pregnancy should simply exist only in the mind.

To err is human, but to take actions which may endanger a mom or unborn baby, on the part of fear, ignorance, or popular belief can make pregnancy complicated. This article will show you 15 different scenarios where pregnant women have made a mistake. Some mistakes may make one wince, while others may make one want to laugh out loud.

15 Eating For Two

So many people talk about how “They’re eating for two,” when conversation about being pregnant comes up. This is a misnomer. Yes, pregnancy will demand that a mom needs to eat more calories. However, there is no need to double up on everything, gorge on junk food, and give in to every single craving. Plumping up the body, to make sure that baby gets more than enough food can actually do more harm than good.

Being overweight or becoming obese can actually create undue stress on mom’s body and hamper baby’s development. Overeating can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and encourage a child in the womb to have unhealthy eating patterns. Sure, don’t deny yourself a tub of ice cream or fries now and then, but the object of eating for two, is about eating healthy food, and balanced meals.

A good way to stave off overeating is to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Moms who keep healthy snacks by their side, will have an easier time satisfying cravings, hunger, and fueling up on quality nutrition. Binging on snacks and stuffing on whatever the eyes land on, is no way to go for a healthy pregnancy.

14 Not Talking To The Bump

Although an unborn baby is safely cushioned in the protective watery world of mom’s belly, they can still hear the sounds of the outside world. Baby can hear mom, cars passing by, and dance to music on the radio. There is no time like any, for mom and others to talk to the baby bump.

Talking to the bump encourages baby to get acquainted with the world outside the womb. Talking to the bump is a great way to introduce people, places, and things to an unborn baby, even if they cannot see it yet. They soon will.

It is vital for the development of a baby, in addition to fostering bonding between baby and family members to talk to the bump. Talk often to the baby bump, don’t feel silly. Not talking to a baby bump can actually cause slower fetal development, and potentially create a negative precedent for communication in the future.

13 Avoiding Sexy Time

Some women may feel that they are less than sexually desirable when pregnant. Despite a growing belly that may be in the way, feeling fatigued, or fluctuating hormones may be the culprit. There are plenty of good reasons that a pregnant mom should avoid having sex.

Intimacy releases endorphins and other stress-relieving hormones. Mom may have to change up the positions she choose while engaging in sex, but if things are done consensually, safely, and slowly, the health benefits are worth it. Avoiding sex with a spouse or partner can really put a damper on the love life, and create harboring resentment.

Keeping communication lines open with a romantic partner about their needs, and mom’s needs can make things better. Mom should embrace having sexy time, especially if they are expecting their first kid on the way. Once baby comes, making time to get away and have some intimacy can become tricky, but is still doable.

12 Taking Too Many Vitamins

There is no need for a mom to take all the over-the-counter medications recommended possible, and all at once. Everyone may have good advice about the best vitamins to take while pregnant. It is advisable and best, to consult a physician about how much, and specifically what vitamins to take.

Sometimes overdosing on vitamins and other pills can have an adverse affect. Depending on preexisting health conditions, current medications, and how the pregnancy is progressing, an adjustment to dosage might be needed. Trying to overcompensate for lack of knowledge, or operating out of fear is not a good feeling. The results can lead to chemical, nutritional, or physical imbalances.

11 Succumbing To Cravings

Pregnancy cravings are common. Cravings are not an excuse to overeat tons of junk food, or only eat combinations of pickles with chocolate ice cream and an assortment of condiments. No matter how much of a struggle it may seem, it is best for a pregnant mom to plan a healthy nutrition-focused diet.

Eating an imbalanced diet may negatively effect not only mom, but an unborn baby’s sodium level, calcium, iron, and vitamin intake. Only eating the foods that taste good or are convenient, can really wreck havoc on fetal development and mom’s energy levels. Choosing to eat more green leafy vegetables, drinking water, drinking plant and fruit juices, and eating lean protein are important for maintaining health. Eating for two, doesn’t mean throwing away the handbook on eating healthy.

10 Not Going To Lamaze Class

There is no manual on perfect parenting, and all the things surrounding pregnancy that may not be readily thought of. To help alleviate any stress or anxiety, taking an antenatal, lamaze, and other baby related classes will smooth the transition into life with a baby. Avoiding classes, in lieu of simply following intuition, learning on the fly, or because classes are thought to be expensive and unnecessary may not be the best thing.

No parent is perfect, and there are plenty of methods on how to live with a newborn and raise a child. However, being prepared by learning new things via a class, also helps reduce stress and mistakes. Plus, taking a class helps parents meet other parents who are looking forward to their first child. No one has to go it alone, dealing with feelings, or questions about getting ready for the baby.

9 Fighting Sleep

Fighting the urge to take a nap, or missing out on getting enough rest, is not the sole domain of crabby toddlers. Pregnant moms suffering normal fatigue have been guilty of getting enough sleep. As pregnancy progresses, various hormones in the body cause mom to feel more tired.

Pregnant moms should consider cutting down their work schedule as needed, occasionally putting their feet up at work if possible, and rest when able. There is no need to stress the body and joints, when pregnant and carrying the weight of an unborn baby. Sleep helps reset the brain, and allow the body’s various organ systems to function better. It helps to drink more water too, to reduce headaches and stress due to dehydration.

Making time to get enough sleep helps moms maintain that pregnancy glow. Depending on the schedule of baby, if lucky, mom and baby can end up getting some sleep at the same time. It can be difficult to get rest, if baby is kicking around mom’s ribs around 2am. Heartburn can be another culprit, which steals restful sleep away from mom. Pregnant ladies who choose to sleep with extra pillows under their head, to reduce acid reflux may find some relief.

8 Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking while pregnant should make one think of a huge red glaring sign screaming “No!” There is nothing caused but harm, when a pregnant mom lights up tobacco or other smoking substances. The risk of cancer, absorption of chemicals, and other toxins are all possible when a pregnant woman smokes. Pregnant women should avoid people and places where there is a lot of smoking taking place.

Smoking can cause a child to be born with a hole over their heart. Smoking can cause premature birth. Smoking can cause future development of bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Especially if smoking is used as stress-relief mechanism, there needs to be a healthier replacement for coping with life’s ups and downs. The health risks simply are not worth it, plus lowered life expectancy for mom and baby.

7 Not Drinking Enough Water

Humans are made up of over 75% water. Thanks to water being lost from the body, whenever there is sweating, breathing, or elimination of urine, water needs to be replaced. Since pregnant mom’s are constantly going to the bathroom, and are providing baby with sustenance, drinking water is an absolute must.

Water helps cushion organs, help mom from feeling dehydrated, keeps skin glowing, and regulates the body’s various organ systems. Drinking only tea, juice, coffee, alcohol, or other beverages is not the same as drinking water. All one needs to do is drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. When pregnant, mom should try to drink even more water. There is no excuse. Having dry scaly skin, a parched tongue, and being crabby can all be contributed to not drinking enough water. That’s not attractive.


6 No Seat Belt

Yes, the baby bump may be a bit cumbersome. Mom-to-be should not go out of their way to avoid buckling up when in the car. A safety belt will not injure the baby, as the unborn child is protected in its mom’s womb. An accident can occur at any time, and usually happen a short distance from home.

Buckling up is important to do when getting in a car, because it is the law, and it is meant to keep passengers safe. A safety belt is more than capable of extending itself over a pregnant woman’s extended belly. Feeling silly looking, and therefore avoiding buckling up, or wearing a safety belt so it cannot keep mom restrained safely en route is not cool.

5 Drinking Alcohol

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a real thing. Despite if someone may know someone who drank frequently, and their child turned out okay, is no excuse. When pregnant, a woman should eschew drinking alcohol. Alcohol has various health repercussions to both an unborn baby, and the mother.

Alcohol dependency can develop. Slower heart rate and brain activity can result, thanks to a mom drinking often and heavily. In the event that there is undue stress, restlessness, or anxiety, a pregnant mom wants to avoid turning her problems to the bottle. Choosing to schedule time spent with friends, family, or engaging in a healthy hobby is a good way to relax.

4 Not Exercising

Whether a mom is a few months along, or almost ready to deliver, exercise is important. Exercise helps keep stress levels to a minimum, and helps mom mentally and physically prepare for birth. There are actually unique classes that have been formulated, solely for pregnant mom’s seeking physical fitness and community.

Doing exercises in a pool, low-impact stretching, yoga, walking, and lifting weights gently are all beneficial for mom’s health. Being pregnant, despite feeling lethargic or awkward at times, is no reason to stop exercising. Getting out for a walk in the park, doing some peaceful yoga poses, or simply stretching the limbs can transform one’s attitude and outlook on life. Get moving to keep the blood pumping, improve immune function, and just feel at-one with the world and universe.

3 Skipping Out On Vaccines

Being pregnant is not a reason for a woman to skip out on vaccinations, but some pregnant women do. Avoiding vaccinations can put mom and unborn baby at risk, when traveling internationally or locally. A trusted physician should be able to inform a mom about any risks, adverse conditions, or health benefits related to a vaccine. Typically a vaccine given to a pregnant woman will not contain active components.

Vaccinations are a proven way to help keep mom healthy, which in turn keeps an unborn baby healthy. Pregnancy has a way of creating completely new types of stressful conditions for a mom, in addition to making her more susceptible to picking up a germ and getting sick. Getting vaccinated is important to protecting the health of both mom and baby, during the pregnancy period.

2 Stressing Out

Stressing out can lead to pulling out hair, pulling away from others, and acting irrationally. Stress also can lead to creating toxic hormonal reactions in the body, which can severely and negatively effect mom and baby if left unchecked for long periods of time. Pregnant moms and unborn babies need and love stress-free zones.

Choose some uplifting or calming music for a pregnant mom. Encourage mom to relax with a warm bubble bath, relaxing massage, or engaging in yoga. Eating healthy foods and drinking water, can also contribute to creating a healthier and happier pregnancy, which produces good feelings, and lowered stress levels.

1 Avoiding Medication

Especially with health conditions like diabetes, pregnant moms really shouldn’t stop taking their prescribed medications. It is best for a pregnant mom to work out any concerns about her medication and pregnancy, by consulting their physician. Although pregnancy gives women that glow of health, and bursts of energy among the pitfalls of lethargy, avoiding prescribed medication is not the wisest choice.

Adjustments to medication can be made, regarding concerns about how the medication may affect the baby, how mom is feeling, nutritional intake, and how physically active her lifestyle is. Medication which keeps preexisting conditions in check, is a vital step to ensuring mom is healthy, so that baby will be okay too.


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