12 Deadly Habits That May Lead To Female Infertility (2)


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Habits 5: Nonchalant attitude towards monitoring one’s ovulatory and  menstrual cycle.

From my herbal clinical experience, I discovered that many women do not even know the signs of ovulation or when they ovulate. I often hear these statements “I don’t even know if I ovulate”, “I don’t observe my ovulation”, “I have never taken time to see if I ovulate or not,” etc” when women are asked “Do you ovulate?”.

A recent case is of a woman suffering from hyperprolactinemia, for close seven years, the symptoms were present in her body since that time but when I asked her if she ovulates, she answered “I don’t even know, I have never taken notice of it.”

This is the attitude of some women; they are  non-chalant attitude towards their ovulation. Ovulation is one of the most important things a woman must be cognizant of in her body; that is her fertility. If you are aware of your ovulation immediately there is any abnormality, you will quickly notice it and take appropriate steps to detect if something has gone wrong.

Some women even extend this kind of attitude towards their menstruation. I remembered a lady visiting my mum twice and both times experienced menstruation unprepared. The second time she did that my mum told me, I called her and ask her that how come she does not  know when her period is likely to come and to prepare for it, she told me that she does not take not of her menses, that if it comes it comes and if not, then nothing. From my conversations with some of my female clients I discovered that some ladies do not really take note of their menstrual cycle.

This attitude can lead to female infertility, if something goes wrong with the ovulatory and menstrual cycles, the woman would not know on time. For some women, it is when they are married that they start observing their ovulation and menstruation. For others, it is when they discovered they cannot conceive that they start observing these important indicators of their fertility. 

Please note that, if your menstrual cycle is below 22 days or above 36 days, consult an expert.

Habit 6: Insensitivity to body signs

Body signs like swollen and painful breasts prior to menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, internal heat (womb heat), lower abdominal pain, rock hard part of the abdomen, overweight, underweight, smelly or brownish discharge from the vaginal, liquid (milk-like) discharge from the nipples, hairiness in female (apart from the scalp), watery menstruation, clotted menstruation, too dark or top light menstruation, excruciating pain during ovulation, abnormal menstrual pain, etc are all female reproductive-related signs that may affect, female fertility if prompt attention is not given to these symptoms on time.

They are signs that something is going wrong in the woman’s reproductive system or process. But many women are insensitive to these signs, even some doctors (not gynaecologists) tell women with any of these signs that there is nothing to worry about.

Please if your body gives any of these signs, it is time to go for medical checkup to ascertain the condition of your reproductive system or processes before it is too late.

Habit 7: Addiction to infertility causing foods

Plastic canned foods are laden with xenoestrogen, a chemical that interferes with the natural estrogen in the body. It mimics oestrogen and competes with it at the receptor binding sites and this causes excess estrogen in the body.

Many busy women will say they have no time to cook or prepare their own foods, this is not good at all, learn to prepare your own foods to avoid this problem.

Habit 8: Smoking and addiction to alcohol

It surprised me the first time I saw a Nigerian young woman smoking cigarette; that was year 1997, after that one, I have seen many ladies involved in this habit and even smoking Indian hemp. There are ladies that are even addicted to alcohol.

This habit can hinder conception and be a barrier to your infertility. Some ladies stop when they are about to marry but the effect has been created already and there is now a problem not just for them alone but for their husbands too.

At least, it has been proven over and over again that smoking and alcoholism cause female infertility.  

Habit 9: Interest in satisfying present desires and sacrificing the future  

Some ladies have actually sacrificed their future because of their present desires. I remember a lady, who got pregnant pre-maritally. She went to different doctors for abortion, all except one said there would be complication because she just recovered from a major operation and her body was not strong enough to go through the stress of abortion. That was 1999, I told her to desist from it but she made a surprising statement, that if the complications is that she will never get pregnant again after the abortion, she was ready but if it is death, she won’t go on with the abortion. I was shocked.

Thank God she gave birth to the baby and because of some of the drugs she took to abort the baby her fertility was adversely affected. If not for God’s grace through the use of herbs, she would probably be infertile today.

Do not because of shame or what people will say destroy your fertility. Better still, avoid premarital sex. I can’t advise that you take pregnancy preventive pills, because they too can affect you adversely later in life. Sex is a present desire and when it leads to pregnancy it can cause a shame that can lead you to take an inappropriate action that can destroy your future chance of getting pregnant.

Habit 10: Psychological trauma from past experiences

Rape, miscarriages and some past experience may actually affect women in such a way that she finds it difficult to get pregnant.

Women with past experience of rape may be avoiding sex totally with their husbands and women with experience of miscarriages may have hidden fear of getting pregnant again.

Both experiences can hinder a woman from conceiving if no psychological help or support is given to them.

Habit 11: Making the mistake of thinking your husband’s sperm is perfect because he’s had a child before. 

This is the argument some men give to avoid going for sperm analysis and they get the support of their wives with this argument. Some women will contact me for infertility, after asking them questions relating to their infertility, I may begin to ask them if their husbands’ sperm is okay and then the next thing I will hear is that his sperm is okay because he has a child or children before.

The fact that the man’s sperm was okay one time does not mean it will remain okay forever, several things could have gone wrong between the time he impregnated a woman before and when he married you. Even a man can be fertile like two months ago and no longer fertile again. In fact it has been discovered that some men with low sperm count can per chance impregnate a woman once, but it will not always be like that. The argument is a misleading argument and can waste time unnecessarily. Let your hubby go for test too.

Habit 12: Belief that someone is behind your infertility

As strange as this may sound, I actually see women not wanting to be treated either medically or naturally because of this belief. A woman once told me of a particular woman, who is allegedly  behind her infertility problemand that she does not care to be treated because, as she said, the case is spiritual.

She didn’t go for any test. She just concluded on the basis of her dream, an Alfa and a Pastor’s statements.

Well, I believe that spiritual forces exist, in fact I have witnessed some of them around me but at the same time I cannot be basing every occurrence in my life to spiritual forces, if I have not taken proper action to know if there is a physical cause for it.

You need to go for complete tests with your hubby before you make any conclusion, and even if everything is right according to the tests you don’t have to still conclude that it is spiritual because there is the case of  unexplained infertility and our diagnostic system is still limited.

Medically speaking, man has not discovered everything that can go wrong with the body and our diagnostic system is based on only those ones that have been discovered.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article.

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Female Fertility Herbal Powders

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The first one is Fertiboost Herbal Powder

Fertiboost Herbal Powder


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  • Promotes ovulation
  • Boosts fertility
  • Balances hormones

Good for women with

  • Anovulation
  • Explained/Unexplained infertility
  • Hormonal Imbalance

Menstruawell Herbal Powder


This is an ancient Yorubic Medicine Herbal Powder used by our forefathers to treat cases of amenorrhea (absent or ceased menstruation), oligomenorrhoea (irregular, scanty or excess menstruation) and infertility due to amenorrhea or oligomenorrhoea. This powder treats and corrects all forms of menstrual disorder including absent, irregular, drawing, lumpy and deep dark or light menstruation.


  • Induces menstruation
  • Regulates menstruation
  • Purifies menstruation
  • Prevents dark, drawing and lumpy menstrual flow
  • Prevents water/light menstruation

Good for women with

  • Absent menstruation (Amenorrhea)
  • Irregular menstruation (Oligomenorrhoea)
  • Dark, drawing and lumpy menstruation
  • Water/ light menstruation

Endobal Herbal Powder


I personally formulated this powder from my knowledge of Yorubic Medicine and biochemistry and coupled with my experience. The herbs that are combined in the single formulation are herbs known to regulate female hormones and boost ovulation


  • Balances your hormones
  • Promotes your ovulation
  • Boosts your fertility

Good for women with

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Anovulation
  • Explained/ Unexplained infertility

Endowell Herbal Powder


This herbal powder is formulated to tackle cases of hormonal imbalances (PCOS, hyperprolactinemia, PMS, etc), anovulation and explained/unexplained infertility


  • Balances  your hormones
  • Promotes your ovulation
  • Boosts your fertility
  1. Ovidants Herbal Fertility Powder

This herbal formulation is designed to tackle cases of anovulation, poor egg due to old age (age-related infertility), hormonal imbalances and explained/unexplained infertility


  • Boosts your fertility
  • Balances your hormones
  • Improves your egg quality
  • Promotes your ovulation

For both males and females

Fertiwell powder for the couple


This ancient Yorubic Medicine fertility herbal formulation is used to treat both partners with infertility. The herbs in this formulation have been demonstrated to boost both male and female fertility and to promote Oogenesis, ovulation and spermatogenesis.

Each of the herbs inside this formulation has been scientifically authenticated in academic and independent laboratories round Africa and the world for fertility in both males and females.


  • Boosts male and female fertility
  • Promotes good and quality eggs and sperms
  • Promotes Oogenesis, ovulation and spermatogenesis

Good for couple with:

  • Infertility problems
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Explained/Unexplained infertility

Infect-Biotic Herbal Powder (STDS Cure)


This formulation is effective against STDS such as gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, staphylococcus etc. It is also an ancient Yorubic Medicine herbal formulation that will clear these sexually transmitted infections out of the body. I have used it for stubborn and long time STDS and it effectively cured those individuals.


  • Kills STDS organism in the body
  • Fights infections
  • Boosts immune system

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  • Both short and long time gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, staphylococcus PID, etc.

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Thanks for taking your time to read this article.

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