Nigerian Fertility Clinics Ranked

This post has been a long time coming, for a variety of reasons. We took a survey of our members, and each time we were ready to finalise and publish it, we would have new submissions from our fresh members. But we decided to set an internal deadline, so that we would print the result of our findings…finally.

This exercise was of immense importance for me, mainly because I am only too aware of its benefit to a woman looking to select a clinic to use, based on whatever variable that is most important to her. When I was starting my own fertility journey, and was comparing other clinics with my own clinic, to decide if it was worthwhile to change, this kind of information would have been priceless for me, and would have made the exercise so much easier. So, I hope this helps some woman out there as well.

This ranking was carried out by surveying 120 women. So, while some might argue about it being subjective, I think the voice/opinion of 120 women should count for something. It only covers the clinics our members who agreed to participate in the survey have used, so it might not be conclusive. However, as we get fresh input, these will be published!

In addition, Kemi and I paid a visit to a good number of the clinics in Lagos, and at the end of this survey is our own opinion of these clinics, alongside a few from our members. Yes, you might state that this part might be subjective, as it is the opinion of a few women, but we have made it as dispassionate and honest as possible, for those women who need a bit more information than data ranking.

So…here goes!























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Nicole’s Opinion

This was the first clinic we visited. Almost everyone who follows this blog knows I feel very strongly about this clinic…and not in a good way. It was the clinic where I had my failed cycle, and I don’t think my post-treatment care was good. So, because of that, I will allow Kemi give her own opinion of the place, because I don’t think I can do so dispassionately.


Kemi’s Opinion

When I stepped in, in my mind, I was like, “So, this is the Nordica, they are talking about.” I like the play on colours there. I think it’s the clinic which used more colours.

Before we saw anyone, we waited in one of their orange coloured waiting rooms. It was a room that sees lots of activities, but it was well kept. When, we saw the Clinic Manager we had come to talk to, I met a fashionable middle aged lady, who is passionate about what she does. She knows what she was talking about, that’s for sure.


TFC Member’s Opinion

To be honest, I regret that decision to cycle with this clinic. I had been so excited choosing them…especially considering all their hype on social media. In the beginning, it was all sweet and rosy…until my cycle failed, and I turned into something of a leper. Those people are only interested in one thing…your money! When I read Nicole’s story, it was like a duplication of my own. I wish I’d know better before choosing that place.




Nicole’s Opinion

Walking into this hospital’s Ikoyi clinic, my breath was taken away. The ambience is truly something. Considering all the negative things I had heard about the clinic, I was quite impressed by what I saw, and initially wondered if the reports I’d heard hadn’t been exaggerated. Well, I was soon to see why so many women are not impressed by this place. The Front Desk Officer seemed like she would rather be somewhere else, and couldn’t give us any useful information. She referred us to their HR/Admin Manager, who seemed almost as clueless as she’d been. They both kept on referring us to their website. If we had been patients looking for information, we would have been very frustrated indeed. As we walked out of the clinic, the beautiful ambience no longer counted for anything. I wasn’t impressed!


Kemi’s Opinon

This was a neat clinic, very neat and quite spacious too. The staff were courteous but non-committal. It however showed some activity.

We did not get to see enough or talk with the appropriate person to form a complete impression of the clinic.


TFC Member’s Opinion

Waste of time! Waste of money!


The ARK 


Nicole’s Opinion

We were already excited heading to Dr. Bero’s clinic, as we’d met her a few weeks before, at the South Shore Fertility Seminar. Getting to the clinic in Dolphin Estate extension, my first impression, sitting in their reception, was that it didn’t quite feel like a clinic. It is nice and welcoming, but it could very well be the reception of an accounting or law firm. Meeting with Dr. Bero, about thirty minutes later, she explained that they were in the process of moving to their permanent site, so it helped me understanding the set-up a bit more. As for Dr. Bero herself, she didn’t disappoint one bit. She was warm, friendly, and answered our questions candidly. And the real selling point for me? How much they have centered their operations around God and prayer! If I was preparing for a cycle now, there’s no doubt this clinic would have been a top contender for me. And to cap it all, while we were there, she got a call about the safe delivery of one of her patients, and the whole place lit up with excitement. She and her medical team were so happy about this news, and ooohed and aaahed over pictures of the newborn baby. I found this very endearing, as it showed the patients were not just a number.


Kemi’s Opinion

Now, this is a clinic, that I not only love its décor, I also love the aura in the air. I have been there thrice, twice with Nicole, and another time, by myself with our photographer. There is liveliness to that clinic. The staff members are smart and they incite confidence in you…and they were busy all the times I have been there.

And if you see them all scurrying off into Dr. Yemisi Adeyemi-Bero’s office, to clap and sing, just know that God has done another miracle; a new baby had been born. In fact, the first time Nicole and I were there, we witnessed two happy announcements, which saw Dr. Bero going down on her knees and saying “Thank you, Jesus,” before rushing out of the office, like a little girl to share the good news with her staff members.

I feel like, it’s a place where you feel either by prayer or medical science, your BFP will come. Shikena!


TFC Member’s Opinion

This woman was sent from God! For the first time, I met a doctor who really understood this thing called PCOS! Maybe because she has a woman who has experienced it first hand, but she is the only doctor who really got me! The clinic isn’t cheap though, but I am confident that God is waiting for me here, with my blessings! I’m further encouraged by God used her to do for T. Y. Bello. My own blessing will not be far behind, by His Grace!



Nicole’s Opinion

We went to their fertility clinic in Lekki Phase 1, and I have to admit that I wasn’t that impressed. The place looked nice enough, but there was something about it that felt rather sterile and detached. We met with a doctor, who seemed nice enough but answered our questions in an almost monotone manner. If I was seeking pre-treatment advice, I would have been quite frustrated. In the end, we left there with no lasting impression made.


Kemi’s Opinion

Green is the dominant colour here, perhaps to remind one of nature’s colour of new life, which was quite pleasing on the eyes.

Their staff here too were quite helpful, as they ensured we spoke with the right person. Do I want to go there again? Not really, but if I have to choose, I will pick it over some other clinics we went to.



Nicole’s Opinion

A question I asked Kemi was “Why did we even come to this clinic in the first place?!”. None of our members has ever mentioned it, and I don’t know a single person that has cycled there. But we found it on a list of fertility clinics in Lagos, so decided to check it out.

Hmmmm! First of all, when we got there, the place was like a construction site, with bags of sand, tiles and tools strewn all over the place, and I don’t mean just in the compound. Even in the reception, there were construction tools everywhere. The excuse we were given was that they had just moved to this new location, and were still renovating it. Oooookay! How about not opening to patients until this exercise is over?! And that was not the only minus. The ‘receptionist’ was a rather rude and patronizing man, who asked far too many questions than he should have. The plus is that we met the Clinic Director, a very friendly elderly man, who was very helpful and answered all of our questions thoroughly. Alas, I got the impression that he is rather old-school, and hasn’t kept in touch with new innovations in assisted reproductive technology. So, as much as I liked him, I won’t be recommending the clinic to anyone.


Kemi’s Opinion

Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this one. Is it the physical environment or the attitude of the front desk person, or the doctor’s choice of words and tone of voice?! Phew!!! Hope Valley is not a clinic I’d like to remember going to.

We got there on a wet morning, after going to some other clinics. The place was a construction zone! Even right inside the clinic, we found slabs of tiles, waiting to be put up, and loaded cartons filled with more tiles. According to the less-than-stellar front desk person we met, who was a guy over-reaching himself, they had just moved and were putting things together.

After waiting for some minutes, we met the doctor in charge, an elderly doctor, who seems to think years of practice equals results. He ushered us into his white painted small cubicle of an office and we told him why we had come. That was when the flood gates opened. He spoke about the fact that many doctors who profess to offering assisted reproductive technology are actually “quacks”. He told us his long history of helping women, from when no one knew about IVF in Nigeria, to how it was now an all-comer’s affair.

We did not get to see more than the doctor’s office, the reception area and of course, outside, which was nothing more than a construction zone. The visit left a sour taste in my mouth.

“Why not close until everything is set up?” was the question Nicole and I kept asking, on our way out of there. I should add that the front desk guy was quite rude. No…lousy would be the correct word to describe him.

I particularly disliked the fact that they were open, when they were obviously not ready for business. That showed they were lackadaisical about details and service delivery. They certainly did not inspire confidence in neither Nicole nor I.

One nice thing though, the doctor offered us usage of his Wifi, when ours didn’t work in his office.




Nicole’s Opinion

Before we visited the clinic, I had heard sooooo much about the famous Dr. Emeka. He had started the clinic in the premises of my own clinic, Georges Memorial, but it must have been after I cycled there, as I never knew about it. He later proceeded to set up at his own site, and his popularity has grown in leaps and bounds since then. So many of my friends, and also our members, have had a lot to say about him…good and bad. So, I was rather curious.

Getting to his clinic, I have to admit that I was very, very impressed! From the minute you walk into the reception, the professionalism of the personnel is evident. And the added touch of free biscuits and your choice of tea or coffee, as well as the free WiFi, I found qite ingenious. When we were ushered in to see Dr. Emeka, I got to see why so many people like him. The man knows his stuff! He gave us very in-depth answers to our questions, even giving us more insight in some other areas as well. And the bonus was when he gave us a personal tour of the hospital. Everything about the place is on point! Their Embryology unit has the most up-to-date technology, and their theaters and rooms are of international standard. And when he took us to the guest rooms they have for out-of-town patients and/or family and friends, we were very impressed by the level of thought and detail that had gone into this. The overall experience was quite impressive…except for one small detail though. As helpful and thorough as Doctor Emeka is, I found him just a little bit arrogant. Just a little bit. To be honest, if I were about to start a fresh cycle, as impressive as the set-up of the clinic is, that might have been enough for me not to cycle with them.


Kemi’s Opinion

I must confess that I had formed an opinion in my mind, before we got to this place. I was expecting a stuffy and in-your-face luxury, but I was disappointed. Instead, I found a clinic, into which so much thought and effort had been put, down to very minute, but infinitely important details.

Every time, I looked around, there was sometime more to impress me, from the free Wi-Fi in the reception area, with password attached, to complimentary tea and biscuits set out for their patients, to the branded jackets of their reception staff. Let me not forget to the mention the branding on almost every space in the clinic. It’s like they don’t want you to forget where you are and I can tell you, it worked.

And then, we met Dr. Emeka himself, whom I had heard so much about from his patients. This tall doctor is not just a doctor, he has a keen mind for details, if his clinic is anything to go by and he actually makes you want to listen to him talk. I bet his charm works so well on his patients, as he was dripping with it.

He took us around his clinic, from upstairs to downstairs, where we saw, the ‘business’ parts of the clinic to the guest room, (meant to accommodate out of towners of people, who needed to stay for a while), which was tastefully furnished. With all they have going at Olive branch, if their prices are a bit steep, I say it’s worth it.


TFC Member’s Opinion (1)

For my own experience, he was nice, easily approachable, Knowledgeable and I like his personal touch. After he moved to his own clinic, I noticed he was a tad impatient, maybe because the waiting room was always full but I always ensured i was done before i left.

The friends I have referred haven’t had the same type of service I enjoyed while he was still using George’s. Maybe the hard work in managing the new clinic is taking a toll on him, but I have almost been insulted for referring him or defending him. 


TFC Member’s Opinion (2)

Dr. Emeka is a nice doctor, we liked him when we visited first time. DH was so impressed and felt really at home, but after my treatment failed, my calls and messages went unanswered. I was bitter, it was bad that I had to practically hound him to tell me the result of the pregnancy test I had done. I decided I wasn’t going to use him again, but I still refer people there because he is actually a good and very experienced Dr.




Nicole’s Opinion

Again, I won’t say much, because I fear that mine might be biased. Dr. Iketubosin remains my favourite doctor of them all, and not only because I had my successful IVF cycle with him. He has this paternal thing about him that always made me feel so safe in his care. But I wont say more…so please, read Kemi’s version of events.


Kemi’s Opinion

Now, this clinic reminds me of finely aged wine. Compared to some of the clinics Nicole and I visited, this was stately, no unnecessary frills…but it was busy. It felt like a homecoming for Nicole, but then, it’s her clinic.

Almost every one said hello to us, and one thing I took from that clinic is the fact that Dr. Iketubosin has a reassuring presence. I think the clinic took on his personality; stately and comforting. When we had an interview with him, I got to feel more of his essence. If he’s with you, he gives you 100% of his attention and doesn’t seem like the average doctor who is in a hurry to see the next patient.


TFC Member’s Opinion (1)

I think he is good, but he just never had my time and I always felt rushed at his appointment. Once he wasn’t around, and I saw another doctor, and I felt better with him and my cycle eventually worked. The people at Georges are great, my embryologists were amazing! But mehn, their waiting time is HORRIBLE.


TFC Member’s Opinion (2)

I was going there for a scan because I started spotting just few days after my period. I spoke with Dr Faye but he wasn’t in the hospital and he told me there was another doctor available since I wanted a scan the same day. I met Dr Ugueke, he asked if I had kids, ever been pregnant and the answer was NO. He asked if I had tried IVF, i told him yes twice but not in Nigeria. He started telling me about cycling at Georges, at that point in my life I had made up my mind NEVER to go the IVF route again and just wait on a miracle. He listened patiently as i poured my heart out to him and cried. It was like talking to an old friend. He convinced me to give it a try at Georges and that God will bless it and I will get pregnant. I left Georges that day feeling so refreshed and ready to try IVF again. When I told my hubby, he just couldnt believe it because he had begged, pleaded, done everything to convince me to try IVF at Georges but I refused, somehow fate took me to the same hospital he had talked about. After my appointment with Dr Ugueke i got a call from Georges, Dr Faye wanted to see me for my next appointment, I declined and told them I would rather see Dr Ugueke. Long story short, the very first cycle was successful and I am currently pregnant. Its really strange how we all respond differently to doctors but one thing i know for sure is that our God remains the same, He will grant every woman here the fruit of the womb, at the end of the day its not about the doctors its God that gives, the doctors can only try.


TFC Member’s Opinion (3)

Georges was a horrible experience for me, I did just consultation with some doctor that talks through his nose and barely audible. I left Georges for St Ives where I had my 1st failed cycle.




Nicole’s Opinion

We almost didn’t go to this clinic. It’s awkward location on a busy street almost made us strike it off our list, as we headed into the Ikeja area. I honestly thought there wouldn’t be much to see there, as I hadn’t heard the most glowing reports from the place. But we changed our minds last minute, and decided to check it out…and we’re so glad we did. Not only were we so impressed by the organization of the place, the reception had such a warm and welcoming feel that we immediately felt very relaxed. The Receptionist was extremely helpful, and made it possible for us to meet with one of their doctors, Dr. Kemi, who turned out to be so awesome! Not only did she give us a very detailed explanation to every single question we asked, she took us round to introduce us to the rest of the fertility doctors, gave us a tour of their facility, and even took us to their maternity section, where they have birthed a good number of the babies they have helped conceive. We didn’t meet with the medical director, Dr. Ashiru, but we didn’t even miss him…Dr. Kemi was that helpful. It was hard to reconcile what we saw with the negative feedback we have gotten from some of our members, but we know better than to discount their own first-hand experience. Who knows if we would have felt the same way about the place if we were cycling, and not just fact-finding.


Kemi’s Opinion

Medical Art Centre was one clinic that impressed me, from the stately décor to Doctor Kemi, whom, the receptionist directed us to. She has such a sunny personality. She took Nicole and I around the clinic, from their hall of fame of babies born in the clinic, to the workspace of the embryologists, to the neonatal unit of the clinic, where the temperature was slightly higher than where we were coming from, to accommodate the needs of the precious babies, they have in there.

We even got to meet the matron in charge of the neonatal unit and some other nurses, who politely said hello, when we were introduced as being from The Fertile Chick, and one of the websites that make their job as fertility doctors easier to do, as we provide the information their patients need.

I must tell you, I was very impressed with the amount of information Dr. Kemi gave us.


TFC Member’s Opinion (1)

I can’t fault this clinic at all! Thanks to them, my husband and I, who are both carriers of the sickle-cell genotype have a chance of conceiving healthy children, through the PGD services they offer. The doctors have been great so far, and I haven’t regretted my decision at all!


TFC Member’s Opinion (2)

Overrated place! Dr. Ashiru is so aloof, it’s unbelievable. And the other doctors there…I really have no words for the place. It came highly recommended by a friend, but I am frankly very disappointed with the quality of my treatment. I don’t think I will be returning for my next cycle.




Nicole’s Opinion

Here, I went alone. I had been to their old clinic in Victoria Island, so I was pretty impressed by their new permanent site in GRA Ikeja. The ambience and general organization felt like I wasn’t in Nigeria. State-of-the-art facilities, and very helpful doctors. What wasn’t to like? Everything was perfect. But like all the other clinics, there is still a BUT.

When I was looking to cycle with them 5 years ago, my worry was that I wouldn’t get personalized care, and that I would feel more like I was on a conveyor belt. Fast forward to the present day, that premonition has proved both correct and incorrect. 


TFC Member’s Opinion (1)

I’m still cycling with them at the moment. My experience has been lukewarm. At first, I thought it was great and I was gearing to go. The counselor did a good job preparing our minds on what was ahead. Our doctor, we had mixed feelings because of the way she communicated with us the first time on test results. But she has been OK after that. I like that they call to check up on you often.

The only point I was disappointed was when I was not responding to the first set of injections. There was really no explanation, no sit down to explain what was going on, how to progress what might happen. I felt very lost. had to reach out to my doctor when no one was explaining anything.This happened recently with another person I know cycling there. She was not responding, and they did not give any adequate explanation which left her very anxious.

It seems to be a well organised and equipped hospital, but the personal touch could be better.


TFC Member’s Opinion (2)

Our Doctor was okay. She was the same one when we cycled there the 2 times. My only issue (which is major) is that she never saw any of our procedures to the end. She was always out  of the country at some point, and never saw things to the end.



Nicole’s Opinion

When we got to this clinic, to say I was shocked is probably an understatement. Walking into the reception, the Receptionist was sprawled on some of the waiting chairs. There were no other patients…it was like a ghost town. But that wasn’t what even caught my attention. From the way she was fanning herself, it was clear that there was no electricity. No surprise there…especially if you live in Nigeria. But what concerned me was the impact of this long spell of no power on whatever embryos they would have in their lab. After all, it is an IVF clinic after all.

After a bit of a wait, we were ushered in to see the Clinical Director. As we were walking to his office, I overheard the Receptionist give orders for them to “turn on the small gen”. Okay now! Getting into the Doctor’s room, he gave fair enough answers to our questions, and excused the condition of their website, attributing this to the fact that he had forgotten the password, and that his laptop had crashed. I wasn’t even sure what surprised me more; the fact that it was Doc himself updating his website, or the fact that he didn’t have a functional laptop.

However, after talking with him, and listening to his strategy of offering very affordable treatment, I could almost excuse him for the state of the clinic. So, imagine my shock when we came back to give our members the feedback, and someone referred to an old post on Nairaland! I will say no more. Here’s the link. All I can say is….caveat emptor! Buyer beware! Before you choose him as your doctor, read this article first. Damning!


Kemi’s Opinion

With this clinic, the picture I had painted in my mind of it, from the research we had done beforehand, was destroyed, shattered and not in a good way. I was sorely disappointed. First off, we met staff members’ slouching on the chairs around 11am in the morning; no patient was in sight and there was no light.

It was when we were about being ushered in to see the doctor that the generator was put on. When, we asked to see the doctor, we were subjected to a series of questioning, which was quite understandable. When we saw Doctor Ekeh, he explained his mission of providing fertility treatment at the cheapest rates possible, so more people could access fertility treatments. He told of his sister’s infertility challenge and how that had prompted him to leave his base, Canada, for Nigeria, to provide succour to couples who require his services, but might not have plenty fund to spare. And truthfully, compared to so many clinics we had gone to, this clinic’s rates are the cheapest. But does the clinic inspire confidence? No.


TFC Member’s Opinion

God forbid bad thing. It was horrible! 




Nicole’s Opinion

As we headed all the way to Omole, at a point I asked Kemi if this journey was worth it. It just seemed like the other end of Lagos! Eventually, we got to the clinic and, again, I was underwhelmed. Ghost-town like reception with very little activity going on. Thankfully, at least the generator was on this time. The principal doctors weren’t around, so we were ushered to see another Doctor, the Clinic Manager…a young female doctor, who seemed extremely impatient to have to answer questions from some strange women. In the end, she deferred a lot of these questions, stating she wasn’t in the position to answer them, which left me wondering if we would have gotten the same response if we were women about to start our respective cycles. Nah. I wasn’t impressed.


Kemi’s Opinion

We had just left one clinic, where we were left wondering if we were really at an assisted reproductive clinic, when we made our way here. After explaining our mission to a lady, whom we thought was the receptionist, but was actually a nurse, she in turn told us about the different services they render and the history of the clinic. About the three founders of the clinic, their vision and expertise, this was quite impressive.

We went no further than the reception area and office of the clinic manager, where we talked more with her and their IT expert, on how we could liase. It was rather quiet there.



TFC Member’s Opinion

This is the latest hospital I have used for my gynaecological needs. It was recommended by my friend who gave birth there, and also by another friend who is undergoing fertility treatment. I registered and had an appointment with the Chief Medical Officer. My encounter with the CMD was satisfactory, he was very reassuring and explained in detail what was going on and made valuable suggestions. He allayed my fears and by and large, it was a pleasant encounter that gave me clarity on what steps to take next. My only issue with DIFF is that it is too expensive, at least for me. The registration was 50k, the tests my husband and i did cost 200k and the cost of surgery for fibroid is TWO MILLION NAIRA!!!!



Nicole’s Opinion

I had very high expectations of the place, considering the pedigree of the Medical Director. Huge disappointment! Apart from the fact that it is still run like a ministry (in 2016!!!), with long queues and general disorderliness, the medical team there demonstrate such apathy, it makes you wonder if they are the ones paying you for a service. Frankly, they need to move with the times, if they still intend to remain relevant.


TFC Member’s Opinion

This place is the real definition of Hammer House of Horrors! I made the mistake of cycling with them, mainly because it was a cheaper alternative, and I found out the hard way that when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. The doctors just didn’t have a clue, and I hardly got to see the one who might have had (Prof.). In the end, my eggs didn’t make it to fertilisation, and that was money down the drain. It wasn’t until I got to the States and cycled, and I produced several good quality eggs…that fertilised…that I stopped thinking there was something wrong with me. It was a horrible experience!



TFC Member’s Opinion

I have used this hospital infrequently in the last two years. Its a welcoming environment, furnished to make you relax. I have had several appointments with the Head Doctor. Although he is calm and welcoming, I sensed impatience from him in answering my questions. He also did not answer my questions and concerns as thoroughly as I would have liked. The treatment cost in DEDA however is average and doable for me.



TFC Member’s Opinion

This was the first fertility hospital I visited in abuja and I was not impressed at all. I visited this hospital nearly three years ago, and observed that the medical personnel were more interested in money, above all else. It was frankly annoying and I left, never to return.


Well, there you have it, folks! This is a sampling of what we think of our Nigerian fertility clinics. Of course, this is a live document, that will keep being updated as we get new information, so please, if you feel any differently about the information here, do leave a comment, and if you’d like to fill our questionnaire, we’ll send it to you! The intention is not to victimise any clinic, or put anyone on the spot, but to tell the God-honest truth, in order to enable women make the right decision for them!


God speed to you all!


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  1. sonia

    u re simply amazing.. bringing all these online just to encourage us.God bless u

  2. Dooshima

    the account of Regenesis has me in stiches!! Turn on the small gen ke??can small gen carry the fridge abi freezer to store the embryo’s!!…..This is such a necessary article! Great work ladies! I can’t imagine the personal time and effort put into this…against Lagos traffic!! Thank you!!!

    I guess with this really have to follow your gut feeling and what may work for some will not fly with others….

    My only cycle was with Nordica..and looking back I see some things I should have questions..under all the razz matazz was not much…

    1. I remeber one Doctor asking me if I was the patient that he has never seen any one so young…
    2. and once the matter did not result positive , they totally forgot our follow up support…only reminder of discount if we pay for 2 cycles.
    3. Hubby is convinced it was a scam because he says he never used to see anyone else at thier Abuja offices hilarious!

    1. Nicole Post author

      :haha: Real put on fridge :haha:. That’s so funny!

      Thanks @ddo hun. It was our pleasure. And hmmm….you husband might just be on to something oh! Because that Nordica no be am at all at all :negative: :negative: :negative:

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    well done @nicole & @oluwakemine. This was thoroughly done, the information is so rich…..The delay was worth it, great job ladies……:good: doff my hat to you both, cheers……:wine:

  4. Akins

    @nicole@oluwakemine well done great job I would have loved to participate though seeing some thing on Georges I would like to say my own TTC experience with them.

    I cycle with DR Ugwueke,fantastic we have this bond just sometimes doesn’t take my worries serious.

    2.Staff so nice and polite was on admission and I didn’t want to go home *lol

    3;Follow up is zero ,but concern from staff that knew I was cycling when the cycle failed was touching even till Dr Kogo,maybe that was why I was not sad sef.I felt I already had people using panadol for my headache.

    4.Going to cycle with them again don’t see myself cycling elsewhere ,that’s where all my fertility issues were detected after using so called big hospitals and even General Hospital.

  5. Oluwakemi

    Akins @beebee, would have loved for you to participate, but thank God for comment section, you have just added plenty of your thoughts to this ranking. Thank you.

    Bos @bosa, thank you.

  6. Praise

    I cycled with tru care, at first u have all the hope, but no counselling,and after failed Cycle, no sympathy, I think this ivf case is a luck, best of luck to all…

    1. Nicole Post author

      You’re correct, Praise. It is all GOD’s grace! I know Tru Care, but never met anyone who cycled there. I wasn’t very impressed with the set up there.

  7. loulah

    a job well done nicole and kemi. it’s unbelievable how these hospital post glowing information about their clinic only for you to get there and ask yourself warrisdis??? the funniest is hope valley. DH and I are looking at sex selection bcos we already have two daughters and are hoping to try a combo of ivf and PGD jus to get twin boys. I looked up a couple of clinics who say they do it but patients testimonies has shown that a whole number of them don’t know what they are doing and the ones who know will send your samples abroad for the real job and that’s why their fees are so high. so DH and I went to hope valley at phase 1 and immediately we saw d place, he was like are u sure they are not native doctors? how can a modern day fertility doctor stay here? luckily we didn’t even have to enter bcos they were already closed at 6pm. lolz!!! thank you ladies for bringing this here. you are the best. baby dust to all TTC ladies in here. Nb: pls should anyone know a good clinic where I can get what I want here in Lagos with good success rate pls don’t hesitate to reply me. I’ve been to Georges and they don’t offer that service. I’m sure Dr iketubosun is only waiting to see me come register for ante natal again. lolz!

    1. Nicole Post author

      loulah, I laughed for 10 minutes straight at “Are you sure they are not native doctors” :haha: :haha: :haha:. As in ehn!!!! That is what that place looks like :haha:

      My dear, they all send their samples abroad oh. All of them. I am yet to find a clinic that has the ability to offer PGD here. MART is the one I know most people use, and those ones also send samples abroad. It’s crazily and annoyingly expensive. But how we for do!

      Thanks for your kind words hun, and AMEN to all the prayers for our TTC women out there. And, God willing, you will be carrying those boys sooner than you know it :hug:

      1. Chukwudi

        Nordica Fertility Center currently offers both Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), as well as sex selection.
        To be honest I was impressed that these services and more are offered by a Nigerian Hospital.
        I am however curious as regards these ratings of IVF clinics on this blog. You don’t carry out credible rankings based on personal opinions of a few individuals. For all we know these ranking might have been paid for thus bringing bias into it. What professional body did this self proclaimed ranking agency partner with? or were they flying in blind?
        People be careful, a lot of people are making unsubstantiated claims and rankings like this are for the highest bidders.

      2. Nafisa

        Hello pretty Nicole, please what is MART. Am taking my time so I get a good clinic for my ivf /PGD . well-done for the good work.

        1. Nicole Post author

          Thanks Nafisa. MART is Medical ART Centre, an IVF clinic located in Ikeja. It’s a good clinic, especially for PGD. They have a few issues, but are one of the fairly decent ones. I’d recommend them, especially for PGD.

          1. Mary-Jane

            Hi Nicole, I love your work with this site, you and Kemi making sure we get all the necessary information!! Thank you.
            I’m thinking of saying yes to a guy and he has the AS genotype like me, I suggested IVF with PGD as an alternative and he’s in for it, money is not an issue.. So which hospitals in Nigeria will you recommend, or should we just travel out of Nigeria, I’m trying to make an informed decision. I’ll love your input. Thank you!. 😘

          2. Oluwakemi

            Hi Mary Jane, Godspeed with your decision. MART, Ikeja is one hospital you can try in Nigeria for PGD purpose.
            cc: @nciole

  8. zanar

    My First Cycle was at National Hospital Abuja. I had to stop after egg collection as cycle was cancelled. It was a nasty experience. The eggs wer collected with me feeling every bit of pain. No analgesia. I was wide awake and screamed all through the process. The staff seemed like they were jes pretendin to care. I really couldn’t sense any genuine care or sympathy from them. They kept telling me I was young and should try again….. Second cycle was at Garki Hospital abuja. Even though it was a bfn. It was an ok experience. The leader of the ivf team Dr Obende was soo awesome all through. Always willing to listen to ur worries and offer his help. Most of the team was nice and caring except for one of the nurses who seemed impatient and irritable. Egg collection went smoothly, and embryo transfer too went well. They kept calling durin the tww to ask abt our welbeing. Even after the bfn. They did followup to make sure I was handling it well. I would rate their service with a score of 8.5/10. I just think I wasn’t lucky to have a bfp the first attempt. Luckily I have 5 frozen embryos to try again in the future. I pray I get lucky with them embies.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Zanar, that first experience must have been awful,egg collection without analgesic,hmmm! Wishing you the very best, a BFP in your coming cycle.

    2. Nicole Post author

      Good luck with your FET hun. I screamed at the thought of egg collection with no anaesthesia! Whaaaat! That’s inhumane, to say the least. May your frozen babies soon become real live babies in your arms :heart:

  9. Grace

    Hi Nicole, good job , I didn’t read anything about fertilaid clinic in abuja I had two failed circles there and skiptical about going back even though I have frozen embryo there. I am so exasperated with the whole thing. I don’t want to say I have given up but am sure so tired. Wish I can just get pregnant. Thank you

    1. Oluwakemi

      *hugs* Grace. I pray you just get pregnant too, but if not, remember you are warrior,you can still do battles. Rest if you must, but get back in the fray. Fertilized was mentioned in the story, its there in the charts. However, what was your impression of the clinic and their services?

      1. Grace

        Hi Oluwakemi ,thank you for your reply my take on fertilaid isn’t bad they are very professional in the discharge of their duty .I had previously had two circles in National hospital too and I can say they are not very professional, the nurses hummm oh the Nurses they need to repent. I visited Nissa but didn’t have any there because their only option for me was donor. On the whole my take on fertility hospitals in nigeria is they are not ready to treat infertility, all they want to offer is donor thru ivf. Not until a Dr /hospital go the extra mile to focus on a patient whose case is termed hopeless and achieve pregnancy. I won’t say our IVF hospital offer solutions to getting pregnant. It is just business for them . Thank you so much . You and your team are such great people going the extra miles for us TTC

        1. Nicole Post author

          Thanks so much for this, Grace! It’s comments like this that give us better perspective about these clinics. I had previously only heard great things about Fertil Aid, but the ladies I know who cycled didn’t want to write anything for our article. I agree that a lot of doctors are now opting for the easy way out with IVF, and not treating the infertility itself. But thank God for the few who are still ready to try every other thing, before pulling out the big guns! Plenty :dust: to you hun

  10. Ayaba

    !!!! Nicole & Oluwakemi, Well done ‘n’ God bless you for the leg work you’ve done for the benefit of TTCers! I’ve used 5 of the clinics visited & your impression was quite accurate, e.g. after all these years, yet to find any clinic to beat the patient education & organisation of Bridge; excellent labs/qualified staff but ‘conveyor belt’ approach still their bane. Prof of MART (as of when we used him & he was the only Dr. there), was quite accessible & approachable & to be really objective he’s very innovative & willing to experiment despite his age & vast experience but success rate, hmmm! St. Ives, hmmm! Fusion Nest, you’re on your own o. Olive branch, go armed with info.
    Was moved by the TFC member’s preference for a Dr. other than the MD of a clinic & it’s really saying a lot about Dr. Faye though I’ve never met him. If an MD can be so astute as to surround himself with equally competent doctors that inspire as much confidence as himself and results are achieved even when he’s not around, you can bet his clinic will continue to thrive for a long time to come!

    Sadly, Nigerian doctors/staff fail to realise that it pays to CONTINUE to treat failed ex-patients like royalty because they have not walked in our shoes. We invest so much emotionally & financially in a cycle & so should be treated with serious compassion when a cycle fails.

    Fellow sisters, pls. try to always arm yourself with as much INFO (what Nicole & Kemi have just done is priceless) as possible: about IVF, about your own case, & about each clinic; read btw the lines what pple who have had treatment with them have to say. Info/research & above all, prayers helped me in making the choice that finally led to success. We will all hold our babies very soon IJN.

    1. Nicole Post author

      GOD bless you for this , Ayaba hun! Your comment is so on point! Thanks for the great words hun, and a big AMEN to your prayers for our TTC sisters :hug:

    2. Nellysussy

      Hi dear,
      Good morning
      I read ur comment on the blog.
      Thanks for the detailed information and ur prayers.
      Please I would like to know the clinic you used to achieve success in IVF.
      I was using bridge but d cancelled my plan that I wasn’t responding to treatment .
      Am sure I don’t want to use them again.
      Your prompt response would be highly appreciated .
      Best Regards

  11. MrsM

    Hello everyone! Thanks so much for this post. I used St Ives clinic for my first succesful cycle..but this was before they opened their Ikoyi branch…This was 4 years ago. But now I’m a tad worried…because I was planning to use them again….but reading this now…has me all shades of Has anyone used them recently? What are your thoughts?

    1. Nicole Post author

      MrsM hun. We don’t mean to frighten you. If you cycled successfully there, then that’s something good to consider. While it’s true that I don’t know anyone who has anything good to say about them, I am also aware that these things are subjective, and it’s possible we just have been speaking with those who have bad experiences, and haven’t yet spoken to those who have had good.

      1. MrsM

        Thanks so much for this reply..and you are right. It is subjective. We’ve decided to go on with St ives..fingers crossed with prayers!

        1. Nicole Post author

          Good luck with your cycle hun! We’ll be cheering you on :dust:

  12. Olu

    Thank you so much for this, I can imagine the time and effort you must have put into it. God bless you.
    I had my first cycle at Nisa Premier in Abuja in 2002. I set my eyes on Dr Wada only once throughout the procedure. We were attended to most of the time by one very impatient and rude middle aged matron who was treating us as if she was doing us a favour. The doctor who handed the procedure did his best to make up for the rude matron and we could see he really sympathized when the cycle failed.
    We headed to Nisa Premier in Lagos next. Had two failed cycles there and left with the impression that the place is opened strictly to make money.
    I also had another failed cycle at The Bridge. Nice and polite people there. The frozen embbies left from the failed cycle didn’t thaw out well. So much money and efforts down the drain. Cost and risk of travelling to and from our base in Ilorin is something else.
    After the last experience at the Bridge I felt I was done with IVF forever. Until late last year when I heard of Origene at Dolphin. I’ve checked the place out and the staff are quite friendly. The fees are high but the doctor sounds like he knows what he’s doing and is easily reachable and very kind.
    At 47, this will probably be the last time I will try this. Does anyone know anything about Origine?

    1. Nicole Post author

      Olu, so sorry for all the failed cycles. I pray our LORD blesses you with your happy ending soon :hug:. I have heard someone talk about Origine, but she hadn’t cycled there yet at the time we spoke. It’s one that we actually need to check out. Having a doctor that is accessible is always a good thing. But we will keep our ears and eyes peeled for you hun :yes:

  13. Linda

    I totally agree with the discourse on Nisa Premier. All I have from them are just loads and loads of receipts. The doctors are not interested in getting to the root of the issue. I don’t know if it is just laziness or they are paid by the number of patients they meet with. It is terrible.

    1. Nicole Post author

      So sorry about your experience, Linda! It’s so annoying when these doctors treat us as just a number!

  14. Tope

    Hmmm… God bless you two. I have been trying to decide which Clinic to go for the ivf procedure. You have just brought it to me on a platter of gold. Thanks to you I’ll only have to choose based on this survey and not do the walk. You’re simply awesome!

    1. Nicole Post author

      You’re so welcome, Tope hun! And thank you :hugs: :hugs:. I hope you make the right decision :hug:

  15. Adeyemi

    I enjoyed ur write up. however, I don’t completely agree with ur take on nordica. I had a successful 1st cycle there with triplets born last yr. They were friendly to a fault. we had a nurse attached to us.
    my hubby n I had a gr8 experience with them.

    1. Nicole Post author

      It’s different for everyone, Adeyemi dear. But I’m so glad yours ended well. Congrats on your triplets :heart: :cloud9:

    2. kenny

      Good morning,pls d cost of IVF in nordica

  16. Elsie

    thank you all for sharing your experince and taking out time to visit the clinics

  17. Mrs J

    Thanks for this great info! God bless u guys. I can only speak on IUI as I had one at St Ives Ikeja. It was a failed cycle but I won’t go back there or recommend the hospital. Dr Okewale comes across as a strictly biz man…totally detached. Pay and go type of service rended

    1. Nicole Post author

      Thanks so much for this, Mrs. J. That’s why we did this, to bring all people’s issues and complaints to the attention of these clinics. The St. Ives doctors really need to stop and rethink their method, especially if so many people are complaining. Not after all the money we spend!

  18. Feyi

    @nicole, @oluwakemi thanks ladies for putting this together. I have been to 5 of the clinic that were reviewed, although I haven’t cycled yet. Firstly, I can’t agree more with the member that reviewed Medical Art Center, Dr Ashiru is so arrogant ( at least that’s the impression I got from him) after paying 15k for a consultation, all he was trying to shove down my throat was to get a detox first just because he has a detox clinic. He was not personable, not friendly, didn’t act professional was just plain ARROGANT. I cried on my way home because of the way he made me feel. I still feel sad when I remember my experience with him. Maybe if I had met another doctor, I might have something better to say, but Dr Ashiru, is a no no for me. He is a VERY knowledgeable and seasoned doctor, no doubt, but I will not b going back there.

    The second clinic I went to for consultation is Georges memorial. I met with Dr Faye, very pleasant man and he sure knows his stuff. He listened carefully and seemed empathetic. Did an ultrasound and recommended some medications. I had a great experience, no regrets, don’t mind cycling there. ( Although initially, I was kind of upset because he seemed as though he was more interested in typing was I was telling him, he didn’t even look at my face, he was focused on his iPad, but after he got my history typed up, it was a different story entirely)

    Third clinic is fertile aid, met with the head Dr. He seemed knowledgeable but I’m kinda iffy about cycling there because they misdiagnosed my cousin who had a failed cycle with them. First off, they told her she had PCOS which she didn’t, they even gave her drugs for that, secondly, they did a embryo transfer despite the fact that she had polyps/fibroid inside her cavity and they had the nerves to say it didn’t implant because of that. Thank God she went for a second opinion. She had endometriosis, not PCOS. She had a hysteroscopy to remove the polyp, Now she’s on hormone therapy for the endometriosis.

    Fourth Clinic DIff Hospital Abuja. Also met with the CMD, very knowledgeable and friendly/ approachable. The problems I have with them is 1) that are too expensive 5.5M for the shared risk program and over 1.8M for a single cycle. 2) I believe the doctor who oversees the whole IVF is an officer, not a consultant (not that it matters but I don’t feel comfortable). I wouldn’t mind paying that money if I knew that CMD or at least a consultant will follow through with my cycle (I asked no he said he doesn’t do and am I like ,bye then, lol.

    Fifth Clinic DEda hospital Abuja. Met with head doctor. Seems very knowledgeable as well, although his clinic is relatively new .Nice hospital, I felt really comfortable, the staff were very friendly. The price is reasonable, I also don’t mind cycling here.

    So far, I’m turn between Georges and DEda hospital. I got good vibes from the doctors and environment was welcoming.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Wow, thanks for this Feyi! It’s so detailed! I would absolutely recommend Georges hun! Good luck :hugs:

      1. Chukwudi

        I recommend Nordica Fertility Center. They have centers in Lagos and Abuja.
        Give it a try before deciding

    2. Hope

      She is absolutely right about Dr. Ashiru of Medical Art Center, if there’s another word to describe him other than being ARROGANT and very EXPENSIVE. I also cried to God the date l visited his clinic.

      For DIFF and Bridge, l also had failed cycle with them, no follow-up, no concern . it was so traumatic and pathetic!

      Our doctors should have it at the back of their mind that it is God that gave them this privilege and knowledge to help people in such need; the way some of them treat women in need of babies is very horrifying. Just after their fees!!

      We shall all die one day and answer to God!!

      1. Nicole Post author

        I feel you 100% Hope. Some of them can be very discouraging indeed. If there is any calling that requires maximum empathy, it is theirs. So sorry about your failed cycles. Will you be cycling again?

      2. Expectant Mother

        You are so right about Bridge, there are so not concerned about patients, they leave you in dark

        1. Nicole Post author

          So sorry about the bad experience you had with The Bridge. Did you speak with anyone there after your cycle?

          1. Expectant Mother

            Yes I did, and they never admit they are doing anything wrong! I wish there was a regulatory body checking on this IVF business centres like The Bridge Clinic

  19. Mrs Enny kush

    i have been mornitoring the blog for a long time. i have been married for 10yrs with alot of fruitless effort . now i need the best successfull ivf center so as not to destroy the union. awaiting ur candid advise.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Mrs Kush, we’re glad to hear from you :hugs:. Nothing will destroy your union, in JESUS’ name! Where is your location? Georges would be my first recommendation, but there are other good clinics as well…

  20. Oluwakemi

    Mrs Enny Kush, you might want to head to Georges Memorial clinic for that. And thank you for your interest. May God continue to bless your union.

  21. Ebere

    Pls my location is PH what fertility clinic would u recommend to mi

    1. Nicole Post author

      Hi Ebere. Dr. Ikimalo of Prime Hospital is very good, I’m told. You could also try The Bridge :yes:

      1. Expectant Mother

        @Nicole, you seem to be a big fan of The Bridge… I wish I could say the same about them! My heart skips a beat at the mention of their name. My experience with them was tortuous to say the least!

        1. Oluwakemi

          So sorry that you had such a sad experience with The Bridge clinic, Expectant Mom. Was it your first cycle with them?

        2. Nicole Post author

          No dear, I’m just trying not to be biased. Your concerns and complaints are valid, and it is feedback they need to get to improve their services. So sorry about your experience. That’s why we have reviews like this, for people to share their experiences :hug:

  22. linda

    @nicole @oluwakemine fantastic work! my babe @nicole is an unapologetic Dr Faye /Georges fan.
    I am glad she influenced my decision to cycle at Georges , I realise it is different for everyone , but God blessed me and we got pregnant with our first cycle, so yes I too am a fan of Georges , maybe not so in love with Dr Faye but he sure does know his stuff. Good luck everyone.

  23. Chukwudi

    I am curious as regards these ratings of IVF clinics on this blog.
    You don’t carry out credible rankings based on personal opinions of a few individuals. For all we know these ranking might have been paid for thus bringing bias into it.
    What professional body did this self proclaimed ranking agency partner with? or were they flying in blind?
    My cousin was referred to Nordica Fertility Center for genetic screening and sex selection from a hospital in Spain, services currently being offered by Nordica in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    I find it funny that this rankings are trying to rubbish an internationally recognized medical institution. Something must be wrong somewhere.
    People be careful, a lot of people are making unsubstantiated claims and rankings like this are for the highest bidders.
    People BEWARE!

    1. Oluwakemi

      Mr Chukwudi, thank you for your comments and interest in The Fertile Chick. However, you are the one making unsubstantiated claims, by saying the rankings have been influenced by the “highest bidder”

      This is an honest, first hand experiences of ours and some members of our community at these clinics. We went to each and every one of the clinics listed here and this is our report.

      We make no claim of partnering with any agency or body, as the title of the article clearly states, it’s TFC’s ranking.

      If you have gone to through the comments, you would have noticed several confirmations and corroboration of our findings from blog visitors all over the country. So, we did not pull this out of thin air or set out to malign any establishment.

      Thank you once more for your visit and the warning.

      1. Chukwudi

        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        All am saying is that fertility is a very sensitive issue, especially in an environment like ours.
        Most people have to save and make many sacrifices to be able to afford fertility treatments.
        The onus therefore falls on you to be subjective in making such analysis because some people might actually believe that these rankings are credible and would allow such inform their decisions.
        All I have done is raise valid concerns as anybody with a little skepticism should. I am not discrediting your blog or fighting with you, all am saying is that people should always consider their options and actually visit these clinics instead of relying on the prejudice of others to make such big decisions.
        I also think it will be beneficial if there are strict regulations within this industry because there is no point in clinics claiming to offer services only to turn around and send samples outside the country.
        Thank you Kemi

        1. Nicole Post author

          Thanks for dropping by, Chukwudi. Our wonderful members @oluwakemine and @bosa have said it all, so I won’t add much. This was from our own survey of our own community members, and is a ranking we absolutely stand by.

    2. Bos

      Our vistor Chukwudi, pls read it states there our community’s observation and experience. Pls do not come here and start making unverified claims, we are a loving and peaceful community and do not need strangers asking others to BEWARE!!

  24. Bola

    Thanks guya for this survey., awesome job . When my husband and I decided to go the IVF route two things were pertinent for us – competence and cost . We set out to look for a fertility clinic that would meet both factors.

    We called several centers and I probably won’t mention names but we ended up with NORDICA center. They were extremely professional and we had our baby on the second cycle.

    What I would like to put out here is that experiences do differ a lot and I would advice that inspite of other people’s experiences you need to take out time , set the factors that will work for you and visit all the centers and make an informed descicon .

    Nordica did me well and I am a bit surprised at their ratings here but hey like I said the choice is always yours . Good luck !

  25. Femi

    Nicole. My wife is a big fan of yours and I will say, you influenced our first choice of clinic. However, for this ranking, I think it could be a lot more thorough.

    After two failed cycles in Israel and Nigeria, God eventually used Nordica to give us our own bundle of Joy. Thus, in my opinion, Nordica is simply the best Fertility clinic in Nigeria. However, I will be honest to say, this is a very subjective opinion of mine as it is not statistically valid.

    Another clinic that came highly recommended by friends and doctors apart from Nordica was Bridge clinic. But in your “ranking’, bridge scored very low.

    What I am saying in essence is that, we should be careful so that we do not end up harming the same people we sincerely wanted to help as some people might not know that this “ranking” might not be a true reflection of reality.

    God bless you.

  26. Nicole Post author

    Dear Bola and Femi, thank you for your comments. I’m glad that you both had good experiences from Nordica. However, I would like to reiterate that this ranking is as a result of a survey of 120 women (One Hundred and Twenty). All of these women gave their own opinion of their experience with these hospitals. We didn’t tamper with any of these results. Even my own favourite Georges Memorial scored low on a number of the criteria. Please note that this ranking is named a TFC (The Fertile Chick) ranking. And we stand by it! And if you read some of the comments in this same article, on this same page, you will see that a lot of it isn’t unfounded.

    It’s one thing to spin conspiracy theories, like the gentleman who made mention of it going to the highest bidder. I find that claim laughable, to say the very least. It would also be easy for us to wonder how come we are suddenly being inundated with pro-Nordica people all of a sudden.

    Contrary to any of your accusations of us “harming” anyone with our ranking, we KNOW FOR A FACT that it will help people make their own choices.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Bos

      @nicole exactly, i am quite wary of these sudden Nordica testimonies….When we were all asked for our information where were they? Why didn’t they offer this information then? @chukwudi seems like a Nordica rep who was suddenly informed of this post and decided to just go splashing the name around.

      That said, @Femi and @Bola it wasn’t only Nordica that had lower ratings, the fact you went there and got your success story first time means nothing, the other hospitals you had a failed cycle could be some others victory at 1st attempt.

      IVF is dependent on a lot of factors, I for one will not try a Bridge or a Nordica simply because i want a personal touch and i dont want the bus-stop effect of an already difficult process.
      I want to have a chauffeur driven experience as opposed to waiting for a bus and that is – an appointment – see 1 doctor for the entire process who is ready to listen to my own research and wont box me into their “hospital process” – have my procedures at my scheduled time and not sitting and talking to lots of women….That preference is just one, then add on the expertise to various fertility issues.

      Our prayer is that God grants us all our success stories, these doctors aren’t God.

      1. Oluwakemi

        I’m trying not to lol at that bus stop vs chauffeur driven experience @bosa. Enough said as it is. The plain truth is the last part; God gives, not the doctors or the clinics.

  27. Iphe

    Hello ladies, there’s a fertility clinic in ibadan (vine branch). Haven’t cycled with them yet but it was where I had to be re-evacuated cuz of the haemorrhage. Nurses and d cmd quite friendly. Though d cmd is quite very busy still he took his time to visit while on admission. Other doctors are cool too. Am not sure if there being nice is cuz they are new but time will tell. Av heard of successful cycling there. Pls do check them out in your next ranking

  28. Oluwakemi

    Okay Iphe @Iphe. Thanks for the heads up. They sound cool though. Hope you’re getting stronger now. Sorry dearie. 💝

  29. Goldie10

    Hello All,

    Such a good and comprehensive review. I am a newbie here (yay me!) so this is very helpful information. Well done Nicole and Kemi. Now my question is this, I am scheduled to attend my first consultation with Bridge clinic (based on referral) next week. Though it is quite far from where I live I was willing to try. I didn’t have much information regarding others fertility hospitals hence the selection. However I just read the reviews of George’s and the ARK and I’m not going to lie, I’ve started considering them.Proximity wise and also based on the above reviews.

    I really need someone’s genuine unbiased advise. What I’ll like to know cost wise, attention of the practitioners, waiting time, success rates etc of these 3. I would not be able to visit all 3 due to the time constraint and the nature of my job.


      1. Nellysussy

        Good morning Oluwakemi

        Please how do I join the group.

  30. Goldie10

    Thanks so much Kemi. I will read u :) We haven’t been scheduled for IVF yet. At this stage we are told its primary infertility. Maybe I should have given a bit of background. Thanks once again.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Good luck, @goldie10! We’re so glad to have you here :hugs:. The Bridge is a great hospital, but so are Georges, The Ark, and even Olive Branch. Your choice would be determined by what’s most important to you. Price? Doctor’s attention? Technology? Fancy clinic? Let us know, and we can make a recommendation :yes:

  31. JM

    Ladies, this is a wonderful job. God bless you for dedicating your time and resources to give a baseline rating of fertility centres in the country. Even though as humans, there may be some margin of error, this will make the various centres sit up and offer humane services to the already weary couples. I’ve been to Nisa premier and Olive branch without cycling with them. Nisa seems fine , Olive branch’s Dr Emeka seems well experienced. I finally cycled with bridge which have advance equipment, We had a failed cycle, nobody call us during that heartbreaking period to reassure us. However their service was good until we had that failure

    1. Nicole Post author

      Thank you, JM! It’s so sad that a lot of hospitals make that same mistake…fantastic in the beginning and absent when you need them. Who knows if even my favourite Georges would have also fallen my hand if my cycle with them had failed. Our clinics have to learn that after-treatment support is just as important. Good luck with your next cycle hun :hugs:

  32. Elsie

    @nocole i had a similar experince here in jos, the doctor did not bother returning my message sef. i guess that why i was reluctant about going back there.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Elsie, I feel you hun. Nothing can feel worse than that. Our doctors really need to learn how to connect emotionally with their patients!

  33. Adepeju

    Hi All,

    After much surfing and research about good fertility and affordable clinics, I stumbled upon this site. This survey really helped me in a great way. How i was able to convince my husband to go Olive Branch with me still remains a mystery. A big thanks to Nicole and the wonderful people who took time to put this piece together. I am a newbie here and I must confess that after going through all the articles (most of the ones that may CONSIGN me), I knew I had to join the community.
    So DH and I got registered at Olive Branch, there is this form on the patients profile where they ask how you got to know about them. I wrote The Fertile you need to get them to pay you for your referral.
    Lastly, I need you all to pray for a sister that I get my MIRACLE there. Thanking you all in advance.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Amen!! Adepeju @peejay. We join you in praying that your MIRACLE happens soon and there too.
      As for that referral fee, we will definitely be collecting.
      Welcome to The Fertile Chick

    2. Nicole Post author

      This just warmed my heart, @peejay! Thanks hun, we’re so happy to have been of help and to have you here :friends:. If you have any questions, we’re always here for you :yes: :hugs:

  34. glory

    Your Comment…pls can anyone give me an estimation of the cost of ivf in some of these clinics? I really want to go for it but I don’t want to start something I would not be able to finish. thanks.

  35. Ma Iyaram

    Woooow! Great job @nicole and @kemi, u guys did a very wonderful job. I think IVF anywhere is not 100% sure of success but our faith and prayers put together with God’s help is what brings about success. However we must not dispute the influence of advanced medical technology. So in choosing where to cycle, I would advice you go with a clinic that offers a wide range of treatment options, because there’s no one treatment that fits all.
    Let’s take for example, a couple where they have a female factor infertility, any good clinic that offers IVF services might suffice, because it might just be a tubal factor and so the IVF is pretty straight foward. But if it’s a male factor infertility, you might want to consider a clinic that does ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) or IMSI (intra cytoplasmic morphology sperm injection) depending on d severity of the sperm analysis. Having said this, God is still the driving force and we should carry Him along all through the cycle. God bless us all sis😘😘

    Thanks once again @nicole and @kemi. It’s really encouraging to hear people’s success stories. Pls we would appreciate more success stories.

  36. Ada

    Hi Nicole,I stay at FESTAC town, wont Georges Clinic be too far?

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Ada, true it’s quite far but the commute isn’t going to be for a long time. You can manage it, if you are interested in cycling with Georgies or go to another clinic with a shorter commute from your end of town.

    2. Nicole Post author

      Hi Ada. I agree, it is far. But unfortunately, there aren’t any other clinics I would want to recommend near you. Will it be easier for you to go to Ikeja? The Bridge and MART are also good, and they’re in Ikeja.

  37. Ada

    oh….ok .
    The visit are not usually regular? I guess

    1. Nicole Post author

      Not really…apart from when you start your stimm shots, during which you might need regular scans to monitor your progress.

  38. 4real

    Great review. Honest analysis. Yeah Doctor Emeka is proud but has good success rate. I am thinking of using Medical art centre. Is the review still good or changed?

    1. Oluwakemi

      4real, I don’t think much would have changed, except that their rates would most likely have gone up because of the exchange rate.

    2. Oluwakemi

      4real, I don’t think much would have changed, except that the rates of their procedures would have gone due to exchange wahala.

  39. 4real

    Thank u very much oluwakemi. Pls can u suggest any good clinic for me? I was considering the bridge clinic but the success rate discouraged me. Georges success rate is also low. I would have loved it cos of their friendliness. I need a place with good success rate and convenience.

    1. Nicole Post author

      4real dear, I wouldn’t say the success rate for The Bridge and Georges are low. They are both great clinics, and have recorded lots of success. I conceived my twins at Georges. So I would highly recommend them :yes:

  40. Godisenough

    @4Real, I will personally recommend Bridge Clinic or Deda Hospital in Abuja.. My friend conceived twins on her first cycle in Bridge in Lagos. The other lady, triplets on her third cycle at Deda. I cycled at Olive Branch for my first which was unsuccessful and was shocked when a nurse asked me whilst administering injections for stimulation what procedure I was booked for IUI or IVF? Shouldn’t my Nurse know?. Olive Branch staff are good with showing empathy and are courteous and Dr. Emeka is encouraging but in the end it is positive result we want not customer service. This comment is not due to beef from failure but little is known of the success rate of this clinic. I cannot compare my experience and detailed explanation of my procedure at Bridge Clinic, the doctors are more informed and the Nurses too. we can make recommendations on different hospitals where we find favour but please consider the quality of the laboratory and the years of experience of the doctor. IVF requires skill for embryo transfer especially. God crowns it all but if a hospital has good success rates the quality of the laboratory and the skill of the Doctors must be ticked off too. I will testify on the outcome in Jesus name. Amen

    1. Nicole Post author

      Amen! Thanks so much for this, Godisenough! We are looking forward to your testimony hun :hug:

  41. 4real

    Thanks Godisenough and Nicole. I appreciate d detailed explanation.

  42. Dokpe A

    Omni Medical Centre is TERRIBLE! I would not advice anyone to use them….too many student doctors! The head-gynae is hardly around, the head of clinical services and some other guy who i met, lacked empathy. And access to the Lab? That’s something else. Imagine going through a miscarriage and having to go up to the Lab on the 3rd Floor?

    I’m thinking of switching to either Parklande or South Shore (noticed these two were not included in the reviews though); i met Dr Alabi at the BeiBei Haven summit on Saturday and I was impressed – maybe because of the reviews some of the panelists gave, i dont know. Anyone with reviews on these 2 hospitals.

  43. Dokpe A

    Omni Medical Centre is TERRIBLE! I would not advice anyone to use them….too many student doctors! The head-gynae is hardly around, the head of clinical services and some other guy who i met, lacked empathy. And access to the Lab? That’s something else. Imagine going through a miscarriage and having to go up to the Lab on the 3rd Floor?

    I’m thinking of switching to either Parklande or South Shore (noticed these two were not included in the reviews though); i met Dr Alabi at the BeiBei Haven summit on Saturday and I was impressed – maybe because of the reviews some of the panelists gave, i dont know. Anyone with reviews on these 2 hospitals please?

    1. Nicole Post author

      Omni! So they are still like that! That place sha…

      Awww, Kemi and I were also at the summit. It would have been lovely to say hi. Dr. Alabi is awesome, and I would recommend him anytime any day. The only reason we didn’t review them is because they don’t do IVF, other than that, we have nothing but love for them.

      Parkland…I know they offer fertility treatment, but I haven’t heard anything from anyone who has used them. I’ve been there to see a regular GP, and found the place just okay. We’ll investigate the hospital and let you know :yes:

  44. Tcee

    Hi ladies. I am a newbie too and found this article extremely helpful. Thanks so much, Nicole, Kemi and everyone for your contributions. From a rough comb of the internet, you seem to have produced the most detailed and up-to-date (if not only) poll about IVF clinics in Naija so far. I’d therefore like to suggest ways to “tighten” it even further in 2 respects.

    1. With regards to the Quality/Success of your Treatment graph, could we please state how many members responded against each clinic? The scores of the clinics in this graph add up to 45, if I am not mistaken, so I am not sure how the scores were arrived at. As it currently shows, I am unable to deduce which clinic(s) actually provided TFC members the highest success. If for instance, 20 people used Bridge Clinic and it was scored 4, and 5 people used George’s ( *wink* Nicole) and it was also scored 4, they did not necessarily perform the same.

    2. With regards to the General Clinical Statistics/Success Rates graph, could you please explain how the results were arrived at? Did you take into consideration the variance in the absolute numbers of treatments done at each of these clinics, please i.e. did you calculate success rates per 50 or 100 cases, for instance? Or did you use percentages given by the clinics? In addition, was/is there a way of verifying this info?

    I think that by providing the additional details, you would also be answering an extremely important question – who has actually had the highest success in IVF? As I am sure you can tell, this is a top consideration for me :) but of course, I do not by any means belittle the other factors.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my treatise. You guys are doing an awesome thing by providing this platform. God bless you immensely!

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Tcee, welcome to our community. It’s a pleasure to have such feedback and it is something, we will be looking at.

    2. Nicole Post author

      Hi Tcee. Welcome to our community :hugs:. Aaaah, I like the way you think girl!!! You have a mathematical mind, and I love it!!!

      What we did was to poll a number of people, and they scored these clinics on a scale of 0-5. We then used an average. So, if 20 people used The Bridge and scored it between 3-5, its average would be 4. If 2 people used Georges and scored it 5…then, that’s the average. I could e-mail you the polling form we used, to give you a better idea. Just e-mail me at (my nicole@thefertilechickonline has been overtaken by spammers), and I’ll shoot it right to you :yes:

  45. Joy

    Hello Nicole,

    I have read through your reviews of the various hospitals/clinics and must say it is indeed an eye opener.

    However, from the reviews, i have narrowed down my inquiries to the following hospitals Georges Memorial Medical Centre and The Ark. It will be helpful if you assist me with the breakdown of their IVF treatment per cycle, to enable me have an idea and prepare towards same.

    Looking forward to your response.

  46. Temitope

    Hello Nicole and Kemi,
    I have read through your reviews of the various hospitals/clinics and must say it is indeed an eye opener.
    Please I will like a review on a clinic called Trucare fertility / IVF clinic.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Temitope, Trucare has been coming up lately, because of their recent promo. We’ll see how it goes.

  47. Chidinma

    Hi Nicole…I feel blessed to have come across this as I am Feb up of searching and browsing..keep up the good work , and Kemi too…from what I’ve read, peace care clinic and maternity seams to be the best in abj, in success rate and cost…. or is there a better option? Thanks and God bless!

  48. Chidinma

    Hi Nicole…I feel blessed to have come across this as I am Feb up of searching and browsing..keep up the good work , and Kemi too…from what I’ve read, peace care clinic and maternity seams to be the best in abj, in success rate and cost…. or is there a better option? Thanks and God bless!…plus I await your response. .

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Chidinma. Peace Care doesn’t do IVF as at the last time, I spoke with them, which was early this year. As for cost, you must factor in the fact that the economy is in recession and things are more expensive. DIFF is another good clinic but pay a visit before you make up your mind.
      cc: @nicole.

  49. omoge

    Awesome. Nicole and Kemi you guys are amazing. I feel this peace down inside my heart as a result of this write-up. God bless you ladies. I have been wanting to start up my enquiries as per the IVF clinic to use, didn’t even know where to start from but with this , I think I can take a decision . Thanks to you all .

    1. Nicole Post author

      Awww, we’re so glad to have been of help, Omoge hun :heart:. Good luck with your cycle :hug:

  50. Joy

    Great job ladies.Do we have any of the following clinics in Abuja?Olive branch,Georges Memorial and The Ark clinic?

  51. Hajia Idowu

    Good work ladies ,more grease to your elbows. I really need your advice have been married for 8 yrs without a child ,im 40yrs old now ,i have done 2 IVF’S. Could you advise me on a good fertility clinic to use really confused, thank you all👄

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Hajia, Did you have the failed cycles at the same clinic? The trio of Georgies Memorial Medical center, The Ark Klinic and Olive Branch, all in Lagos are good clinics, that might interest you.

  52. yemfash

    Your Comment…Pls i want to go for ivf . Pls i need a good clinic

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Yemfash. Clinics that you can try include Georgies Memorial Medical center, Olive Branch and The Ark Klinic. The first two are in Lekki Phase 1 and the other is in Dolphin Extension, Ikoyi, Lagos.

  53. Pcee

    Hi kemi n Nicole. I feel blessed to come across this article today. It couldn’t hv come at a better time. I just called prof Ashiru of medical Centre today n he asked me to come to Lagos tomorrow being 2 day of my cycle. Problem is , I am not comfortable going from abuja to Lagos n I don’t know how many of such trips I have to make being my first time. Would have preferred a place in abuja . I heard there’s a stage one would b asked not to travel, does it mean I have to now live in Lagos or what? Am so confused. Can u suggest a place in abuja apart from diff n nisa? My friend doesn’t have any good thing to say abt them

    1. Oluwakemi

      PCee, DIFF and NISA are like the top clinics in Abuja, apart from The Bridge, which you can consider, if you don’t want to travel. But if you do travel, you might need to pay more than one visit and after the transfer, it is advisable to take things easy afterwards. Also, if you do decide to come to Lagos, expand your search beyond MART.

    2. Nicole Post author

      I would also recommend Fertil Aid, in Abuja. I hear the doctor is really good :yes:

  54. Mrs Amx

    I’m so happy to have found this very helpful article today. I feel so blessed too. We want to try IUI. Between George and Bridge clinic which is better and more affordable? Plus I say at Festac. Whats the expetience like? Is it painful? Has anyone tried Benin Teaching Hospital? Hoping to get lucky the first time. 😇

    1. Nicole Post author

      Mrs Amx dear, both Georges and The Bridge are great clinics. They are also within the same price range, with The Bridge probably being slightly more expensive. As for the IUI, I haven’t had it before but I’m told it is more of discomfort than pain. One of our older members used the Benin Teaching Hospital, but that was about 3 years ago. She said she had a good experience there. Good luck with the IUI hun :dust:

  55. Ogochukwu Okoli

    Hi, I’m glad to read this. I currently planned to cycle at Diff, the cost is crazy! I did fibroid surgery last year and paid a whooping 2.5million but i was satified with the treatment. I am just so scared of this cycle, heard some good stuffs about them before going but I’m kind of confused reading this piece. I’ve actually paid for my cycle, i just pray this works. I had a failed cycle at Bridge clinic in 2014. Pls i would appreciate more reviews about Diff, just to know what awaits me.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Ogochukwu dear, so sorry about your failed cycle. Yes oh, DIFF is pretty expensive. We’ll work on getting some more reviews for you, to give you a better idea of what lies ahead :hugs:

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Onyi,you can look into the trio of The Ark Klinic, Georgies Memorial and Olive Branch. Where do you stay in Lagos?

  56. Tbaby


    I am glad to be reading your review!

    I have used Bridge before. My first and only try (3 years ago) was a BFP. I am a proud mother of one however, I agree with your review of its services and all. I liked the ambience and all however there was no personal touch.

    Before I went to the Bridge, I had considered Nordica too (both hospitals were highly recommended to us). The person I spoke to at Nordica for an appointment told me that their medical director’s daughter was getting married on the Saturday (day I’d like to come in) and that all their branches would be closed for that day to attend the event. She then advised I book the next available Saturday. I was shocked! I wasn’t going to wait so I want to Bridge.

    I do not regret going to Bridge however, I am not sure I want to use it again as I want an hospital that will offer me genuine care and antenal facility. I am TTC now and shoping for hospital that offers gender selection (not Bridge). Would you recommend Medical Art Centre?

    Thank you.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Tbaby dear, huge congrats on your successful cycle and your child :hugs:. Hmmmmmm, Nordica! I have no words, truly! Wedding so all branches shut down?! Who does that??!! Sheesh!

      My dear, for medical touch, I would recommend The ARK. Dr. Bero and Dr. Sharon are awesome. They are women so really understand all about medical touch. In MART…well, you might get the same thing as you did at The Bridge.

      Georges Memorial is also awesome, as long as you get treated by Dr. Iketubosin himself.

      Good luck, dear :yes: :good: :hugs:

  57. Bunmi

    What about truecare fertility clinic, please what test i’m i expected to do and what questions should i ask my doctor. Thanks

    1. Nicole Post author

      Hi Bunmi. To be honest, we can not vouch for True Care. I personally am not impressed by what I saw, and have heard of no success stories from there…but I might be wrong. Your clinic is supposed to run a comprehensive hormonal profile to check your AMH and FSH levels (to check your ovarian function…egg reserve and quality), your progesterone levels, etc. You should also have an ultrasound, to ensure your uterus is in order (some clinics might even order a hysteroscopy for the same thing). And your partner’s semen is also tested, to make sure it is of good quality (count doesn’t really matter, as with ICSI, sperm can be selected one by one. But they need to ascertain that there is even any sperm to work with, and also that the morphology and motility are even up to par. These will determine what protocol you should be on, and how much dosage of meds should be administered. As you go along, always ask your doctor how you are progressing, and how you are responding. The closer you are to egg collection, if the follicles are not many (three or less than), then you need to ask if the cycle can be cancelled and restarted. Good luck dear!

  58. Adebisi

    Gud job…… May you increase in strength as this is very helpful. Plz ave you check on vine branch Ibadan or any one cycle there…. Tanks

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Adebisi, I don’t know of anyone, who has cycled there but if I come across any news of the place, I will pass it on. Do you want to cycle there or you’re doing so already?

  59. Rebecca

    Just read through your analysis. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your page as it has opened my eyes to the clinics in Nigeria.
    This has been a huge help. I want to know if there are any futility clinics in Nigeria that offer PGD testing and if you could tell me their names and probably doctors to ask after.
    Nice one guys. You all are doing a great job to help and also inform everyone. Thank you

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Rebecca, most of the top clinics will tell you they do PGD but the truth is, most of them send the samples outside the country, so it’s quite exorbitant. You could try MART.

  60. Ugochi

    Thanks for the good job you ladies are doing! I started my TTC journey with St. Ives. This was largely due to the fact that they were about the cheapest at the time. (2011) It was a horrible experience. We were batched together in a one -size-fits-all cycle. The doctor was inaccessible and the matron was not much better. We were not even told how many eggs fertilized etc. We were just told to come in on a particular day for transfer of embryos. I kept asking how many and got no answer until after it was done. The room they used for transfer was on a higher floor so I had to walk down after the procedure instead of taking it easy. The transfer was so poorly done that i spotted. I found out later that any trace of blood in the cervix area was very bad for the embryos. Of course it failed and they practically dismissed us in a most unprofessional way – blaming it on implantation failure. I bet it was as a result of how unprofessional they are. but then we didnt know better.
    We tried another cycle in Europe and it failed.
    In 2013, someone introduced us to Dr Emeka of Olive branch – he was at Georges Memorial building at the time. By this time i was practically an infertility doctor myself. lol. My first meeting with him left me with the feeling that i was in a great place. He was courteous, positive (he actually said to me “when we get pregnant” and not “if”) That sealed it for me. Every step of the way he kept me informed. Egg retrieval went smoothy with minimal discomfort. I was informed of the number of embryos etc and when i went for transfer, hubby and I were taken in to view our embies and to choose the ones we wanted transferred. The procedure was so smooth I couldnt believe it could be like that. I also got a BFP. At the time he had and still has a lovely colleague Racheal who always had a huge smile and encouraging words. At the time of my test Dr Ikenna was out of the country but as their procedure, called me himself to give me the news. I could never think of him as being arrogant. He is professional.
    I would definitely recommend Oivebranch. I just got the news from an acquaintance on Saturday that she is pregnant after 7 yrs from Olivebranch. I will be revisiting then in the next month or two for my 2nd missionary journey.

    Baby dust to all the moms in waiting.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Ugochi, thanks so much for this! That St. Ives, I’m yet to find ONE person who had a good experience there! Simply awful. How could they not tell you how many eggs fertilized? Who does that?! I’m glad you had a great experience with Dr. Emeka. If only all doctors would strive for that kind of excellence, that ensures constant referrals! We wish you all the best for your ‘2nd missionary journey’hun :heart:

    2. Oluwakemi

      I don’t even know what to say about St Ives anymore. When I think, I have heard the worst, something else crops up. Cheap isn’t necessarily good, in fact it’s alot more expensive at the end of the day.
      Good luck with your “second missionary journey” to Olive Branch and Dr. Emeka, Ugochi.

  61. Oye

    I am currently on my first ivf cycle at Olive Branch. I had an IUI a couple of months ago there too. Dr. Emeka has been excellent. Not that I have other Clinics to compare with but my husband and I have felt very comfortable there. The staff are courteous and really care. My nurse, Uju makes you feel comfortable. The follow ups are great. I know I got more than a couple of calls after the failed IUI. A friend suggested Dr. Faye but Hubby feels good about Dr. Emeka( as I do too). It was a just normal we would go back there for the IVF. He even advised us to take a break as I had been on clomid for a while. I am in the down regging phase and I believe that soon, I will be complaining about discomfort from a pregnant belly and being grateful in the same sentence.

    1. Oluwakemi

      And we will be cheering you on to that BFP Oye.It’s really great to find a doctor, you’re comfortable with and I’m glad to read about their follow-up. Sending you loads of baby dust for this cycle.

  62. Ugochi aamaka ekezie

    Hi goodafternoon. Good news a new ivf center, Imo Ivf and fertility center ,the first in imo state was commissioned last year. Ladies seriously this place has the most modern state of the art equipments . Also i was impressed seeing the number of professors all of different specialities working here. Indeed they are totally different

  63. Sola

    Do all this clinic only specify on IVF.Is there no conception after some treatment of procedures.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Sola, these clinics offer other treatment options asides from IVF. It all depends on what the doctors think are best treatment options for each patient.

  64. Nelly

    Came across this blog and was impressed with the details. Please has anyone with asherman syndrome (adhesions) been treated through IVF and gotten a BFP?

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Nelly, welcome to our community. I don’t know anyone yet, who has had a successful IVF cycle with an Asherman syndrome diagnosis but I know of a couple of spontaneous BFPs even with the conditions. Really, nothing is impossible.

  65. Jaykay

    Hi all. Good job guys.
    I think we have to do another another review of these clinics. Its been a while since these reviews. I undastnd its a heavy job on u guys but i think we have to b up to date.

    Prices procedures n processes would have changed.

    Please i also need som1 to suggest a good fertility clinic 4mi in abuja


    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Jaykay, yes, it’s long over due and we are working towards it now. As for Abuja clinics, there are some listed in the article.

  66. Maryam

    Hello ladies, thanks for the info. Pls does anyone of you have a review for grabbo clinic abuja? And if they would be good for ICSI

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Maryam, I haven’t heard much about them except for their promo cycle. So, can’t give a review.

  67. Bukola

    Hi Nicole and Kemi….i am so happy i finally came across sensible reviews on fertility centers.My husband is a Doctor and i am even still trying to make him see reasons to consult a fertility centre after two years and some of TTC. Please what do you know about Medison Hospital at Lekki Phase one and out of 100% what ratings would you give Georges and The Ark. Thanks for your care dears and God bless.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Thanks for your kind words, Bukola hun. It sometimes takes men a little longer to come around. As for Medison, I reckon it’s time for Kemi and I to repeat our hospital rounds, as this clinic is completely new to me. I have no idea what they are like. As for Georges and Ark, I would give them 78% and 82% respectively. Good luck hun!

  68. Nita

    Good morning, good work you guys are doing. I will appreciate if you can recommend the best fertility clinic for me. Am based in Lagos. God bless

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Nita, you can pick from the trio of the Ark Klinic, Georgies Memorial Medical Center and Olive Branch.

  69. Dr K

    Hi everyone, stumbled on this post last night and I’ve already forwarded it to all the women I know who are trying to conceive. God bless you guys for this. My neighbor had the exact same horrible experience at Nordica so it’s a no no for me. I have been trying to conceive for 4 years plus and I happen to be a medical doctor. My husband is finally on the same page as I am regarding assisted conception but we want somewhere that’s personal, affordable, well equipped and with a great success rate. Do you know any such places in Benin City? Lagos would be our next option. It’s frustrating when the doctors keep telling me they couldn’t find anything wrong with us. Also are there stories about success rates with IUI? I feel like every person/patient I know who has done the IUI procedure didn’t get a positive result and eventually had to do IVF. I absolutely love this blog. God bless you ladies for the support. Baby dust to us all 💕💕💕

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hi Dr K, thanks for sharing this information. Unfortunately, I have no idea of such a place in Benin.Lagos is a good place to find such a clinic. As for IUI, I’m yet to meet someone, who got a BFP from it. Like you said, they all move on to IVF. 💞

    2. Nicole Post author

      Hello Dr. K. Thank you so much for your kind words. I hear the Teaching Hospital in Benin has a good IVF centre. One of our earlier members used the place, but I’m not sure if she got her BFP. As for IUI, I know a few who have had success with it…but the rates are not as high as IVF…but it still works. Is yours a case of unexplained infertility?

  70. Dee

    Hi everyone, just stumbled on this website while doing some research about ivf in nigeria. I just had my 2nd ivf at the Ark, althoug i didnt get a BFP but i will always recommend their services to anyone intending to go ivf in lagos, they should be ranked one of the best as far as i am concerned. My husband is 99.9% satisfied with their services despite our negative result which i belief is in the hands of God. My first ivf in india was nothing comparable to my experience at the ARK. I was misdiagnosed of PCOS in india, they dont carry their patients along, nothing transparent about them. There was no post treatment follow up. All they care about is just your $$$ and thats all. I will surely go back to the ARK for my next cycle.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Dee, so sorry that you didn’t get a BFP this time but you will. The Ark Klinic is one of our favorite clinics. Thank you for your feedback. Godspeed and baby dust to you.

  71. Doubleblessing Coming

    Wow. Good work ladies. So proud of you. I have been to about 5 of the clinics you reviewed and I must say you did a good job. Nisa was my first clinic but left after registering because I did not feel comfortable because of their nonchalant attitude. I proceeded to Bridge Clinic and had my first BFN cycle with them and I must say that their service and customer relationship is very POOR. I did 2 failed cycles with FertilAid clinic in abuja and I must confess they are my BEST even though I got a BFN with them. I have recommended them to more than 10 friends and almost all got BFP. Their follow up and customer care is excellent. I am currently thinking of starting another cycle with Olive Branch because I am currently in Lagos and I have heard so much about their success rate though I must say their Nurses are not as friendly and welcoming like the Nurses in Fertilaid Clinic and Dr Emeka is not easily accessible and looks somehow arrogant…..but what I am after now is BFP!!!!! Baby Dust to everyone.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Doubleblessing Coming, thank you for this great review of the clinics. You are spot on with Dr Emeka but his professionalism is not in doubt and result is what counts.Sending loads of double baby dust your way.

  72. Ogbonna Gibson

    Your Comment…plz I need to know cost of some these clinic. thanks

  73. Adebola

    Job well done and this forum is far helpful than you can imagine. Please has anyone recently used Dr. Ashiru/MART for IVF PGD Sex selection? How was the experience and the charges?

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Adebola, the ones I know of are those who had a regular IVF cycle there. Perhaps, someone has an idea and would be willing to share soon.

  74. suzzy

    @ Nicole and Kemi you women are doing a great job, so happy I found myself opening this blog,been searching for a fertility clinic to use in abuja for ivf and i was told about fertil aid at abuja I’ll like to know how good it is in terms of cost, professionalism, and there success rate.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Hi Suzzy. Thanks so much for your kind words hun. I have heard very good things about Fertil Aid. Last I checked, their prices were fairly reasonable. Back when the cost was about 1m, theirs was at least 300k cheaper. We are working on updating our records now, and should have their now pricing soon. I can’t comment first hand on their professionalism, but their success rate is quite high. Good luck hun!

  75. Bukky

    Has anyone has info on the cost and success rate of Fusion nest? Want to go for ivf there.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Bukky, it’s been a while since anyone said anything about Fusion Nest. What made you decide on them?

  76. Angel

    Nicole and Kemi, thank you for info. please I will like to know where i can get good IVF clinic with high success rate in Port Harcourt

  77. Angel

    Thank you Dr K, Is Gyroscope the only IVF clinic that is good in Port Harcourt? I did my first cycle there i didn’t get BFP , no follow-up , their customer relationship is very POOR . Will you still advice me to still go back Gyroscope for a second cycle?

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Angel, first of all I’m not a doctor oh. Lol!!! I suggested it based on feedback from our members. Importantly, in the light of your experience and how you feel about their services, it is not a good idea for you to go back there. You may want to look up Excel Medical Center? A member has been using them and the doctor has been very proactive with her treatment.

  78. Helen

    Please I’m new here can I try fertile aid Abuja?

    1. Pearl

      I think you should check them out or better still make a consultation with them before proceeding on anything since you are based in Abuja.
      I had a first hand experience with Fertilaid years ago and it was a positive experience that yielded good result for what I went there for however this is not so for some who have visited the place.
      I will suggest you check them out first to see for yourself and please do let us know your experience. Wishing you all the best and success.

  79. Helen

    Please what is the success rate,I’m really desperate.thanks for your quick response

    1. Oluwakemi

      Helen, did you read the review? Their success rate from our findings is not that impressive but it’s still one of the top clinics in Abuja. Do you mind coming to Lagos?

  80. Helen

    Wow,thanks a lot for these I really do appreciate,would have loved to come to Lagos but I’m just thinking of the extra cost of going to and fro from Lagos,will really appreciate if there is any other top rated hospital in Abuja then that you can recommend.thanks a lot

    1. divalicious

      Helen,you can check out Fertile Aid in Abuja.

  81. MamaT

    Hello Nicole, have you heard about Medison Hospital. I’m considering cycling there. I had a failed cycle at George’s.Pregnancy was achieved but it resulted in chemical pregnancy.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello MamaT. Sorry about your loss. Honestly, never heard of the clinic you mentioned. Why are you considering cycling there?
      cc: @nicole

    2. Nicole Post author

      Hi MamaT. I haven’t but I could check it out. So sorry about your failed cycle at Georges. Is there any reason you don’t want to repeat the cycle there?

  82. MamaT

    I don’t like the way I was treated at George’s. I noticed I was bleeding I went to the clinic to complain. they left me unattended to for over an hour. they eventually did a test to check the HCG level the first doctor told me the results are encouraging while the second doctor said the pregnancy is no longer viable.No.follow up at all. I had to go there to ask for a review of the procedure, the docto told me the morphology is the issue. I think they should have said this during the procedure or even after. of which I have done two iui’s there before, they never mentioned this. If didn’t insist on the review they would have been silent. I went there this month to consider cycling there again, I explained to the doctor that my oestrogen is low (took test results) I wanted to know if he will give oestrogen supplement after the procedure he said no.

    1. Nicole Post author

      Oh dear, oh dear! My dear, I’m so sorry about that. So very sorry. Would you want me to put in a word to Dr. Iketubosin for you? It’s really not like them. So sorry hun. But if you want to change, I would recommend The Ark. They are also very good.

  83. MamaT

    Thank you so much. I don’t mind. I saw Dr. Faye in July. Have been going to Ark but I stopped. do you mind talking to me privately? I will be able to explain better. I have a note of my symptoms I can send that to your mail. Thank you

    1. Nicole Post author

      Hi hun. Please send me a private message on the site so we can chat better.

  84. Lolo

    Thanks Nicole and Kemi for the wonderful work. You didn’t review TRUCARE fertility centre at Victoria Island Lagos. Maybe I wouldn’t have been a victim of two horrible failed cycles. Pls potential cyclers beware!!!
    Had two failed cycles with them. 2nd second, I was still on the transfer table with transfer going on and they took the light. Not even sure transfer was done. After my failed cycles none of them could tell me what the issue was. Confused set of doctors.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Lolo, so sorry about your experience at the said clinic. We actually knew about them after we had put together this piece and even went to the place and we weren’t impressed. Moreso, some of the experiences of our members didn’t add up. We are yet to hear of a success story from their end. They just seem too interested in their promos.

    2. Nicole Post author

      Lolo, my heart goes out to you! Kemi and I are working on an update to this ranking, so that we can hopefully prevent our community members from clinics like this, that lure people with cheaper prices but nothing to offer. So so sorry dear :hugs: . Will you be cycling again anytime soon?

      1. Lolo

        Thanks a lot Nicole. I won’t be cycling now dear. Am looking at before the end of the year. Am trying to recuperate both financially and otherwise. I wish I knew better

  85. MamaT

    Thank you @Nicole and @oluwakemi. I will be going to back to George’s nextweek friday.Dr. Faye called, he spoke with myself and my husband. I will share the testimony of my twins very soon by God’s grace.

    1. Nicole Post author

      So glad to hear that hun! I am joining my faith with yours, in JESUS’ name! :heart: :hug:

  86. Riri

    Just wanted to say well done to Kemi and Nicole. The website is very informative and the blogs are interesting to read whether TTC or not. The survey of IVF clinics is such a good snapshot/summary. I appreciate the way you are very sympathetic to some of the negative experiences people have had. You always seem ready to help and to go the extra mile. May God be gracious to you and bless you both indeed. Btw I would recommend the ARK to anyone looking. They are professional, kind, clean and God oriented.

  87. Wumi68

    Hello everyone. I must say great job Nicole and Kemi. I am new here, just had a failed cycle. This blog is very informative and useful. I stay in Abuja. My personal opinion about the Bridge clinic; they are only interested in money, the ambience was just okay. The doctor was asking questions and typing, when I asked if I would see him at my next appointment, he told me he was visiting from lagos and I may not see him. I left and vowed never to go back.
    As for fertile aid, the members of staff were very professional and friendly, Dr Shuaibu knows his stuff, very patient and is easily accessible. But they are a bit pricey too.
    A family friend recommended Dr Emeka of Olive branch as the best thing that happened to her as she has her twin boys.
    I am looking for a place for my second cycle in Abuja, I need suggestions please.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Wunmi, your observations of these clinics are right on track. Anyways, Nisa Premier is another clinic in Abuja, although they are a bit pricey too.

  88. Bee

    Hello Kemi, Nicole and members. Has anyone heard of Kingswill specialist at Amuwo Odofin, I need info about them. Thanks

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Bee, yes, we have heard about them from at, least two of our members and they sound good. Exactly what information are you looking for?

      1. Bee

        @Oluwakemi,thanks, I will like to know about their Ivf price, services and success rate since they were not ranked.God bless.

        1. Nicole Post author

          Bee, we’ll be updating this with their pricing soon, but from our investigation, we have found out that it is run by a very credible doctor.

  89. Ife

    Great work Nicole and Kemi! I read every single word from the first post in 2016 to Nicole’s last comment Aug 13 2017. Very good work you two have done.
    I stumbled here while searching about ‘adhesions’. I strongly believe the pain I have in my right lower abdomen is a result of adhesions. I had an appendectomy while I was about 5 months pregnant in july 2014. Had an emergency c-section (meconium stained fluid) in november 2014. I have prominent scars from both surgeries on my abdomen.
    I started having pain September last year during intercourse and other times and had to see a doctor and that was the first time I ever heard about adhesions.
    Periods have been regularly irregular, pain still present. Seen an obgyn. Did a pelvic scan, ECS, HVS, a course of antibiotic- all tests clean. I have been ttc for #2 since last year. I think this adhesion is the obstacle.
    Still having the pain. Have an appointment this week with my obgyn.
    Wish me luck on what it might be and what treatment it would be.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Wooww!!! Ife, you’re awesome. One of our admirers, I see. Thank you for stepping out of the shadows and sharing with us. Of course, we will be rooting for you through this journey.

      All of the procedures, you have had increase the likelihood of adhesions but nothing is impossible. Just in a case, have you read about the castor oil therapy. It helps with adhesions and there has been success story from at least one of our members.

      Keep us updated, better still join our community, to make it easier.
      cc: @nicole

      1. Joyce

        Hi Oluwakemi.Please,I would like to have more info on the castor oil therapy.I learnt 3years ago after an ectopic prego that I have an adhesions (+++) befor the ectopic,I had a failed cycle at Bridge clinic, port Harcourt.Since then,it’s been difficult emotional and otherwise…I decided to go for an HSG test after my sister in law got pre go after and ectopic and it got me concern,,,My HSG…..result showed the remaining tube is hydrosalpinx…I’m confused…Pls i need help and encouraging words.Thank you

        1. Oluwakemi

          Hello Joyce, so sorry about your experience so far. The emotional upheaval is expected but you need to stay strong now. As for your sister-in-law getting pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy, it’s possible but it is not always the same for everyone. The first step now is to sort out that hydrosalpinx, it’s important. What treatment is your doctor suggesting. Here’s the link to to the Castor oil therapy piece;
          cc: @nicole

          1. Joyce

            Hello Nicole,Sorry for the late response.I’m on the castor oil therapy now!….Since I’m considering another ivf….my Dr suggested I go for another operation for the removal of the remaining tube….I’m confused!
            I discussed this with the Dr early this year.Going for another round of operation isn’t fair to me. I wish there’s a way I can go through an ivf without unnecessary opening up….atleast other ways to addressing the hydrosalpinx other than operation…I wish all all is well for me😌

          2. Joyce

            sorry dear Oluwakemi,its a mistake I wrote Nicole …thanks for understanding. Happy Sunday!

        2. Nicole Post author

          Dear Joyce, so sorry about what you’ve had to go through. After an ectopic, some women are lucky to have the remaining tube still viable, and others might have issues. Hydrosalpinx is a serious condition, and could compromise any cycle, IVF or otherwise. It needs to be addressed before you proceed with any other cycle. What treatment plan has your doctor proffered?

    2. Nicole Post author

      Hi Ife. Thanks so much for being a part of our family, :hugs: . Good luck with your appointment with your Ob/Gyn hun. The thing with that adhesions is that they are typically only discovered when the uterus is examined surgically or laparoscopically…but preferably laparoscopically, as we don’t want to increase the incidence of these adhesions. The good thing is that a lot of them can be cleared during a laparoscopy. Maybe you could suggest this to your doctor?

  90. Helen

    Please sister Nicole I really need your help in recommending a good fertility hospital for me in Abuja will really appreciate as I want to register by next week.i really need a good one please.thanks in advance

    1. Nicole Post author

      Helen dear. There are quite a number of good ones. But the one I have heard the best about is Fertil Aid. Do you know where it is?

  91. Zinnylove

    Hello All,
    Please I need to make an inform decision to which clinic to attend. My DH and I are AS and after a prenatal that tested negative last year, my hubby was not ready for me to try that process due to emotional attachment i developed for that 12weeks fetus. Now i read the only way is PGD/PGS to select AA/ AS from the fertilized eggs. Please I like to know the following.
    1. What are the procedure to undergo for our condition?
    2. Is IVF inclusive of PDG/PGS?
    3. Which will you advise, screening SS genotypes out of our my eggs and sperm or screening my fertilized eggs or having an eggs from AA donor and fertilized with hubby sperm?
    4. What are likely price range for each of the procedure most feasible at Nordica, Georges, and any other clinic that can do it? Note: good result at first time and cost is important to us.
    5. How many month does it take to finish such process/procedure?
    6. Can you give a rough statistic of people who have undergo PGD/PGS vs IVF and their success rate?
    7. How many of those in (6.) have opted for twin or triplet and achieve the result vs those who opted form but got one instead.

    Please don’t be annoyed by my many questions as i’m newbies in late twenties. I have no issue of conception except that we are both AS.

    thanks and looking forward to your fruitful advice

    1. Nicole Post author

      Dear Zinnylove,

      Your DH is 100% current. The attachment to a foetus is real, and it makes me not inclined to that option at all.

      Let me try to answer your questions as best as I can…

      1) In this instance, the best option is the PGD/PGS, as it is the only way to ensure you don’t have any SS embryos, without having to undergo a D&C

      2) Yes, the PGD/PGS will be part of an IVF cycle

      3) It might be tricky to screen your and DH’s eggs/sperm respectively, but if that could work, then that would be my first choice. Screening out SS embryos would be my next choice, closely followed by AA donor gametes.

      4) MART is the only clinic I know that does this. However, as they send the embryos abroad for screening, the cost is pretty steep. While you might expect to spend N1.5 – 2m on a standard IVF cycle, you could easily be doing double, treble or even quadruple that. I’d advise you give them a call, for a more accurate pricing.

      5) Our member who did it went through a pretty long process. There was a lot of screening back and forth. If I remember correctly, it was about 4 months.

      6 & 7) The success rate is just the same as with any IVF cycle, with odds of multiples the same. There are no guarantees of multiples, even with multiple embryos transferred. That’s all a function of the embryos implanting (or not). I know someone who had 1 embryo transferred and ended up with twins. I know someone who transferred 5, and ended up with 1. So it’s all a matter of chance.

      Sending you hugs hun. Are you based in Lagos? You could DM me to talk some more.

  92. Demilade

    Goodday. Pls I av bin trying to conceive for abt 8yrs.i am diagnosed of PCOS .
    I hv had 2 failed iui. Want to try ivf pls which hospital do u recommend cz I can’t afford to put in lots of money and won’t hv result for it in d long run.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Demilade, you’re sounding jaded already but it’s going to be fine at the end of the day. As you must already know, IVF is very expensive and if you want to go to some of the best clinics, where you have at least a decent chance at conceiving, then you have to budget over a million Naira. Sadly, there are no guarantees.
      Better to wait, save up and try in a good clinic than less than desirable clinics doing promos.
      You can try Lifeshore clinic in Surulere.
      Meanwhile, what lifestyle changes are you making to relieve some of PCOS symptoms.

  93. Helen

    Hello please do any one have an idea about this newly established IVf clinic at federal medical center jabi/airport road.please has any one cycled there or have atleast heard anything about them?like the success rate and so on.will really appreciate

    1. Nicole Post author

      Hi Helen. Not that we know of, but we can make inquiries for you.

      @oluwakemine, let’s include this in our next review.

  94. Lyn

    Hi Nicole and Kami, may God bless you guys. I had a failed cycle at Nisa and a friend had recommended Fertil aid clinic Abuja.. what’s their price and success rate as compared to Nordica; as the testimonies of Nordica online got me moved. I have colleagues who had used fertil aid and both were successful at 1 attempt. I have joined in faith with every woman that I will succeed on this next attempt. All I need is recommendation and prayers. Please recommend for me and also let me know what the price range.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Lyn, so sorry about your failed cycle. What was the cause? Well, given the choice of Fertilaid and Nordica, I would pick Fertilaid without hesitance. We have heard many nice things about the clinic and the doctor is easy to talk to too, which is comforting in itself. Definitely, we will be keeping you in our prayers.
      cc: @nicole

  95. Helen

    Good evening sister Oluwakemi and sis Nicole,please you once suggested if I will like to come to Lagos please as it is I will love to come to Lagos from Abuja so please sister Kemi which hospital are you recommending for me?and please what is the cost and also the duration of time needed and if you don’t mind is there a way I can reach you privately?so you give me the necessary details needed

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Helen, that’s nice to know. Some clinics you can try include Georgie’s Memorial Medical Center, Ark Klinic and Olive Branch. Duration mostly depends on factors like the result of your investigations, response to medications and so on, so it’s not rigid.
      You can register on the site, so we can chat privately. Just go to the house icon on the left hand side of the site, click and it will show you the register button. Follow through and we can chat before the end of the day.
      cc: @nicole

    2. Nicole Post author

      Dear Helen, like Kemi said, we’d be honored to chat with you privately. The hospitals she has recommended are our personal picks, especially Georges Memorial and The Ark :yes:

  96. Helen

    Thanks will really appreciate your quick response

  97. Helen

    Good day sis Kemi have been able to register on the site but I’m finding it difficult to send a private it possible you put me through so I can communicate with you mam?thanks alot

  98. Wumi6i

    Hello ladies. Hope we are doing great. I just received the information below. I called the hospital and spoke to Deola who confirmed this information.

    Do u know anyone that needs IVF but can’t afford it? Pls send them to Diff. They launched a charity program today. N1m for 3 cycles!!! This offer is for a limited time.

    Registration is 30,000.
    Couples fertility test 100,000.
    IVF for 3 cycles is 1million.
    This offer is till 31st October 2017.

    DIFF clinic Abuja comes highly recommended but very pricey. I think this is a great opportunity for all those ttc. Please feel free to spread the news.

    Best wishes to every one

  99. Wumi6i

    Hello ladies. Hope we are doing great. I just received the information below. I called the hospital and spoke to Deola who confirmed this information.

    Do u know anyone that needs IVF but can’t afford it? Pls send them to Diff. They launched a charity program today. N1m for 3 cycles!!! This offer is for a limited time.

    Registration is 30,000.n
    Couples fertility test 100,000.
    IVF for 3 cycles is 1million.
    This offer is till 31st October 2017.

    DIFF clinic Abuja comes highly recommended but very pricey. I think this is a great opportunity for all those ttc. Please feel free to spread the news.

    Best wishes to every one

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Wumi6i,

      Thank you so much for providing this information. We will check it out.​

      1. Glam

        Hello beautiful sis kemi & nicole!
        Hello to all my awesome sisters on this platform!
        Thanks for the good job you are all doing…
        The support i see women giving to fellow women especially through platforms like this
        makes me even more proud that i was born a female….
        I will need you help & suggestions on this particular topic…@Choosing a fertility clinic
        I am looking to start the hopeful journey by getting professional help…
        I live in abuja & Looking @ your analysis…my options will be amongst this three
        (1) Nisa premier hospital
        (2) The bridge clinic
        (3)Fertile aid clinic
        (4) Diff hospital
        as we realised after the basic checks that we have a male factor infertility issue called azoospermia.
        I will be waiting for your feedback on this.
        Thank you & God bless us all abundantly with as much children as we desire * They shall be none barren in the land IJN Amen

        1. Oluwakemi

          Hello Glam, glad to read you are starting your cycle soon. Sending loads of baby dust your way. Amen.

          There are four clinics here but Fertilaid stands out for me. I have heard so many nice things about the doctor there, the clinic’s success rate is also fine, not fantastic, just fine.
          As for an urologist, they will most likely bring in an expert, if you are willing to try them out. However, I’m almost certain The Bridge will have an urologist in house.

          Let’s know it goes.
          cc: @nicole

    2. Ogbemi

      Hello, thanks for the info, is there a number to call please? I intend to plead seriously with DH to let’s try DIFF. I live far in OJo lagos so using VI/ LEKKI clinics is out of it. But Abuja is just perfect. I need contact nos pls.

      1. Oluwakemi

        Hello Wumi6i, if you are talking contact number of the clinics, you can get that off their websites. And if you would like to chat with us here, you can register as a member on the site and we can chat privately.

  100. Bougiee

    I had a failed IVF cycle at the Roding Reproductive Center in Lekki, first attempt. While I do not blame them for the actual failure of the process, my experience left a lot to be desired!!! They came in very highly recommended by a friend so despite all the red flags I saw I just kept trusting that all will be well but alas…

    Firstly the level of professionalism in the clinic is so low! You make payment for procedure in the clinics account but make payment for drugs into the supervisor of IVF Counseling Unit account?????They claim that it is difficult to get money out of the corporate account to pay their ivf drug supplier so they ask patients to pay directly to the woman…so suspicious

    Also this fertility counsellor is not a doctor but guess what ladies, every time I went to the clinic, I had to speak with her. Can you believe that I never for once sat down and had a consultation with the doctor????Mad ting! Even I marvel at my own stupidity in hindsight…The only times I got to see him was when he did the scans during stims and on ER and ET day. I only ever saw the doctor in the

    Also the coordination was so poor- from being given the wrong drugs at a point during stims, to the lack of professionalism of the all just really sucked!

    Through out the two week wait, I never heard from them once to even ask how I was doing. On the test day, they asked me to go to their clinic in VI to get my blood drawn and then come to Lekki for the result??????WTF???How can you be a fertility clinic and not have the capability to run a pregnancy test in-house. Imagine the emotional stress I went through running from Pillar to Post on test day. After getting to the clinic, guess who told me my test results? Our dear fertility counsellor :) Again, the doctor was nowhere to be found. As i walked out of the place, she told me they will be in touch, till today, several weeks after, I have not heard a pip from anyone at Roding. But they knew how to call me asking me of the balance of my payment which I had already made and their accounts department failed to communicate. See why i said they are unprofessional???

    Oh another short story before i end this rant! Before my ER, i had done so much research online and I read that the doctor should be able to tell you how many eggs they retrieved immediately after the surgery. When I came to from the anesthesia, of course mystery doctor was gone and I was met only by the nurse. I asked her how many eggs were retrieved and she said that they cannot say, the embryologist will call me tomorrow to let me know?? Please when you get the call the next day, is it not to tell you how many eggs fertilized???Anyway they called me the next day to tell me the number of eggs they retrieved and the disparity in the number of eggs retrieved and my last follicle count before ER was so huge!!! I know that not all follicles contain eggs but I had 13 less eggs than follicles counted…how sway??? I asked if they meant that was the number of mature eggs and she said no that was the number of eggs retrieved…Meanwhile I don’t know if i was hallucinating but i swear that as I was waking up from the drugs after ER, I heard them talking about how they got so many eggs from me and maybe I could donate some. I don’t want to believe they will sink as low as stealing my eggs so let us just say I was hallucinating and they were honest about the number of eggs retrieved :) But that was another red flag for me

    I had a terrible experience the whole time, I was not treated well at all, I mean I paid approx 1.6m, the lead i deserve is good service! They were also so inflexible, telling me they close at 5, so if I, a working professional can’t make it there before 5 on the dot, they will not attend to me… The nurse was basically shouting at me that day telling me she will not wait for me for even 5 mins and will drop my drugs with someone else…Oh they don’t also open Saturdays as well…

    I don’t doubt that they have expertise because they have recorded a good number of success for several people including my friend who swore heaven and earth that they were God’s gift to Nigeria but I had a rubbish experience and will not be returning!!

    1. Nicole Post author

      OMG, I’m left stunned by this!!! Really speechless. I’ve only heard good things about Roding, so this is quite shocking. So sorry you had to go through all that. The process is hard enough as it is, without having to add all this drama to it. So sorry dear. And thanks soooo much for your insight and contribution. It will really go a long way in helping many others!

    2. Bos

      Sending you cyber hugs Bougiee. It’s our dear Lord who blesses us with these babies, we pray he guides you in choosing another hospital so you can have your BFP soonest!!!

      I cant believe you weren’t seeing a doctor or they could not tell you how many eggs were collected. There is a huge communication gap somewhere and Yes you are allowed to rant and be displeased after paying so much for such horrible service rendered.
      I think you ought to do them a letter expressing your concerns with the entire process. How can they not be available or provide an alternative for Saturday clinic? My hospital didn’t open on Sundays but there was a 1 hour window we could all come in for injections.
      How unprofessional are those nurses? The entire process sounds like it was so stressful which isn’t help during a cycle.
      :dust: :dust:

    3. Tiwatope

      You are absolutely correct about Roding!!! Unfortunately for me, I didn’t see this before registering there.
      I paid for tests, had to call them before I was informed that the results were out. During my “consultation with Mrs Magaret, she told me that one of the tests done for me was too expensive and unnecessary.
      My husband was said to have an infection and when I asked how the infection could be contacted, she asked me to please check google as she was tired.
      We were asked to carry out tests outside (after paying 125k for initial testing o), we sha sent the test results to them. We were asked to come for another appointment for review of the test, we stayed up to 2hrs before we were attended to, only to be told that the doctor that could interpret the result was unavailable and the result had to be sent to their VI office.
      I had to call them a few days later before I could get any tangible info. We were asked to come for another appointment and I refused cos the two previous appointment combined did not last up to 5mins.
      So Mrs Margaret called and in d course of our conversation she told me “whatever’’. I cried after the call because I felt like she was just taking advantage of my situation. If I could have gotten pregnant naturally, I wouldn’t have had any reason to meet with such a nasty elderly woman.
      I am currently searching for an alternative hospital cos I can’t continue with Roding lai lai.
      Really waiting for your updated review

  101. Helen

    Good evening everyone.please how long does an IVF cycle takes?

    1. Nicole Post author

      Hello Helen. It depends on your protocol. About 4 – 8 weeks.

  102. OLA

    Hi Kemi/Nicole,

    thumbs up for this survey. Am really impressed.

  103. Demilade

    Hi. Please i was diagnosed of PCOS. Want to go for IVF.Pls what is ur opinion on true care ( heard there is an oncoming promo.) aň nordica
    If not reccommendable. Where can I try for IVF wt a good success rate

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Demilade, I would recommend some other clinics, like The ARK Klinic or Georgies Memorial Medical center.

  104. Helen

    Hello every one I got this information and decide to share with you all.on November The Federal Medical Centre, Jabi is currently offering fertility treatment (IVF) to interested couples at a highly subsidised rate. The total fee is 550,000.00 (Drugs inclusive). Registration commences on November 1, 2017 with vacancies only available for the first 100 couples. Please contact 09093770680 and 08183128386 for further enquiries.Federal Medical Centre

  105. Amara

    Okay, having read a lot of reviews here I have decided to write my story because I hope it will help some ladies especially those of us in Port Harcourt. I started my IVF journey in Dec 2016 with Nobel fertility hospital along NTA road. At first, i was moved by the doctor empathy irrespective of the fact that the environment was not conducive and I saw some review on Naira land that the doctor was all about money and didn’t have any success rate I went ahead with the procedure. He promised to do ICSI after hearing our story.
    During the cycle, scanning was done once and Dr. Casmir and his nurses refused to tell me how well the follicle and eggs were maturing, I still kept faith till the day of egg retrieval, we were more than 25 women, yes 25 women for Dec 2016 batch, but what do I know, eggs were retrieved and the DR. refused telling us how many. to cut the story short the cycle failed, out of 25 women, i think less than 6 had a positive result.
    Myself and hubby went back and the story was this happened, that happened, maybe you didn’t rest well…… he convinced we try again in April batch and we did, the same thing happened like the previous cycle, no hormonal profile test, after egg retrieval before the analgesic clears from your eyes you will be horrid to leave the bed for another woman to come and lie down, the cycle failed. we were less than 4 in that batch that got a positive result. No, follow up after a failed cycle and the doctor blames you and the embryologist for his incompetence, he claims he put 3 eggs back but people doubt if he puts anything in at all, in short nothing works in Nobel fertility hospital. Well, I am not a quitter, I will try again but definitely not in Port Harcourt and this time I believe that I will win.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Phew Amara, this sounds like a very bad horror film. So sad that you have to go through such in the name of fertility treatment. Thank you for sharing your story, it will help some other woman not to fall victim. 6 Positives out of 25 women? Hmmm, Lord have mercy. Thank God you moved on. There are other clinics you can try outside of PH, just holla when you are ready. Who knows you might even be surprised before then.

  106. vickylaw

    evenin nicole n kemi,
    pls has any1 heard or used “care women clinic” in porthacourt cos i carriedout my fertility checks there n am planning on cycling wit dem next month….pls i hav bin saving up since early dis yr for dis n i cnt bear it if anytin goes wrong. tnx

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello​ Vickylaw, honestly, this is the first I’m hearing of the clinic you mentioned, hence I cannot vouch for their services however, I will make some inquiries.
      cc: @nicole

        1. Amara

          I know of several women who have cycled there and the cycle failed, never heard of a positive result there.

  107. Helen

    I’m so sorry Amara for all you have gone thru in the hands of the doctor and the hospital.but I will be sincere with you,you will also share part of the blame.i have read extensively about IVF,when cycling from the day you start taking your injections to 5days you and your doctor should be communicating during or after each scan on how many follicles are growing and how well are they growing until the day of the retrieval you should know how many follicles you have already,note you are only put to sleep on retrieval day not on a transfer are supposed to be fully awake on a transfer day and you also request to see your Embrayo before the transfer,you should know how many fertilized and how many are they going to transfer and during transfer you are watching the scan how is been transferred are paying your hard earned money for this and do not let any doctor take advantage of you,you should be bold enough to ask them questions and if they refused to answer you threatened them you will cancel the procedure.

    1. Amara

      Hi Helen, the doctor like I said he claims to put 3 back

  108. Uj

    Hello, Thank you for all these lovely information. Do you know which of them handle sex selection?

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Uj, to do gender selection, you have to do PGS/PGD and most of these clinics offer this procedure. The Bridge, MART, offer this service.

      1. Uj

        Hello Oluwakemi, From feedback received from those contacted they need to send the embryo’s out of the country for Biopsy and its kinda expensive. Hence was wondering if you would know of any (that has a good success rate) that does it in Nigeria or at a more affordable rate.

        1. Oluwakemi

          Uj, what You found out is the truth. No clinic in Nigeria does the entirety of the procedure here, it is often done outside the country hence the expensive nature of the procedure.

  109. kiks

    Thanks team for a job well done. i can confirm some of your views based on my experience. i was reviewing the survey with keen interest only to find out that general hospitals were not inclusive.

    i wish i could ask that similar survey be conducted for general hospitals offering similar services.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Kiks, thanks for your feedback. With regards to general hospitals, the feedback wasn’t so encouraging. If we were to do a survey on them, we would have to do a separate review of government hospitals, otherwise, it will be a major disservice to them to be compared with other private establishments.

  110. Ayorinde

    Hello admin, please when last was this chart updated? We would like to see a more recent review. Some of this clinics might have improved while some basking on old glory. It will be raspy but I pray for strength for you to do. Thanks. Please do let know how soon it can be updated.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Ayorinde, This your comment made me smile, especially the old glory part. Anyways, we are working on the update and we will publish it as soon as we are done with it.

      1. Uj

        Hello Kemi, Compliments of the season. How soon would it be published? Would be good to also include details on sex selection & affordability in the updated version.

  111. Laughter4JM

    Hello sister Nicole/Kemi, thanks for taking time to share the burden of TTC couples. May God richly bless you. We’ve been TTC since 2011. had 2failed cycles in India in 2014 (22embryos fertilized) , 2failed cycles at bridge (16embryos ferilized, 15 had embryo arrest b4 transfer on day 5,) and 1 failed cycle at George Memorial (about 12fertilized and 9 had embryo arrest before transfer on day 5, 2not of good grades, leaving only one for implantation). I had PCOS making me produce high no of eggs as Dr confirms my ovarian reserve as high even at 41. Hubby has azeospermia but surgical sperm retrieval has been successful on each attempt. Can you possibly advice what could have been resposible for this failures and embryo arrest (such did not occur in India, we even had spare embryos for frozen transfer cycle). Also, which clinic within the country do you think can best suit our situation. Finally, do yoi have any information on Save A Life clinic in PH, we in PH area have been hearing much about their IVF program but can’t tell how genuine or successful it is.

    1. Oluwakemi

      Hello Laughter4JM, your journey has been quite eventful. Did you try to find out why the IVF cycles failed during your post cycle review?s It’s great that you are producing so much eggs ( thanks to PCOS) but your age can be blamed for the embryo arrest that has been coming up at Nigerian clinics.
      Never heard about the clinic in PH and I cannot vouch for their services.
      When you cycled at Georgies, did you see Dr Iketubosin? If not you should consider him. Another good clinic is Ark Klinic. Or Fertilaid in Abuja, he is quite good with older TTC women.
      cc: @nicole @pearl

      1. Pearl

        Thanks for the tag @Oluwakemine.
        @Laughter4JM: That’s such a high number of eggs and embryo for every cycle putting PCOS into consideration. I personally think its best you find out why previous cycle had failed before embarking on another cycle.
        Also, are you on any treatment for PCOS or just on fertility treatment to have a baby because your narrative about the number of eggs and embryo is something to look into.
        Questions of concern: Why so many eggs and whats the causes? How viable are those eggs? What are the possible causes for the embryo arrest; is it the fertility treatment or injections/pills used, PCOS, genetics or environmental factors?

    2. Nicole Post author

      Laughter4JM, so sorry about all you’ve had to go through. Kemi and Pearl are right, in that it’s best to thoroughly investigate further before cycling again. How old were when you cycled in India? And what have been your recent FSH and AMH results? It’s possible that though you might be producing many eggs, quality might be an issue. Sending you lots of :hug: hun. Please be sure to get answers before embarking on another cycle.

  112. ZeeTee

    Please Kemi & Nicole, I was recently diagnosed of endometriosis and reside in Lagos. I have been married for 4 years and I would like to do an IVF because of so many stories surrounding the endo stuff. I also learnt not all doctors are good at handling it.
    Please help me to confirm which hospital I can cycle with and if the Dr is knowledgeable about endometriosis.

    I would appreciate your kind response.

    Thank you

    1. Nicole Post author

      Dear ZeeTee. Compliments of the season. I would recommend either Georges Memorial or The Ark Klinic,as Dr. Iketubosin and Dr. Yemisi Bero (respectively) are well versed with handling ART for endometriosis, and other complicated issues.

      1. ZeeTee

        Thank you Nicole, Please can you assist me with contact for Art Klinic as I am unable to get their information online.

        Thank you.

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