Tayo’s Infertility Diary 26: Notice!

June 9th, 2008

CD 21/ 5DPO

Oh my gosh!!! I can’t believe I got the job!!!

I found out within an hour of the interview! I really didn’t think I’d get it, because not only did I struggle with preparing for it yesterday, considering all the Panadol I was drinking on Natalia’s behalf, the company also had an internal candidate. But God being God, I was able to triumph through it all.

Even though I didn’t really have high hopes, because it’s yet another financial institution, and also because I’ve been hoping for the Cisco job offer, when I found out what the terms of this job are, I was giddy with excitement.

First of all, the money is about double what my current crap job pays. Secondly, I get to work only 3 days a week, with the other 2 being with the option of working from home. Lastly, the start date is at the end of the August…so that actually gives me the rest of the summer off! When I get home, I will have a chat with Javier, so we can decide when should be the best time to resign my current crap job. The sooner the better, if it were left to me. But as my olowo ori mi, I have to run it by my 27 year old husband first!

On the TTC front nothing to report. My bloodwork is tomorrow, and not today as I’d originally thought. It will be my CD22 / 6DPO, so that should be okay. Thankfully, I’ll go in before work, so I wont have to call in sick again. But if I could resign, then I wouldn’t even have to go at all.

Decisions decisions!


June 10th, 2008

CD 22/ 6DPO

Well, I went for the blood test this morning. Javier forgot, so I left him in bed, and went by myself…so he’s feeling a bit guilty at the moment. Tough for him!

The nurse said the results will be in on Friday, after 10am, so I guess I don’t have too long to wait? To be honest, I don’t really know what I’m expecting, or what the doctor can do? If the test comes out normal, that will be great, because it will mean I should be able to sustain a pregnancy, without meds, but it also means that I have to put up with horrible spotting!! I’m really not sure what it is I really would prefer.

Oh, the good news? Javier and I decided that I can hand in my notice today! Yay! I was so worried that he would advice me to stay until the new job starts, at the end of summer. But on the contrary, he actually told me he’s noticed how miserable I am at the job, and the sooner I can leave, the better! So, that will give me ample time to jollof this summer. I might even be able to squeeze in a trip to Nigeria too! Now, that would excite my Mother no end!

So, when I got to work from the clinic, I happily handed my notice to my boss. The man was actually upset. Eiya! LOL! Please, I have had enough of their collective bad energy! Who knows if that’s the reason I haven’t been able to conceive sef!

In two weeks, I’m outta there!


June 11th, 2008

CD 23 / 7DPO

So, I’m 7DPO, but yet no symptoms, and with my temps pretty much the same as last cycle.

There’s no point wasting my time getting my hopes up this cycle. That’s another cycle gone.

Javier goes away for work today, and doesn’t get back until Saturday evening. I’m almost glad, as it means he won’t be here to see me feeling sorry for myself!

I’m not happy at all…


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