Tayo’s Infertility Diary 25: Minding my Business

June 7th, 2008

CD19 / 3PO

I woke up with the hangover of LIFE!!! My head was pounding, as if there was a Mariachi band playing inside it. But after a fun night with my friends last night, it was well worth it.

I heard Anike pattering around the house, and realized I was the only one worse for wear. When she walked into the room, with a cup of coffee and bagel for me, I saw that she had been up long enough to go for a run!!!

“Wake up, old woman!” she had teased, handing me the food “After that small night out, you’re sleeping till noon! You’ve lost it oh!”

Ehn?! Noon ke?!

I barely finished my breakfast, before I jumped into the shower, got dressed, and left the house. My original plan had been to go home first, before coming back to town to see Natalia, as I’d promised. But, considering the time, I realized I would be better off seeing Natalia before heading back to Borehamwood.

Anike wasn’t happy that I was leaving so soon (it took a while for me to make her realize that noon wasn’t ‘so soon’), so we made plans to have another night out soon. But only after I’ve recovered from last night though. Anike is right about me having lost it. Back in the day, I would have been partying hard till 7 am in the morning, washed my face, and gone for lectures, without even breaking a sweat. Last night’s bender was nothing like what I used to do, but alas. My almost 32-year old self can no longer handle this kind of behavior.

“What happened to you?!” Natalia, had exclaimed when she opened the door.

Yes, I knew I wasn’t looking a pretty picture. With no time to use a curling tong, or even apply mascara, I wasn’t quite looking my usual self.

She had a good laugh when I told her about my night, and we had proceeded to check out the hotels I have selected for our trip to Tuscany, for Mateo’s wedding. We soon decided on the one we liked, and went on to make our bookings.

As we sat in front of the computer, I noticed Keith walking around the house, with a tight frown on his face. And every time he walked by, I could almost sense Natalia tense. Where these not the same people who had ended a pregnancy, so that they could ‘live life’? Was this the life they were supposedly living?

But I reminded myself of my decision not to speak about the abortion, so I decided to ignore them. And I did…until Keith had grabbed his car keys, and unceremoniously stormed out of the house.

“He’s gone to get the girls from ballet practice” Natalia had offered lamely.

Ah! I didn’t ask oh!

I nodded politely, keeping my eyes on the screen, until I noticed that Natalia was crying. Sighing deeply, I turned to hug her. No words were spoken. I wasn’t in the mood to hear about whatever was going on with them, and she apparently wasn’t up to talking either. So, we had just stayed in an embrace for the rest of the afternoon.

As soon as Keith returned, I felt better about leaving, as I hadn’t wanted to leave her alone in that state. I decide to finish our bookings from my house.

“Leaving so soon?” Keith had mumbled, as I walked by him “You better watch those pies, love. That nice arse of yours is getting a lot bigger!”

I had turned, to see him leering at me, with a sly smile on his face. If it was another man, he would have understood why my brothers had nicknamed me Acid Tongue when we were younger. I would have insulted him ehn, he wouldn’t even have known himself! But I decided to just bite my tongue, and keep it moving.

Back at home, as I struggled with the bookings, the events of the day kept me from concentrating. I just couldn’t get that tense atmosphere out of my head.

“What do you think of Keith?” I had asked Javier, as we lay in bed that night “You’ve known him since you were 11. Is he a good guy?”

Javier had given me a puzzled look “Where did that come from?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. There’s just something about him…”

My husband hadn’t responded, and as I looked at him, I saw that he had a slight frown on his face. I knew him well enough to know that he was pondering his answer.

“Well…he’s okay” he had eventually said “We haven’t always been the best of friends…but he’s a good lad, I guess”

Hmmm. I could read between the lines to see that I wasn’t the only one with reservations about the dude.

A part of me wanted to tell Javier all about that’s been going on with Natalia and Keith…how he made her abort her pregnancy, just so that they could recapture their youth. I wish I could share my worries and suspicions with Javier, but I know that will cause more harm than good. Javier and his brothers are fiercely protective of their sister, Natalia, especially after having lost their other sister to cancer, a few years before I met him.

So, I decided to do the wise thing.

Mind my own damned business!



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