Sex Positions That Make Conception Easier

Hmm ehmmm! Ok, so yes we are talking about sex! I am not going to go sanctimonious on this one, I mean how else do we get the babies we crave, if not for some good ol’ love making. I am so jolly today writing on this topic because the tips I have for you are tested and trusted by yours truly, and recently scientists even proved my common sense right. Okay, prior to my TTC days, my best position was the cowgirl style and the reverse cowgirl. These styles made me feel in control and I liked the high from feeling all badass and wonder-woman like. But when I went into actively trying for a baby, I just knew this style wasn’t going to give me what I wanted. As much as it allowed for deep penetration, it doesn’t help the sperm go through to the fallopian tubes easy. I mean, how are the swimmers suppose to travel easy, when they are in upward flight and I am in a downward slide? Most likely, before they even get to the party, they have slid out of my cervix already. Omoge had to get wise!


1. Good Ol’ Missionary!

I like the missionary sex style but not too much. It normally works well for me on days when I am simply lazy and tired. I just imagined it to be a stale sex style, and liked to try something different and more fun whenever I had the energy. But guess what? If you are trying to conceive, missionary style is your go-to sex style for easy conception! This style has you on your back and hopefully with your waist arched upwards, so when DH releases precious seed into you; they fly fast through the cervix, past the uterus and into your fallopian tubes. Millions of semen are released in one bust, so if you help them get to Lady Eggy soonest, everyone would be happy!


2. Doggy Style

Some women complain that they do not like the thought of doggy style, because they want to be looking their partner in the face while in intimacy. If you haven’€™t tried it, give it a try before concluding that you do not like it. And if you tried it once and didn’€™t like it, try it again! A friend of mine complained one time when her DH suggested doggy and they tried it. She said it made her feel like a slave being on all fours and having her hubby ram into her from behind. When she brought up this issue at a lunch, we all laughed and advised her to give it a go a couple more times before concluding; now she swears by it. Needless to say that most men love the doggy style; it is also blissful for us ladies because it allows for really deep penetration and is very likely to place the sperm right next to your cervix! Nothing like some G-spot happy moments that also navigates the swimmers to the right gate.


3. Beautiful Butterfly!

For the butterfly position, the woman lies on her back on a table (your dresser can also come in handy here). The man steps in between her feet, raises his hips with her hands or props her up on pillows and they ride into a blissful sunset together. Now, take it to the banks that this style would not only increase the quotient of your sex life (which timed sex can put a strain on), it also ensures better penetration and helps the sperm stay in the vagina.


4. Spooning

There is just something intimate and tranquil about the spooning sex style, and I am glad that it is also a baby-making style, that allows for ample penetration as well. With the man behind the woman as they lie down, this position ensures that the sperm reaches the cervix because the woman’s cervix is tilted to the right angle.


Scientists Proved me Right

It is amazing what experts spend their time researching. It’s nice to know that nothing is undermined, or left to myths and opinions! And bless God for science and technology!

Anyways, conducted research on best sex positions for baby making reveals what happens inside the uterus, when the deed is being done. Some really brave couples (really really brave) volunteered to be scanned while having sex, with the experts using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The MRI scans confirmed that the tip of the penis reaches deep to the recesses of the cervix and walls of the vagina in both the missionary and doggy sexual positions. So there you go; these styles are tested, trusted and verified!

Finally, a good tip to practice is to lay in bed for about fifteen minutes after ejaculation. Although there is enough semen to fertilize an egg, this tip allows you make the process faster and easier for the swimmers.

Try it out, and let me know how it goes! God speed  :good:

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  1. Grace

    Cool i have always loved the Doggy style though. Keeping it up and will spice it will the missionary :) Thanks for sharing @ipheoma

  2. chioma

    Thank you for this. It is helpful.

  3. Tee

    I never used to like the doggy position, but i guess thats bcos i didnt get the positioning quite well. Bet now, oh lawd….lets leave it there. Yea all cowgirl position remain my fav.

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