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  • Plenty things o! Just keep praying for us, y’all. God is working wonders already!

  • Oh God, for the remaining part of this preg show yourself strong! Fulfil your word n promises. Remember your covenant, Oh God!

    Please pray for me and with me! I need every single prayer I can get right now.

  • Thanks for your prayers and concerns. I truly appreciate. I’m back in the hospital. BP is borderline but I have been placed on an antihypertensive. I couldn’t sleep last night cos I was worried. I’m still in the 2nd trimester, for God’ sake. We go through a lot to get pregnant and then still fight to have the baby.

    N.B: I just avoided Google this…[Read more]

  • I finally got a mid-term break! Hahaha.. I was allow to spend 2 weeks out of the hospital but on complete bed rest. However, I’m a little bothered. I’ve started vomiting again. Having slight headaches. Even my BP. I may return back to the hospital today or tomorrow.

    Please, God see me thru to the end.

  • @Pearl, I need all the strength and prayers I can get now. Every day, there’s a new challenge. Its scary sometimes. I just keep reminding myself of God’s promises to me.

    @oluwakemine, I’m in a different town. A different state, infact. I know nobody here. I’ve tried all the various ‘mama-put’ around the hospital to no avail. There is a new…[Read more]

  • Me and my seasonal appearances! Lol… I’m still in the hospital.

    To get pikin nor easy sha! I’ve been lying on sides for 60days now o! Only allowed to go on bathroom breaks. Imagine eating while lying on your side with your legs elevated. Hmmmm…

    Another matter is the financial implication. The number of scans I have done eh! Every part of my…[Read more]

  • What nonsense!! They always claimed they made a mistake when the other person finds happiness.

  • Charles Ruby posted a new activity comment 1 month ago

    Babe, the 1st 12weeks, I ate nothing but indomie and half boiled eggs. A pack a day was my target. I lost 5kg in my 1st trimester o! For 5days I was on infusion (drip) only cos I was always vomiting non-stop. By the time I started eating, I stooled non-stop. Hahaha… My parents were scared. My mum prayed non-stop. I only started eating well at…[Read more]

  • Charles Ruby posted a new activity comment 1 month ago

    5 weeks remaining so no fret! 1year paid maternity leave?! Wow!!! In Nigeria?! That’s good. Y disturb yourself with work when you can rest? U’ve already said the stress is responsible for your weight. Anyways, you are supposed to gain at least 10-12kg in pregnancy. I think you should check the weight ish with your doctor.

    • no we live in canada thats why i will get 1 yr paid maternity leave. yeas the dr is not so happy with my weight gain but i reallly dont have any more tricks to play at this point. i could have stuffed myself full of carbs but my carb intake is also regulated due to my sugar being high. it really is a no win situation. but on the bright side my…[Read more]

  • Charles Ruby posted an update in the group Group logo of Pregnancy GroupPregnancy Group 1 month ago

    Its been 1month since I wrote that I was draining liquor after having a cervical cerclage done but nobody asked how I was faring after my last post. Its wa…

    I know that nobody is responsible for me n everybody is busy with their lives and pregnancy but a little concern is needed sometimes.

    Update: I’m still in the hospital. 32days on…[Read more]

    • @temotighoken please don’t feel offended. You have most surely been on all our minds. I had some intermittent fluid draining during my own time, but it was nothing serious. I honestly didn’t think you’d been on admission all this while.

      But it is also unfair to accuse us of not showing concern. You’ve been a part of our family even before your…[Read more]

      • Ruby @temotighoken, please accept my apologies for this. Biko, don’ t be offended. But like Nicole has already said, it doesn’t mean, you were not on our minds. It’s just the reality here that some people just go off and don’t want to share, but it doesn’t mean, we don’t care, infact, we care too much sef but we wouldn’t want to be spamming them…[Read more]

        • i’m so sorry Ruby @temotighoken, i did not even read the initial post because i have not been so active on here. you are in my thoughts and prayers! trust God for the best.

  • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So help you, God! Thanks for writing regularly, Ihunna

  • Correct!!!!!! *claps hands* Dem never sabi!

  • Baby steps but you will get there, Fola.

  • Charles Ruby posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    Hmmmmmm…. Still is. Passed out slimy discharge this afternoon. Imagine how I feel right now.

  • Charles Ruby posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    I did yesterday. Bled for d 1st 12hrs but now I’m passing out clear fluid in large volume. I’m pretty scared. So scared. Terribly scared.

  • Charles Ruby posted a new activity comment 2 months, 1 week ago

    Finally decided to have one after all the plenty research and questions asked. @tumininu, Congratulations. I really wanted a twin pregnancy to be my first. I know I will get them next time. #motherofnations

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  • Charles Ruby posted a new activity comment 3 months ago

    Onesies and first wears are always so pretty so I won’t blame your husband. Lolzzzz… I was about to buy 20 sleeveless and 20 with sleeves yesterday. Don’t mind us. Lolzzz

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