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    Hello @oluwakemine didn’t see my tickers, lmp was 14th January.

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    Good evening everyone @ Kemi I’ve been booked for Hsg tomorrow, I went back to the doctor just as we concluded and he said I should go back to metformin for six cycles and try and drop 10kg from now till February next year. Then do the Hsg to see how my tubes are. Then they will track my cycle im December to see how I’m responding, I’m on keto…[Read more]

    • Hoping everything comes out clear today Ebere @eby.
      Amen to that twins prayer.
      That diet is really working oh, 6kf in 3 weeks. Fingers crossed for the best dear. :dust:

  • we have been super blessed this year, it is awesome! Welldone @oluwakemine @nicole God bless all the mamas and babies.

  • @tighoCharles @oluwakemi @nicole i hear u hun am even thinking of wheel barrow style¬† :haha: ¬† :haha: good morning fam

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 6 months ago

    Oh noooooo, @tighocharles :nope: :nope: ! I’m so so sorry to read this hun! Awww, so sad to read this. What is your doctor’s plan going forward? Because you need to investigate it. Do you want to consider seeing another doctor?

    cc: @oluwakemine

    • :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: Tigho @tighocharles. It’s so sad but thank God for the peace, which He has given you. Since you are able to find a heart of praise in this season, God will make you happy indeed.

      Still, like Nicole said, it needs to be investigated. It will end in praise!!! :hug:

    • Thanks… Just praise God with and for me. I ain’t doing any investigation no more. Its up to God now. When and how he chooses to make it happen, its up to him. I ended up with fibroids and anovulation from previous treatments and medications. I don’t want any more complications or new developments.

  • Pearl posted an update 7 months ago

    @oluwakemine and @nicole : Urgent, I can’t seem to send both of you inbox messages.

    • Since when has this been happening Pearl @pearl?

      • Last night…Was thinking it was my mobile but then got on PC and its still same. However, wanted to report the account spamming me but realised the account has been deactivated. Thanks for the prompt response. :rose: :heart: @oluwakemine @nicole

    • @pearl, that’s really strange. What happens when you try? So sorry about that.

      • @nicole: Last night was saying I wasn”t allowed to send messages to you both; Today said I should tag with username or friends names but I couldnt…Immediadely I do that and try to send the message, it bounces back saying I should tag with username or friends indicating a small ”red triangle with ! in the middle”.

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    @oluwakemine he is fine… Though we promised each other not to talk about it and just move on, am still kind of stuck in the past :-( @nicole they said it just didn’t implant for the 2 cycles, I cycled at the same clinic, Nisa Premier… They kind of promised to do everything possible the second time….

  • MRS. AL posted a new activity comment 1 year, 6 months ago

    Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Some life in here :wohoo: :wohoo: :wohoo:

    Thanks for the responses my lovely ladies @oluwakemine @princess @estarib @ipheoma @adaoraa @sommie !!!

    I am doing great myself. So much to do at work, studying and most of all preparing for our blessing. It has been a week of shopping and preparing the house. But we are excited!

    @adaoraa do take…[Read more]

    • Good night dear @mrs-al Can imagine how busy this period would be for you. God’s grace hun!!

      • Thanks my dear @ipheoma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Good night to you too love!

        • Thanks for the encouragement @mrs-al, our very own event planner :heart: :heart: My love to our Lo :baby:

          • My darling @mrs-al , there’s so much i want to say to you but words are not just enough.
            Thanks a million for organising the beautiful meet up and thanks for checking up on us. You are such a wonderful lady. Good to know you are doing gr8. Welldone with the many things you are doing all at once. His Grace is more than enough for you. :hugs: :heart: :heart: :friends:



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