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    • Welcome Joyfulmum01 @joyfulmum01 to the LTTC group. How long have you been TTC?

      • Hi Kemi

        I have been TTC for about 11 years. I am an ivf veteran now after several failed cycles :-( . I remain hopeful that my time will come soon.

        • Welcome, @joyfulmum01 :friends: :friends: . We’re glad to have you. So sorry to hear about the failed cycles. Did your doctors give you any reason why they failed? What was your initial diagnosis?

          • We’re hopeful too that your time will come soon too @joyfulmum01. :flasher:

          • Thanks Nicole & Kemi. Glad to be here.

            The failed cycles are mainly due to implantation failure. It’s not very easy to diagnose underlying cause of repeated implantation failure. Done a few operations to remove fibroids and adhesions.

            • True, it’s not so easy to determine the cause of failed implantation but after all these time, one would have thought, one doctor at least would have picked up something. But you are all clear now, uterine lining wise and the adhesions?

            • @joyfulmum01, that is one of the most common outcomes of fibroid surgery…the adhesions. I had them as well. But apart from that, your embryos were always excellent grades? How was your response each cycle? How many eggs did they typically retrieve?

            • @Nicole – yes we always had excellent blastocyst to transfer. My response is good and lining thickness also good.

            • @oluwakemi the doctors sometimes have to guess when it comes to repeated implantation failure. When the endometrial cavity is clear of fibroids, adhesions etc, lining thickness never an issue, excellent quality embryos transferred its not easy to determine the underlying cause. We look to immunological factors could be the cause…

            • Yes, @joyfulmum01. It might be immunological or chromosomal. Are your doctors investigating? Where did you cycle before?

            • @Nicole I have cycled in different countries. I reside in the UK and have cycled in the UK, US , Greece & Nigeria (DIFF).

            • @Nicole we are looking at a number of different options. Immunes being one of them.

            • Good luck with the investigations, @joyfulmum01 hun :hugs: . Were you with Dr. Penny in Greece? I know she’s an expert with immunological issues. Have you ever considered using a surrogate?

            • @nicole yes I was with Penny for that very reason and the one cycle I did with her was positive but ended in early miscarriage.

              I have considered surrogacy but believe I should be able to carry my own babies. Will probably give myself another go and see….

            • @joyfulmum01 hun, I’m with you all the way about trying again. By God’s grace, once we get to the root cause of the issue, there will be no problem. It’s a good sign that you were able to achieve a pregnancy with Dr. Penny. Would you consider cycling with her again? We’ll be cheering you on all the way hun! All the way. When do you intend to cycle again?

            • @nicole Amen! Sorry for the late response. Was a very hectic weekend. I am actually thinking of next steps. Not quite sure which way to go just yet. But probably thinking of cycling in Nigeria due to needing OD. A few decisions to be made. ..

            • Good luck with the decisions, @joyfulmum01 hun :hugs: . Let us know if you need our advise with respect to choice of hospital or doctor :yes:

            • Thanks Nicole. Just praying for direction. I am leaning towards Ark Klinic at the moment. I have read wonderful things about them. Would love to hear your recommendation especially as I know immune therapy is definitely on the cards for me

      • @bibi thanks for the warm welcome. Glad to be here