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    Another note for stupid people out there: If a woman cannot conceive children, don’t ever say, “That’s great now you don’t need protection or pills!” It’s not great. It’s very heartbreaking for a woman to not be able to have babies. It feels like you have been left out of everything. I don’t have experience in these things, as I am too young for a child, but I can only imagine, the pain of never getting to have a baby, always looking at women who are pregnant, and longing for that. Being left out of conversations with mothers who talk about their child’s birth, the way it all felt, and everything they went through. Sure, there’s adoption, but it still hurts. And yes, there are women who chose to not have kids, but they have that choice. Infertile women don’t. So don’t ever tell a woman who isn’t fertile that it’s great. Not being able to use a basic human function is horrible. That goes for men, too. They can have a low sperm count, or some other problem, and can’t have children. So don’t go around telling people that it’s great. :ignore: :growlmad: :dohh: