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  • Some weeks ago, my attention was drawn to a publication in the online version of one of the big newspapers in Nigeria. The article was headlined “Busted! How young ladies sell their eggs for money”; I pro […]

  • Over the last weekend, some of our family friends came to visit. After serving food and drinks, I went back into the kitchen and was munching on delicious avocado when Chinyere came to find me in the kitchen. She […]

  • A blogger I follow describes infertility as being similar to waiting at an airport. Your bags are packed, you have your passport, you are ready, you checked in early…but for some reason, you don’t get to board the […]

  • As she walked barefoot on the beach that evening…trying hard to drive back tears that threatened to erupt into a current, she was vaguely aware of locals selling artifacts and tourists taking in the beauty of t […]

  • Woliat and Regina began an unlikely friendship, about seven years ago. They met on campus, both from different social strata, but took a liking to each other. Woliat had been the brunt of campus gossip and taunts, […]

  • With the growing number of community members daily, it seems only fair to address IVF newbies. If you and your spouse have recently started considering IVF, you probably have lots to worry about, especially as it […]

  • There I was, having about an hour of free time, and deciding to catch up on TV entertainment. My favorite series were not showing yet, and I didn’t have enough time to see a movie, so I finally settled for The E […]

  • For years now, I have been trying to eat healthy and stay fit; and that, as you would agree, has been extremely difficult. I started many diet and workout plans…went hard for a few days, only to get tired and f […]

  • At the beginning of the year, I wrote my New Year’s resolutions down on a piece of paper. They included the sort of things most people focus on: get fit, eat better, spend less. However, I doubt too many people s […]

  • I remember an incident that happened when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had eaten something that did not settle well with my system and that night, I had a bad case of constipation. I had just gotten back […]

  • Chioma didn’t even realize how far off the grid she had gone, until one Saturday, her parents called her and asked that she come see them. “Is anyone in your husband’s family giving you trouble?”, her father […]

    • It really is hard..:very hard.Especially as people have all sorts of advice for me lately,I gave my cousin the length and breath of my tongue two weeks ago and asked him to convey it to his wife who is always asking me silly questions when she sees me.
      Holding on to God for a testimony..

  • I was thirteen when I started having my periods, and boy! they were painful! Until I finished secondary school, I relied on hot water bottles and my mom’s abdominal massages for relief from the PMS. However, by t […]


    When I first got proactive about weight loss, I was told to eat only when I am hungry, as hunger is a signal that your body has burned reserved energy/fat; and that eating when I was not hungry meant my body […]

  • I have been toying with the idea of going on a full detox, as I prepare for the coming Frozen Egg Transfer (FET), and hopefully, pregnancy. During my recent bed rest, I binged and ate to my heart’s fill, and t […]

  • Chekwube* and Samson* have been married for four years. After the usual first year of trying, they went for Infertility Diagnosis and results showed that Samson had low sperm motility and his count was also not […]

  • What you are about to read is a true account of a Nigerian woman that I met yesterday at Elegushi beach. I had gone to the beach seeking for inspiration…my laptop was open, but I hadn’t gotten past two sen […]

  • I recently heard of a lady who has been trying to conceive for a while. Laide* had great eggs, lovely tubes, and also had age on her side. Her doctor told her, however, that her uterine lining was quite thin; it […]

  • When Ada and Chris got married three years back, they decided to extend their honeymoon phase by six months, before trying for a baby. This was the perfect plan, considering that Ada had just recently changed jobs […]


    Some of us start out on our TTC journeys open to treatment options, and wiling to do anything and everything to get pregnant; from trying local concoctions, to holistic medical practices and some in-between […]

  • One of the cons of trying to conceive is the timed sex part, right? Oh yeah! I thought so too! Until I hung out with a group of friends at the mall last week. We were quite early for the movie we wanted to see, […]

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