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    Hi everyone! I’m Inez, 34 ( Sept 20) and just stepped into my last trimester. Stumbled upon this blog while searching for a good maternity hospital in Lagos. I’ve just stepped into my last trimester and have only just moved to Lagos so it’s a desperate situation trying to find a good hospital and I don’t know any mums or mums to be in Lagos. I’m hoping to find experienced mums here to help me out.

    • Hi Inez @inez, where do you stay in Lagos? That will help in making a recommendation. And how has your pregnancy been so far? Welcome preggy mama.

      • Hi @oluwakemi, this is really so sweet. I didn’t expect a reply this soon. I stay at Lekki phase 1.

        • Then, there are plenty of clinics you could go to within your vicinity. For a state, try Georgies Memorial Medical clinic , It’s in Lekki Phase 1 and Dr. Iketubosun is an experienced gynae.
          cc: @nicole.

    • Welcome to our family, @inez :hugs: :hugs: . You’re also my brother’s birthday mate, so that makes you extra special :heart: . Yes, I’ve seen those negative reviews of Georges. It’s quite unfortunate, as Dr. Iketubosin has been my doctor for almost 10 years and he’s an EXCELLENT Ob/Gyn. That said, there are other good ones. They have very good ones at Premier Hospital , and also Rodein (both with clinics in VI and Lekki Phase 1). I have friends who have used them both. If you were on the mainland, I would have recommended Smith’s Medical Centre.

      Congrats on your pregnancy, by the way. Is it your first? :cloud9:

      • Hi @nicole, thanks for the warm welcome, I’m also glad to be here. This isn’t my first, I do have an eleven yr old daughter. I’m thinking about calling George’s to book an appointment or I could simply walk in there on Monday

        • @inez, oh lovely! That’s a very lovely age :cloud9: . Good luck with Georges hun. I’d rather you see Dr. Iketubosin. Please insist on seeing him when you go to book your appointment. Let us know how it goes :hugs:

          • Inez replied 8 months ago

            Thanks @nicole :hugs: I did book an appointment with Dr. Iketubosun over the phone but :-) I still went there today just to look around and they were nice enough to give me a tour of the facility. I’ve only just returned from there. Looking forward to my appointment scheduled for later this week.