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    Am really depressed. My day 4 embryo didnt get to marula. We are asked to come back today being day 5 to know if they were improvements but alas it seemed like it got worst. The conclusion- entire cycle cancelled, all savings gone! Does anyone know what could have happened to the embies on day 4? I appreciated the my clinic’s honesty cos i learnt other clinics may not tell you and transfer the dead embies :sleep:

    • @esty, I am so so sorry to read this. But it’s true…your clinic needs to be commended for their honesty. A lot of clinics would have proceeded with the transfer regardless. As for what happened, I can only guess it’s the same thing that happened with my 1st cycle. A lot of clinics don’t have the facilities to take embryos to blastocyst stage. What happens is that good quality embryos drop off in quality after day 3, when they are transferred to the new medium.

      However, it might be an issue with egg quality. If your egg quality isn’t the best, neither will the embryos. The same also goes for sperm quality. You had good response, but the question now lies with quality. What was your AMH? And FSH? Do you have an idea what your husband’s sperm motility and mobility are like?

      So sorry hun :hug: :hug:

      • esty replied 8 months ago

        Thanks Nicole for your concerns. I dont know the value for the AMH but the test results wrote ‘fair ovarian reserve’. For the FSH the value is 6.69. My DH motility was quite low but after the ‘preparation’ it shoot up to 65% which was fantastic according to the Dr. The Dr said the issues are either chromosomal abnormalities or issues with the egg. Its quite painful cos we had to save up for the procedure. Am so confused right now, don’t know what to do.

        • I see. Sending you :hugs: , @esty hun. It’s not easy…especially not in this economy. Have they proposed a plan going forward?

          • esty replied 8 months ago

            None yet. But they encouraged me to try again, maybe with a donor egg. Maybe when we might have gathered cash we may consider that

            • Just take some time to recover and regroup, @esty hun. It’s not easy…financially, but especially physically. By the time you’re ready, everything will fall into place. Whether you use your own eggs or donor, everything will work out just the way it’s supposed to :hug: