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    :haha: :haha:   :haha: Pearl @pearl, you are eminently qualified for that position mehn!!! Obviously, Rochas needs the help of a certain left side establishment. :gun: :gun: :gun: What the heck???? :muaha: :muaha:  It is either, he thinks, people wouldn’t see through the uselessness of the position or he can’t just be bothered about the outcry. Personally, I’m just recovering from his statues-spree and now this? I can’t deal abeg. :argh:



    :rofl: :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:



    Pearl @pearl my dear, that news has got me  :growlmad:   :growlmad:   :growlmad:   :growlmad:   :growlmad: all day long! Really, what do our Leaders in this country take us for?! Who approved such a gobshite position?! What does that even mean?! And his sister??? Come on!!! Come on!!!! I’m so angry, I don’t even know what to say  :growlmad:

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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