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needing help on TTC

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    maria perez

    HI ladies! I just found this forum and thought about how good is to be able to share experiences with others in similar situations like mine. The thing is that I need some advice with a problem, I am now 5 years free from lung cancer, and I am really proud of that but right now I am trying to start a family and I think that all the treatments for cancer has made my body different, I don’t really know how to explain that but the thing is that we hadn’t luck on TTC and I don’t really know what to do. Have you heard or been in a similar situation?



    Welcome to our Community @marype.

    Good to know you are getting better and doing fine after your treatment.

    How long have you been trying to conceive and have you discussed this with your doctor, if yes; what are they suggesting.

    @nicole, @oluwakemine



    Welcome @marype :bye:

    Congratulations on beating cancer, :-)



    Welcome to our family, dear @marype  :hugs:   :friends:

    First of all, HUGE congratulations on being cancer free for 5 years! That is such a blessing!!! With respect to TTC, did you freeze any of your eggs before commencing Chemotherapy/Radiation? I’ve heard that cancer treatment can impair fertility in some cases. Have you had any tests recently, to check for egg quality, hormonal balance, etc.?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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