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    Good evening i ve been so sad. I went for HSG on thursday. It was discovered that my tubes are blocked and the cause could be uterine fibroids that are blocking my tubes. The doctor said d only way i can get pregnant is by surgery. I am so scared that this will make matters worse. Pls does anyone know anybody who has had her fibriods removed and still got pregnant. I am so scared.

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    @somia hun, so sorry for seeing this only now.


    My dear, please don’t be scared. A lot of women have had myomectomies and gotten pregnant. I am one such person. Even though mine was an IVF pregnancy, I know many women who have conceived naturally afterwards. Of course there are risks, but it doesn’t affect all women. If the fibroids are blocking your tubes, then it’s something we have to do hun.


    Where will you be having the surgery?

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