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    Hi gorgeous ladies!

    @bosa is correct, it’s way too quiet here  :nope:   :nope:

    @suwy@otsanya@ob@mmadu,@ma8312000, can we share our stories?



    Hello Ladies, how are we all doing? How is the precious little one?




    I choose to rejoice.

    Hello Ladies, How are we all doing? My writeup is going to be lengthy pls forgive me.

    When I ask how you are today what was your response? Your deep felt response. Are you worrying and forgetting to live life to the fullest?

    My hormonal profile result were quite bad and my proposed cycle would be somewhere in the future when God provides a miracle. My sister supposes God may want to use me to bless others hence this lenthy post. She reminded me that she is single at 32 and used to worry about fertility issues when there is no man in sight, till she got to a place of “she won’t worry over things she can’t change”. I say that, but do I really mean it? Some others can’t be here because their husbands forbid IVF or donors. Some have kids but their marriages have collapsed, some we think have it all but can we see their hearts? Are they happy? I woke up this morning and broke down; strangely I was fine when I got the news. I questioned God, asked why me? My husband reminded me about Job and the need to keep praising the Lord. I asked why? Why must I fast or pray when its only bad news I get? I was quite tempted to stop my observation of lent as this was a big blow. As the day went by, all the devotions for today seemed to be speaking to me. Here are some;

    1. When things are falling apart, don’t try to work it out yourself. Just let God put the pieces back together.

    If you’re facing a problem, you’ve got two options: You can worship or you can worry. That’s it! This is what I call the faith factor.

    Paul says in Philippians 1:18-19, “I will continue to rejoice. For I know that as you pray for me and the Spirit of Jesus Christ helps me, this will lead to my deliverance” (NLT). In that one verse, Paul gives several sources of strength so you can stay positive and happy in tough times.

    First, you have to keep God’s perspective on your problems. Paul says, “For I know.” It’s what you know that keeps you going. Paul knew God was working in the midst of his struggle, and he kept God’s bigger perspective.

    Secondly, Paul had people praying for him, and it kept him going. Then he says, “The Spirit of Jesus Christ helps me.” The Holy Spirit also kept Paul going. Finally he says, “This will lead to my deliverance.” Paul had faith that God would work his problem for good.

    Because he had God’s perspective, the prayer of friends, the Holy Spirit, and faith, Paul chose to “continue to rejoice.”

    It’s your choice to rejoice.

    1. Our daily manna – Nothing Negative is a minus in your life and God is the expert in answering your prayers in mysterious ways beyond your imagination. Refuse to give up.

    I know it can be tough holding on but what other choice do we have? Instead of worrying I choose to worship. God bless you all. @suwy @mariamah @cynthia027 @naaadzane @ma8312000 @ob @otsanya @mmadu @jesusbaby @excelibe @wura @misi

    :dust: :dust:   :dust:   :dust:   :dust:



    Good richly bless you @bos for sharing this :friends: , the waiting period is the most difficult time but God will grant us all the grace to go through it. :dust:   :dust:   to us all.

    I will definitely be back soon.

    Thanks for your concern and love  :hugs: :hugs: @nicole, @oluwakemi



    God bless you, @bosa hun. It will surely end in praise :hug: :hug: :hug:

    @naaadzane, we miss you, and are sending plenty of :hugs: and :dust: your way



    @naaadzane thanks…..come back soon.

    @nicole  :rose:



    Hello mamas. :hi: :hi: The Ibidun Ighodalo Foundation has opened the portal for 2017 Infertility grant programme.


    To submit an application, log on to their website, fill the application form and keep your pretty fingers crossed for great news.


    The portal closes on the 30th June, so hurry if you are interested and submit your application. If you know someone, who would be interested, please don’t hesitate to share the news with them. :heart:


    cc: @suwee @suwy @mariamah @cynthia027 @naaadzane @ma8312000 @ob @otsanya @mmadu @jesusbaby @excelibe@wura @misi




    Happy New Month, ladies!


    Diana @diana hun, tagging you in this thread as well…just in case you’d feel more comfortable chatting here  :heart:


    Omolara @dearlar love, also tagging you here, so that we can continue our last conversation  :heart:


    Wishing you lovely ladies all the very best of the new month! May the month of July come with WONDERFUL and PHENOMENAL blessings for us!  :cloud9:   :cloud9:



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